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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor

Holy wow. Who else caught The Bachelor finale last night? Wow. I guess I have to say that I'd already heard what was going to happen. Someone leaked the news and it made its way to the Minnesota Nest message board. However, watching last night was painful and sad. I will say that I was a Jillian fan from the start and when Jason "broke up" with her I started to lack a little interest. However I then started rooting for Melissa. And it was awesome to see her win last night - but then I realized that that meant that Jason was going to break it off on national TV.

What do I think? I think it was a ratings ploy by ABC. I think they paid everyone involved a nice amount of money. I think that Melissa probably had an idea of what was coming but I also think it was cruel and distasteful for Jason to break up with her on national TV and then to turn around and ask for a shot with Molly. I think Molly knew what was up and she's an idiot for wanting to be with someone that could so easily be that cruel to another woman. Ugh. Yuck. I know it's reality TV and all but last night was pretty sickening. Then again, I'm the one that plans to watch the rest of the finale tonight.

Anyway. I am SUPER excited about my most recent purchase from JCPenney's, a really neat bookshelf. It's vertical instead of horizontal and I really think it'll be a nice way to display some of my favorite books (AKA Harry Potter and Twilight, hehe). I'm so excited for it to get here so we can hang it and I can start working on making our computer room into my little library.

Oh. So I went to Borders today. Did I mention that I have today off from classes because of something called Student Success Day? Well I do and I've been oh so successful, going to the bank and going to Borders and going to drink coffee. Anyway, I was in Borders today and saw one of the guys that was a manager back when I worked there. Weird. Do people not ever leave? I guess I shouldn't say anything, I've been with Caribou nearly 5 years. But it was weird seeing him there. I like Borders a lot better than Barnes and Noble but I feel this sick sense of nostalgia every time I go to the Woodbury Borders. There are a lot of memories in that place for me and sometimes it makes me sad to think about the decisions I made there. Usually I'm okay unless I see someone that used to work there and then it's just... weird.

Anyway... tonight I have a paper to write for my interpersonal communications calls (AKA inter. comm.) and then I'm drinking wine, hanging out with D and just vegging. Should be a good night (aside from the paper).

More soon!

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