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Thursday, March 5, 2009


I am SO tired today! I don't know what that's about! Thus far this semester my game plan (generally) is to close at work the night before class, get home and try to be asleep by 11 or 11:15. Wake up around 6:30 or 6:45. Leave for class around 8 with a cup of coffee. And then I'm in classes (on and off) until 3:30. And so far that's been working well, I haven't felt all that tired. But today I am just ZONKED! But classes were good today. We did this silly survey in poli sci about the school and only took notes for about 20 minutes. Which meant that I didn't want to kill my poli sci prof. In marketing we played Jeopardy and got out of class early - we were supposed to have a guest speaker but they bailed. Yikes. In inter. comm. we handed our papers in and then talked about laguage. Pretty interesting. Oh, and by the way spring break is now supposed to be referred to as banana. So there.

I need to go off about something right now. Pulling a "no call, no show" at your job is LAME. And giving excuses about why you did it is even more lame. Don't claim you requested off (especially when you DIDN'T). Don't claim you didn't know. That's why the schedule is posted. If you have a job it means you are adult enough to keep track of your own schedule. Which means if your boss accidentally scheduled you for a day you can't work you need to be sure to let that boss know. Because when you don't show up for your shift you are SCREWING OVER YOUR COWORKERS. As a result of a "no call, no show" last night one of my coworkers had to work an 11.5 hours shift and missed out on a surprise dinner that her husband cooked for her. And she shows up for her shifts! So why should she have to suffer because of someone else. Lame. Disrespectful. Irresponsible. And at the same time I'm not completely surprised.

I want Dustin to get home! I find that when I'm home alone I'm pretty much waiting for Dustin to get home. I love being with him! The thing is that he isn't just my husband, he's my best friend. I like hanging out with him. I have fun when I'm with him, even if we're just sitting around watching TV kind of bored. I'm better when I'm around him. I don't mind spending as much time as possible with him and I don't see anything wrong with that. I used to try to be one of those girls that didn't need her man around her 24/7. But with D it's not so much a NEED as a WANT. I want him around. I have fun with him. And I'm lucky enough to be in love with him, to love him, to be married to him.

Has this post been kind of random? I guess. I feel kind of random right now. Maybe because I'm tired. Maybe because I'm starving. I don't know.

More soon.

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