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Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Friday V14.0


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Happy Cola
2.  Emergen-C
3. Breakfast for dinner
4. The Book of Life
5. Ion hair color
6. Lots of goodies in the mail
8. Stalker
9. Pretty flowers
10. Izzy's nail polish


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Thursday, October 23, 2014


1.   I hope Izzy lets me paint his nails more often!
2.   How am I 31 and STILL getting breakouts? Not. Fair.
3.   I think I have a nail polish addiction and Julep is not helping me to not be obsessed.
4.   Every time a big event happens (like our honeymoon) I turn into a total shopaholic.
I am overspending like a fiend right now and it is so not good (and yet I cannot stop).
5.   I read this article about Walking Dead and it had better not be true.
We don't need another Lost on our hands.
6.   Haribo Happy Cola makes ME very happy!
7.   I received flowers from The Bouqs yesterday and I cannot wait
to tell you all about it!
8.   I need to dye my hair in the WORST way. Go away grays!
9.   I can't stay off the Wayfair website lately! I want this and this and this and this!
10.   43 more days till the honeymoon.

What random thoughts do you have today?


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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Currently {33}

Reading: Stay With Me by J. Lynn. I've been kind of looking for lighter books lately, I just haven't wanted to get into anything too deep And I love J. Lynn's writing. I'm also looking for honeymoon reading recs! Something light, and a series would be great!

Eating: Lots of candy. My sweet tooth has really been flaring up and I've been craving candy. I've also been taking Emergen-C and drinking tons of tea and trying really hard to not get sick.

Thinking about: How awful it is to serve a table, do it perfectly, and get a cruddy tip. Yesterday was one of those days. $2 on a $30 bill. $1 on a $20 bill. $2.50 for $32. What? One guy was so nice to me and we had good banter back and forth, and I don't know if he thinks his niceness pays my bills or what but it doesn't. I make $2.39 an hour. A crap tips means I don't pay my bills. And if you can't afford to tip either go to McDonalds or eat at home. Ugh.

Listening: I dug out my Matchbox 20 CDs, the older ones. God I love their old music. It brings me back to my past and I just want to drive and sing and remember and forget.

Watching: Seriously. TV is SO good right now. Stalker, How To Get Away With Murder, Walking Dead, Parenthood... I could go on and on. TV is so good. I actually am a little overwhelmed with how many shows we have, which is a little sad. We're also watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, which is so awesome.

Loving: The amazing fall weather we're having right now. It has been so gorgeous here. I was a little worried that fall would falter on us just like summer did but I have to say it is in full force. The only thing I'm not liking is all the leaves. Ugh, they are such a pain to clean up!

How's it going with you lately?


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