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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Long Weekend

Well, my long weekend has come and gone and I had SO much fun. It was kind of a whirlwind weekend and so much happened so of course I'm exhausted but so happy with how everything turned out. And of course I took a ton of pictures which I'm sharing today. If you don't already follow me on Instagram then get on it!

We had to turn the fireplace on. It's just getting too cold in the evenings! AND our boiler is shot and we can't get it fixed till next week. So fireplace it is.
I bought tickets for Iz and me to see my fav boys in March!!
Saturday was my brother's wedding! The weather was perfect and we got all dressed up. I'm wearing Fleet Collection, whose dresses I love but whose return policy is not so great. Not sure I'd recommend them.
Iz in his Tie Bar bow tie!
My brother's wedding was at his wife's (ah, she's his wife now!!) family's golf course. This is the ceremony location all ready to go. How gorgeous, right?
The ceremony was short and sweet but emotional as well. Last month Gretchen (my new sister in law!) lost a good friend and the ceremony definitely gave a nod to her. You can tell a lot of people knew her and it was absolutely appropriate for this ceremony that was filled with good friends and family.
Hanging out with my ex-sister in law. Kind of weird? Maybe. But I missed her and we had a ton of fun! The wedding as a whole was lots of fun and I was EXHAUSTED from it. Sign of a good wedding, right?
On Sunday despite being tired we went to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. Anyone else wish they had a whole renaissance getup? Every time we go I want to dress like them! Here's me posing with a pirate skeleton, one of the many awesome things we saw at Ren Fest.
And Iz got horns. Yep.
Monday morning was kind of dreary AND we said goodbye to my folks for the year. They stay with us in the summer and while I was a little sad I was psyched to get our house back! For the last 2 weeks they've been living upstairs with us (our house is a splitlevel and it separated into two different residences and they usually live in the apartment downstairs) because we have a renter downstairs for the school year. It was a little nuts. Anyway, we went out to breakfast before they left and I got to dress cozy in this Ruche sweater and my fav Minnetonka Moccasins!
When we got home we set up the porch for a TV day and made a ton of coffee and chai from our Keurig 2.0!
I love when all my furbabies are hanging out with us.
Tuesday was my birthday! I celebrated turning 31 with flowers from my husband, going out to eat for lunch, doing a little shopping, and eating lots of cupcakes of course.
I wore this Bitter Root Vintage dress to celebrate my birthday. Review of this awesome shop next week!
Iz and me before lunch.
We went to one of our favorite restaurants, The Postmark Grille. It's a restaurant that's in an old post office. And of course I had to celebrate with my favorite beer, Blue Moon.
And of course we had cupcakes for dessert.

Thank you all SO MUCH for the wonderful birthday wishes, I truly appreciate it. You all helped to make this birthday a wonderful one!


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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Our Wedding Day: Portraits Part Two

Before our wedding dinner at the Pickwick in Duluth we took a few more pictures at Enger Tower Park. We originally chose Enger Tower because it was a little offbeat for a wedding ceremony. The other great place t go is the Rose Garden and that just seemed a little too weddingy for us (although we did have pictures taken there which was fun).

Despite there being A LOT of people in the park that day our photography Stephania really made it look like we had the whole place to ourselves. And despite there being several other weddings there that day people were very respectful of staying away from our ceremony. It's $300 to get a park permit and because our ceremony was so short and intimate it just didn't seem like a good thing to spend money on. We absolutely lucked out. In fact, through the whole day people were so respectful of us taking pictures and it was pretty fun getting so many congratulations from total strangers!

One of my very favorite pictures, it looks like we're dancing
The only time people were annoying was with these pictures. They kept hanging out the windows. I have no idea how Stephania managed to get these pictures with no one in them!
Goofing off. And check out the ice flows in the background. It was 80 degrees out but because Lake Superior is so big it was still covered in ice.

I want to thank you all so much for sharing this journey with us and for all your amazing comments throughout this wedding series. Marrying Izzy has been one of the very best things in my life. And this blog is another wonderful thing. Being able to merge the two just makes me happy and having you all to share this with is the perfect way to remember that day.


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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 31st!!

As you all know, once in a great while Krysten allows me (Izzy) to hijack Why Girls Are Weird for special occasions. Sometimes they're smaller, and sometimes they're bigger.. and this is a big one! My wonderful wife is turning 31!

You'll hear her groan and complain about her "age" sometimes(and that's everyone's birthday right!) but the truth is, she loves her birth month. Krysten and I often take a look back and marvel at how lucky we are to have one another in our lives, and this is no exception. So on this day love, your birthday, I'd like to remind you of a few things:

You have changed my life, doll. We found so many common threads in our lives, both in good days and bad ones, and what started as a simple conversation continues to grow in new and amazing ways. You are always comfortable, and you are always new. I will never not smile when I think of you, nor will you ever be rid of "that look". You are an amazing, talented and hard working young woman. And wife. And poodle mom. And every day, you remind me not only of how much I love you, but why girls are truly weird!

Thank you, all you wonderful bloggers, for being who you are and join me in wishing my beautiful girl a Happy Birthday!!!

- Love,
  Izzy, Monte, Roscoe & Emma


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