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Friday, May 15, 2009

Grey's Anatomy

First off, I am going to warn you. This entire entry is a SPOILER. Do not go any further if you don't want to read or see it!

Um, did anyone else FREAK OUT over Grey's Anatomy last night? Because at one point I was texting a friend and saying, "Oh, this is going to be a nice finale!" I mean, I know the actors that play George and Izzy are leaving the show but does that mean they have to DIE!?! WTF!?

The Izzy thing I saw coming. I saw that coming when Denny came back. Because anyone who has ever read a ghost story or two (or A LOT) knows that when something like that happens then the person still alive is DYING. And yes, turns out she's hallucinating. But whatever. He was a ghost. So I knew that was coming.

But GEORGE!? Fine, you're sending him to Iraq. And most likely that means he's going to get killed there, because he doesn't want to be on the show. But the BUS!? Oh my God! The whole time I kept thinking, "WTF is with this storyline, who cares, I want to see what happens to Izzy! I was Mer and Der to get MARRIED!" And then he signs 007 on Meredith's hand and I'm pretty sure I screamed. UGH!

But you know what? I have hope for Izzy. Because I think that is the most horrible thing I've ever heard, killing them both off. And why does Izzy HAVE to die? Here's my idea:

I don't think she gets off the elevator. I think the doors close. I think she wakes up. And when she gets a new lease on life she decides she doesn't want to practice medicine. She wants to move away with Alex and have her four kids.

Ugh. I'm rewatching the end and crying like a loser. But I don't care. Damn TV shows.

More soon.

2 wonderful thoughts:

The Novelista Barista

OMG I watched it!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was HYSTERICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
they didnt have to be so cruel and end it like that! and keep u wondering for like 5 more months! agggh it killeddd me. I have a feeling you are right about Izzy, but george?! i cant believe it.


Actually, I don't think Izzy will come back. I heard they were having some issues with her on set, so they're kicking her off. Granted this is just a rumor, so you could be right.

George freaked me out! I didn't know George was leaving the show. This will be horrible!