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Friday, January 30, 2015

Happy Friday V15.2


10 Things That Made Me Happy This Week

1. Lifetime movies
2. Booking an overnight for us
3. A girls night
4. My Fake Fiance
5. Wine
6. Tortilla pizzas
7. Coffee
8. The Scorch Trials
9. A clean house
10. My weekend


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Thursday, January 29, 2015



Do you ever look back at the past and think wow, those things lead me straight to where I needed to be. Even if they were hard and I felt lost there was a reason behind them.

The other day a coworker and I were talking about how we ended up where we are now. She's a little over 10 years older than me but when she was younger she was a very different person. She partied, she was married to a not so nice man, and I'm sure she sometimes wondered why what she was going through was happening.

Now she is married to a different, kinder man. They have two really awesome kids and her idea of partying is getting to eat whatever she wants without worrying about the gym. Life may not be perfect but it's worlds away from what it use to be.

I feel that way. Before Izzy I liked mean guys. Maybe they weren't all horrible but I liked the ones that didn't prioritize me, that made me chase them, that maybe didn't treat me the best. I thrived on the drama. Did I like crying and feeling broken? No. But because I am a TV/movie/book addict I grew up thinking that drama made relationships thrive. I thought that an easy relationship equaled a boring one, and I didn't want boring. I wanted exciting.

So I got married to a man that didn't prioritize me. Sometimes we had great times. But when we had bad times, well, they were BAD times. I hated myself a lot of the time I was with him. I wasn't the women I thought I would be. I let him walk all over me. I turned into a bad person. I learned to distrust. I learned to hate. Sure we had laughs. Yes, some days were okay. I just kept thinking eventually it would all fall into place.

I remember thinking towards the end of my first marriage that I didn't understand why I was going through what I was going through. I thought what have I done to deserve this? I pitied myself and I thought I would forever be stuck in a life that I'd made for myself, where drama was first and the relationship that should be first never was.

I look back now, though, and I realize something. I didn't go through that because I'd done something wrong. I wasn't being punished for anything. I went through those bad times because they had to happen in order for me to appreciate what was to come.

Izzy is not one of those bad guys. He prioritizes me. I come first. He tells me I'm beautiful even though I don't know how to take a compliment. He doesn't lie to me, he does what he says he will, and I'm not left wondering what his intentions are. Our relationship isn't perfect, no relationship is. But there isn't drama.

My husband is a nice guy. And the old Krysten would have said I don't like nice guys. But I've gone through things, things that have taught me that it's the nice guys that stick with you. They're the ones that pick you up when the bad boys have left you crying.

Sometimes things happen in life to teach us something. It may not always be clear at the time but eventually the haze goes away and you're left with clarity.


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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Climax by Christina George

From Goodreads: Kate Mitchell has never forgiven herself for breaking Nick Lavigne’s heart. Now he’s back and he’s moved on, and it’s affecting Kate’s life more than she’s willing to admit.

Kate Mitchell has everything. She's the head of a crazy successful publishing house, engaged to the traffic-stopping sexy Mac Ellis and she's about to sign one of the biggest authors of her career. 

And that's when everything falls apart. Everything is perfect…until it’s not. 

In a city of 8 million people Kate manages to run into someone she never expected to see again. 

Nick is handsome, impossibly kind, every girl’s dream, and Kate’s former fiancé. He’s also the brother of the rising star author she’s trying to sign. Now that Nick’s back in town and has moved on he insists he’s over Kate, but part of him still can’t get past how amazing they were, and his sister won’t let anyone forget how brutally it ended. 

When Mac is dealt a life-changing blow, it forces Kate to question every single choice she’s made. 

Follow Kate as she embarks on a journey of life and love, navigating through the decisions that will change it all forever.

What I thought: Oh my goodness I can't say how excited I was when I found out this book was out! I read and reviewed The Publicist and Shelf Life early last year and I was dying to know where Kate's, Mac's, and Nick's stories would go.

Typically when its been a year between reviewing books in a series I have a hard time picking up where I left off, but now with Climax. The characters are so memorable, as is the story, that I fell right back into it like no time had passed at all.

This book brings you right into who Kate will end up with - the notorious cheater, Mac, who is suave and sexy but has a bad history. Or the golden good boy Nick, whose heart Kate broke when she went back to Mac. 

Kate is one of those characters that you can't help but love even though she makes some really stupid decisions. And I found myself changing my mind about who I wanted her to end up with. During the first two books I thought I knew who she would pick but I switched sides with Climax.

I always say that any book that makes me cry is a good one. And on the last night I read this book I was up late into the night, tears running down my face. 

Good read these books. And tell me, are you #TeamMax or #TeamNick?


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