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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Brittney over at Far More Than Rubies had the idea of listing the ways your are thankful by doing the number of years old you are. So, for me, I will list 26 reasons why I am thankful this year. Thanks for the good idea lady!

26 Things I Am Thankful For
  1. My husband, of course. He drives me crazy at times but thank goodness for him because my life would be much more boring.
  2. My parents. I'm amazed every time I say something like this because then I think back on the years that I claimed I couldn't wait to be away from them (those teenage years are awful).
  3. My grandma. I love calling her every Friday even if it's just to say a quick hello. I'm very lucky to have that kind of relationship with her.
  4. My brother. Another thing I'm amazed about because I claimed to want to be away from him too (those darn teenage years). Now he's kind of cool.
  5. My pets. They drive me crazy sometimes but I love them.
  6. My friends. Although they are few these days they are very precious to me. The friends I have right now are true friends and I am lucky to have them.
  7. My in laws. I am a lucky girl to have in laws that I like and who like me. So thankful for that!
  8. Books. Oh my gosh am I thankful for books.
  9. Coffee. Oh my gosh. Whether it's drip brew, French press or a latte I am thankful for all of it!
  10. My coffee brewer. Because I can set it to brew at a specific time which is SO nice for those early mornings when I can barely open my eyes.
  11. My job. I may claim to hate it sometimes but I am thankful I have one!
  12. My coworkers. Sometimes THEY drive me crazy but they make work interesting. And they make me feel sane (hehe).
  13. BLOGGING! I love having a way to get my thoughts out as well as having people that actually read those thoughts.
  14. Vacations. They give me something to look forward to. I cannot wait for our family vacation in Playa Del Carmen. Eek!
  15. Nail polish. Especially on my toes. Just makes me feel pretty.
  16. My amazing purple coat. I really need to get pictures of it because it is BEAUTIFUL and I feel beautiful in it.
  17. Texting. Makes life so much easier. Yes, it can get you into trouble but for the most part it's wonderful.
  18. Wine. Like texting, it can get you into trouble but for the most part it's wonderful.
  19. Movie marathon days. Oh my gosh I am so thankful that my husband loves to have movie marathon days as much as I do!
  20. Duluth, MN. Seriously, I love that place! Dustin and I have so much fun there and I kind of think of it as OUR town. It's a great place to get away to.
  21. Hayward, WI. How could I not be thankful for Hayward? Dustin and I got married there and it was fantastic.
  22. NaNoWriMo. It reminded me how much I love to write and I am VERY thankful for that.
  23. Candles. I love them. They smell good, they're pretty and they help decorate a room.
  24. A clean apartment. Nothing makes me happier than when our apartment is CLEAN, which it is RIGHT NOW. So darn thankful for that!
  25. Tacos. They taste so good. Especially with black olives. Mmmm.
  26. Life. It may not always be easy and it may not always be fair. But it's a pretty darn great rollercoaster.
So there you have it! Wow. 26 things that I am thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey Day to all of you! I hope today finds you safe and sound with family and friends and lots of very yummy food!

More soon!


4 wonderful thoughts:


Thankful posts always make me smile so much and I love your list!(And can definitely agree with some of what you said!)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!!


what a great list to be thankful for, and I agree on most of them (never been to duluth or hayward, but hey, if you're thankful for them then I will be too).
Have a great day!


Found you on 20 something bloggers and I'm subscribed to you now. We have lots of the same things to be thankful for. My favorites were coffee and nail polish. (:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Evie Stewart

Nice thankful list! Think I'll do an appreciation list to look at all year around.