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Friday, March 27, 2009

6 Months

It's Our 6 Month Anniversary!!

Wow, kind of crazy how fast time goes by! Wasn't I just starting to PLAN the wedding yesterday? And now it's already been six month. I know to some that's not THAT long (Dustin's grandparents just celebrated 60 YEARS) but to the girl that used to have a 2 month DATING curse, it's a long time!

I keep thinking back to the day that I met Dustin. It was my third day working at Perkins and I was still in that nervous "I don't know what I'm doing!" stage. I walked into work and there was this tall, dark haired gangly guy. And he was SO FREAKING FUNNY!

It was an interesting journey getting from that point to this point and sometimes I wonder how on earth we managed to get here! But in the end I have to consider myself lucky for making the choices that I did that led me to here. Because even with the bad times (as there are in every relationship) I consider myself so lucky to be married to this man and so absolutely excited to see what happens next to us.

Happy 6 months sweetie. I love you!

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