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Monday, May 25, 2009


Oh goodness - it's 9 AM, it's FREEZING in here because we left the windows open and Dustin gets the day off but I definitely don't.

Sometimes I really wished I worked a 9 to 5. It's be nice to know exactly what my schedule is, that I'll be getting the holidays off and maybe even paid time off. Plus my job isn't easy - I come home sore and tired and sometimes SO MAD because of something that happened.

However, sometimes I love my job. The times goes by fast because I'm a) working with someone i like b) it's crazy busy or c) a mix of the two. Last night, for example, was a good night. I worked with one of my favorite people. Sometimes closing shifts are rough because you're working with someone that doesn't care or doesn't know h ow to get the job done. So when you're working with someone that DOES know the shift is that much smoother. Plus it was slow so we spent a lot of time joking around. PLUS my boss was there doing inventory AND she did my review AND I got a raise! Go me! I know, I rock.

Today, Memorial Day, I get to work. See - one of the reasons an office job would be kind of nice. We do close an hour early but sometimes that isn't a blessing. However, I get to work with another favorite person who has been away at school all year so that'll be cool.

Anyway... off to spend time with Dustin before it's work time. More soon!

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I agree with your thoughts on a 9-5... I worked in the veterinary field for 6 years, which means late nights, weekends, and the majority of holidays. It was fun, but the schedule really wears you down!!

I have a 9-5 office job now though, so government holidays... :)

Followed you from 20-somethings, so here's my comment love and following <3


Nice blog- you're still going to school too? Hopefully you can get a 9-5 then- I have however doomed myself to a life of crazy schedules :)