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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Secret's Out!

You want to hear a secret?

Come REALLY close.


Little closer.


Today I'm surprising Dustin with a trip to Duluth for the weekend.

Technically tomorrow, because I'm writing this Thursday night. But I won't be publishing this post till tomorrow afternoon because I don't want Dustin finding out.

Some of you already know about this - I had to tell other people for fear that I'd blurt it out to Dustin. And as this weekend has gotten closer and closer I've been wanting to tell him more and more. Ack! I'm a bad secret keeper. I've just been SO EXCITED and I always share my excited news with Dustin. It was hard not telling him this!

I don't have any particular reason for the trip, I just wanted to have a weekend away from here with the hubby. And I've never been to Duluth so I figured that'd be fun too.

Anyway, it feels SO GOOD to finally have this weekend here and to finally be able to tell Dustin.

Have a good weekend all!

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