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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Car Accident Update


I know I haven't mentioned how the car accident stuff has been going and that's because up until two days ago I didn't have any news. The paralegal that has been assigned my case has been in the process of getting all the info from the hospitals that I've been to as well as insurance providors, radiology and the ambulance in Hayward and that can take an awful long time. In my case about two and a half months. She called two days ago to let me know that all the data has been collected so now a lawyer will be assigned my case and the insurance company (the one that the people in the other car have) will be contacted.

Now, at the very least all I really want is my hospital bills paid. This was in no way my fault and I shouldn't have to pay a cent to any of the hospitals or anyone else involved in this. However, I also think about the pain I was in on my wedding day, the pain I was in for months after my wedding day, the fact that I couldn't... well, you know, with my husband for a long while after my wedding day and the fact that I will most likely get arthritis in my chest as a result of this accident. I think about all those things and I hope I don't sound greedy when I say that I think I'm owed more than just my bills being paid. I don't like the phrase "pain and suffering" but that's really the only term and I think I'm owed a great deal as far as pain and suffering goes. For the rest of my life whenever I think of my wedding day I will then think about that car accident. And that's very, very sad.

Especially when I think about the old man driving the other car and the fact that HE SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN DRIVING A CAR. Ugh. It makes me sick. He could have killed my mother and me THE DAY BEFORE MY WEDDING. And why? Because he couldn't deal with the fact that he can't see as well as he used to. I know that's very sad, my grandpa had a really hard time giving certain things up, but when that endangers your life as well as the lives of others maybe it's time to stop being so selfish.

Ugh. I wonder when I will let this go. I hope soon, I really, really do.

Is anyone else super psyched about this weather? I'm SO FREAKING HAPPY that it's sunny and in the 40s. I really can't wait for the 60 degree weather. That's pretty much perfect. I am SO looking forward to this summer. Last summer was stressful with the wedding fast approaching and I honestly just wanted it to be over to the wedding would BE HERE. This summer I was to take it easy and enjoy life and just be happy.

Anyway... time for dinner! More soon!

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