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Thursday, May 21, 2009


Um, pretty much everything. I was one of those kids that thought I could get away with stuff and that I was a good liar and pretty much EVERY.SINGLE.TIME my parents found out about it, like they had cameras on me or eyes in the back of their heads.

I remember when I was pretty young (we were still living in Illinois so I had to be under the age of ten) most everyone in our neighborhood was having a garage sale. While my mom was outside watching over that I was taking change from her purse, going down the street to where the neighbor girls were selling candy and Kool-Aid and spending all that change on that stuff. I thought I was pretty smooth.

Till Mom found out, marched me back down there and made me ask for the money back. Which was awful because it's not like I could give them back the merchandise I'd bought, since I ate and drank it all.

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The Girl of Make Believe

Hehe your story reminds me of my younger brother, he was always 'trouble' growing up.