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Thursday, May 28, 2009


OH.MY.GOSH! The link for the picture was originally posted on the 9/08 board on The Next. To view all the pictures go here.

(The following contains book spoilers!!)

It's the first pictures from the newest Twilight movie, New Moon, which is due to come out this November. SO EXCITED! It's Edward and Bella finally getting back together in Italy after he leaves her because he thinks being around her is too harmful. AHHHH! As much as I didn't like New Moon because of Edward leaving I have to say I LOVED the end of this book when they're finally reunited. So excited to see these pictures, looks like the movie is going to be AMAZING! Yay! (spoilers dones!!)
I have to say... I'm pretty darn excited to reread the Twilight series. I'm currently rereading My Sister's Keeper because the movie comes out next month. Then I'll be moving onto Harry Potter because the 6th movie comes out in July. Not sure if I'll be jumping into Twilight after that but I'm definitely excited to. Yay!

I've got all of today off and I have a few phone calls to make, laundry to do and dishes to clean. I'm just feeling so lazy! I keep putting off things I should be doing. I need motivation for sure! Next week I really, need to get this name change business all settled. I'm such a procrastinator. I've been married for 8 months and still haven't changed my name. Lame. It's just such a hassle. I need to go to the social security office, the DMV, the post office, the bank, get my insurance stuff done, work as well as bills and students loans. Yikes. AND I need to change my passport. Yuck.
Anyway, I'm off to get stuff done. More soon!

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Ah, I gotta admit, I'm really excited for the movie after having seen these pics. Everyone got so confused by the moley-looking dots though, I had to tell my mom they were for the CGI effect afterwards.

I really want to know how this movie will turn out since it'd being directed by someone else ... the kiss looks hot, at least!

Kathie @ my net finds

Hi Krysten! I'm here from SITS to say hello and I am hoping the new Twilight movie will be better than the first, I was a little disappointed in it. The second book is my least favorite though because Edward isn't with her :-( The ending is great though!

Socially Conscious Darling

First, thanks for those wonderful pictures! Second, don't worry about taking awhile changing your name. It took me two years to do it.

Amanda Roo

I'm very, very excited for New Moon. Though it was my least favorite book in the series. I do kind of wish they would have kept with the book more and not make Edward so present until the very end. It would make a much better impact.