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Friday, March 6, 2009

Brand New Layout!

Yes, the blog looks a smidge different, I know. I wanted to wait till it was OFFICIALLY spring but I just couldn't. Maybe this will make me believe that winter will eventually end. It's hard to think that way when snow is yet again in the forecast. Yuck.

I painted my nails! I NEVER do that so it was pretty exciting. I can't stop looking at them. Is that sad? Whatever. I know you want to see.
Pretty, right? And it goes so well with my engagement ring. Speaking of which, no we still haven't found my band. We think we know where it might be. Hopefully Dustin does the work this weekend to try to find it.

I finally got our wedding pictures hung. I'm not completely happy with how they turned out. I'd like better frames and maybe a shelf or two to display them. But it'll do for now. I'd also like to get some pictures of when we were kids, maybe a senior picture of each of us, etc. I really, really want to start working on decorating more. Which is hard for me because I'm not really all that creative. But I'm trying!

AND I need to give props to JCPenney. Now, I used to work at JCP so they'll always have a spot in my heart anyway. But I ordered shelves from there (like I mentioned before) about2 days ago AND THEY'RE ALREADY HERE! What!? That was FAST! I can't even believe it. I was so excited when I opened the door and there stood this box that I just KNEW was my shelf. So of course I pulled it inside, tore it open and immediately became perplexed. I pulled the pieces out and could not find the screws, directions, ANYTHING! I kept thinking, "Okay, this cannot mean that I'm supposed to go out and buy this stuff myself, that's not fair! I want this put together RIGHT NOW." Have I mentioned I have no patience? If I haven't, Dustin probably has. So I take all the shipping peanuts and what not and stuff it in the box. And there it is, in a little orange bag, the screws and directions. AWESOME. Sooo, I of course wanted to put it together myself so it'd be less for Dustin to do when he gets home (he hates having to hang things, lol). Molly helped a little and in the end I got the darn thing put together! We were going to hang it tonight but Dustin needs to get drill bits (or whatever) so that's the plan for TOMORROW. Hopefully when I come home from work it'll be hung. Yay! I'll be one step closer to having my little library. Sadly, I still need A LOT more space to put my books. I guess that's what happens with being a readaholic and liking to own every book I read.
ALSO (what can I say, I got a lot done today) I ordered three wedding albums. That's right folks, THREE. I made two for the parents (my folks and Dustin's) and then a bigger album for D and me. I've been meaning to do this for awhile but haven't had the money to purchase them anyway so today I finally got it all done. I used My Publisher and it was SUPER easy to work with and I'm SO excited to see the finished products. Now if only our apartment was big enough and we owned a coffee table because I would definitely have the perfect book to put on it.

Oh, and if anyone can suggest something that isn't Proactiv for me to use, that'd be awesome. Because Proactiv is really making me sad and not working for me anymore. So any advice on that situation would be awesome.


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