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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plinky - A Good Friend

In the last few years I've gone through a huge transition in the people I'm friends with and because of that I've definitely figured out some qualities that are MUST HAVES when it comes to my friendships.

Seriously? You even have to ask? That's something I look for in EVERY relationship, because what's the point if you're constantly wondering what the heck your friends, SO, etc. are up to and if they're lying to you?

No Drama
I'm 25 going on 26. I don't need drama in my life! I made is through high school relatively drama free and it feels like after that all of a sudden I got TONS of it. I don't want that. It's makes life too difficult and all I want to do is enjoy it.

Sense of Humor
It's not fun having friends that can't laugh, right? I tend to have fairly sarcastic relationships with people I'm close to. Heck, sometimes it may seem that my husband and I dislike each other WAY more than we like each other. I'm just used to the joking around and having fun and not taking it all too seriously.

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