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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crazy Couple of Days!

Well, Ash's birthday was fun, to say the least. It involved Dustin driving scary and freaking me out in the car, taking mass amounts of pictures, throwing Ash's boot on the floor of the restaurant (we are so childish), meeting random people and lots more. Dustin and I actually both managed to not drink a lot, which was nice, but I was still majorly dehydrated the next morning. Go figure. I've never been that much of a drinker anyway but it's funny how much alcohol affects me these days. Maybe I'm just getting old? Oh by the way, I totally got carded at the restaurant, which was amazing. I LIKE getting cared. Because I don't that often anymore and that just makes me feel old. I'm only 26! You should definitely still be carding me. So there.

Sunday was the Christmas movies marathon. I was so tired. BUT. Dustin found my FAVORITE cookies at the grocery store! They're Keebler's Jingle cookies and I love them. My mom used to get them all the time around Christmas when I was little and they are SO good. Over the last few years, though, I've had a hard time finding them. Dustin went to get a frozen pizza to go with our movies and found them. Love. So now I have my beloved cookies. Oh. And I'm not sharing. If you want some go get your own box. I love my cookies far too much to share. I know. Anyway, so we watched Christmas movies and then I was lame and retired to the bedroom at, like, 5 PM. Which was totally fine for me because I had to go to sleep EARLY. Yikes.

Why was I asleep early? Well my boss, Danielle, had to go to a funeral yesterday and couldn't work. So I ended up going from an 11 to 5:30 shift to an 8 to 5:30 shift. Yikes. And that was drama in itself. We were short staffed because it snowed and our DM (district manager) decided we didn't need one of our people. And then it got crazy busy. I did the deposit and the bank (that's Wells Fargo, I hate them) decided not to see my money order so I had $1 bills flying all over the parking lot. It was busy all day and I made so many $2 mochas I wanted to cry. And I was just cranky in general. Yikes.

ANYWAY! I now have two whole days off which is AWESOME. Because I took some of Danielle's hours yesterday she took my open for tomorrow. Yay to that! I need need NEED to finish my Christmas shopping. One of the gifts I ordered online still has not showed up (ordered it on November 25th) so I don't know about that. I've been dealing with this woman who works for the company and she's not easy to work with. I'll be writing a bad review of them soon. I also STILL do not know what to get my grandma. She's so hard to shop for. Any ideas. And I've got one more small thing left for Dustin.

So that's that! I honestly think I'm just going to be VERY lazy today, sit around reading and watching TV and cuddling with this guy:

More soon!!


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Sarah @ Spilled Sweet Tea

I remember those cookies! I haven't seen them in years and years! Lucky you for snagging some!


it sounds like you had fun at the bday party! Your puppy is so cute!!


Stopping by from SITS! Sounds like a good time.

As for an idea for a Christmas gift for your grandma... each year we get my grandma giftcards ($5 each) for restaurants she likes to go to for breakfast. That way she is blessed each time she goes to out to eat for a while.

Have a blessed holiday!

Confessions From A Working Mom

Visiting from SITS!

I used to like getting carded (I'm only a year older than you), but once I had a baby, I was over it. It was like, c'mon, give me the benefit of the doubt!


Ria Thurston

Cute blog! Thanks for the comment - yes, it is quite sad :(
*following yours*