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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday Mimosas

Oh my gosh, what a day.

The nice thing about working a random schedule is that sometimes you can drink mimosas on a Tuesday morning and not feel guilty.

Oh, you think I'm kidding?

Well this is how my morning went:

I picked Ashley up right about 10. She's having her brakes on her car done so I went to get her. We came back to my place to watch The Bachelorette, drink mimosas and eat cinnamon rolls. We each had probably 4 mimosas. It was amazing. And The Bachelorette was pretty good aside from the fact that I don't think I'm an Ed fan any long. I definitely think I'm more into Kiptyn now. He's SO adorable and he and Jill are just so cute together. Next week's The Men Tell All should be VERY interesting, especially if Wes is back. Oh gosh.

After The Bachelorette we drove out to Caribou. I love that we're both there all the time, lol. But it was fun and nice to not be there working for once, lol.

AND THEN after coffee we went to B-Dubs (that's Buffalo Wild Wings) for wings and salads. And another drink. Lol, yes, it is 3:00 on a Tuesday and I can tell you I've had 5 alcoholic drinks today. Awesome, lol.

The OTHER big news is that we are putting an offer on a house today. Eep! The house is $115,000 and we're going to offer $112,000. It's a forclosure and there's two banks involved so we're not sure how low we could go but it's also dirt cheap for how much house it is. Eek! I'm so nervous and excited! We want to do the closing during the middle of October so that we can have a few weeks to move and paint (our lease is up in November). So please please keep your fingers crossed for us! We would LOVE to have this house!!

Now I think it's time for a nap. More soon!

10 wonderful thoughts:


Aw, sounds like a nice day. I guess random work schedules are good for days like that.


dannng that house IS dirt cheap... with that amount, you'd get a bachlor pad that's 50 years old here! haha! good luck! :)

Krysten Hartenstein

That's one reason we're lucky we live OUTSIDE of a big city - cheaper housing! Works for me!


Good luck on the house! Be sure and keep us posted.


lol, I never get to day drink during the week. Sounds like a great day!

The New Mrs

I am so jealous. I definitely could have used a drink this morning :)

The Girl of Make Believe

Very cool, sounds like a wicked day!


Oh I love mimosas! And the Bachelorette is such a big deal here because Jill's from the area. How exciting about the house! I hope you get it :)

Arianna Belle

I love mimosas!

Good luck on the house! We just bought ours late last year and I know how it is! Lots of anticipation and excitement!

Classic Twist

Wow, that sounds like my kind of morning!