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Thursday, May 21, 2009

When The Lights Go Out

First off, I'm going to talk about my day at work yesterday. I only had a four hour shift, which should have gone by fast and been uneventful. And after over two hours that's how it was working out. Until the power went out. Um, WHAT? So I walk outside to see if any of the other stores in our little area had lost power - and they had. THEN a customer comes in and tells us it's all of Hudson. Wow! So I call Danielle and she tells me to put a sign on the door and only sell cold press and ice tea. Lord. THEN everything comes back up. So I start turning the espresso machines on, because the need time to heat up. About a minute later the power goes off again! At this point I'm counting the minutes till Danielle walks in. And of course people keep coming in, letting the cool air out and the hot air in. Awesome. AND the women in the store are afraid to go to the bathroom in the dark. I don't even know what to say about that. FINALLY, after about half an hour, the lights come back on. Just in time for the rush. Yay. At least the drama made the time go by fast...

Dustin and I did nothing but sit around and watch the Twins game last night. There wasn't much else to do - it was too hot! I didn't want to move because it just made things worse. And, of course, the Twins losing didn't help. Grr. What the heck!? They could be SO GOOD but they just keep sucking. Hopefully they will win when we go to see a game on Dustin's birthday next month. AND I was going to share a commercial with Joe Mauer and Joe Nathan but YouTube SUCKS right now. Sad day for all of you!

And finally, I am deciding to grow my hair out again. Gah! Why do I do this to myself!? The entire time I was growing my hair out for the wedding I couldn't stop talking about wanting to chop it. Then I chopped it and I was happy. For awhile. And now I want it long again. Will this never end!? Sheesh.

More soon!

Oh wait, PS! I forgot to show you all this! It's a new promo for the next movie in the Twilight series New Moon! SO.FREAKING.EXCITED! Eek! Doesn't it look AMAZING!? Eward looking all sexy, JACOB looking all sexy. Hell, BELLA looking all sexy! Oh my gosh it's going to be an amazing movie. And before THAT I still have Harry Potter 6 to look forward to! But Twilight has been my new love and I seriously can't wait for New Moon, which is funny because it's my least favorite of the four books. But who cares!?
Okay. More soon!

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Socially Conscious Darling

the poster for new moon looks great. i'm so excited to see that movie. i know that i am going to be crying my eyes out, lol.