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Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So Chloe is all about confessions today over on her blog.

Since confession can be good for the soul (and also entertaining, depending on what you're confessing) I figured it'd be fun to do it over here!

So here you are, some fun confessions from lil' ol' me.

- When I'm driving in the car listening to my favorite music I like to pretend that I am my favorite singers. Even though I am tone deaf and have no rhythm.

- If I answer my cell and it's some random place that I stupidly gave my number to I will hang up on them mid sentence. That's probably not very nice but I have this fear that if I wait till they are done they will either A) Not stop talking and bore me to death or B) When they DO stop talking and I try to tell them no to whatever they want they will guilt me into making me say yes.

- Speaking of the phone, I hate talking on in. Which is funny because I once spent ALL DAY talking on the phone, tying up the line, really making my dad mad. But these days I rarely talk to anyone on the phone. I much prefer texting.

- I asked Dustin to cut me up an apple last night. Even though I am perfectly capable of cutting my own apple. And he did it. I suppose that means he loves me.

- I drank 48 oz. of water last night just before I went to bed and the woke up at least 4 times throughout the night because I had to pee.

- I have 2 wisdom teeth. They are poking through my gums. My dentist, the last time I saw her (which was, oh, about a year and a half ago) told me I should probably get them removed eventually. Now I have no dental insurance. Awesome.

- I envy people with brown eyes. They're so rich and pretty. Don't get me wrong, I like my green eyes. It's just that sometimes I wish I could switch to brown.

- Taylor Swift? I have a huge girl crush on her. She is pretty and she has a great voice and she is such a good girl. If I were ever to meet her I'd probably do something like try to hug her and then she'd probably be scared of me. But it would be so worth it.

- Margaritas are gross. At least I think so. I've tried to like them. I just don't.

- When I was, oh, in maybe 3rd grade, I got sent to the principal's office for barking at a kid. I'm not kidding. My friends and I all did it but I started it. I mean, at least that's all I did. Kids these days are killing other kids. I just barked.

- I could eat a whole loaf of peanut butter toast in one sitting. Because A) peanut butter is yummy and B) toast is yummy.

- Dustin and I like to make up songs about Monte. All the time. And we sing them. All the time. It's incredibly embarrassing and I'm pretty sure if anyone ever heard us I would turn red but we still do it. Because we're dorks.

Okay. I'm off to make peanut butter toast now.

More soon!


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ha ha I totally sing in my car too even though I'm terrible


haha this totally made me laugh! the part where you were barking? HAHAHAHA. so funny! and i sing in the car and pretend i am so good too! and i hate talking on the phone! bah!


i like strawberry margaritas but the lime ones, i will agree, are nasty.

also... i make up songs for my animals too. they like it when i sing to them and since they are the only audience i will sing in front of, i take it as a compliment. lol

this is hilarious. especially the apple bit. we've all done it. don't feel bad.


LOL! too funny...
So I guess we still don't know if the melatonin worked?

I can't hang up on people... I feel soooo bad. However, I also have no problem saying "NO!" a million times and being a bitch until then hang up on me- odd. I've never said that out loud before.

...and seriously, Barking!? Like a dog?!


LOL...I totally belt it out in the car too. I think a lot of people probably share that confession. I get really embarassed if someone sees me though--like if someone from another car looks at me funny.

Music Man and I also make up songs about our dog, and we sing them all the time as well. We also have conversations in which we talk in our "dog voices" and imagine out loud what the dogs are thinking/saying.


So many things in common:

I sing in my car too... except I sing like Lil Wayne... and let me tell you, girlfriend can't rap.

Really, brown eyes? I thought everyone wanted blue eyes?! I have brown eyes and luuuurve them but secretly (or not so secretly anymore) I have always wanted blue eyes!

I heart Taylor Swift too! I have been a fan since way back in the day! My girlfriend and I saw her in concert a few years ago and she was amazing!

I love PB toast too.. yummy! I am gross though and put butter on too. I guess I just like to be f-a-t!

P and I sing songs to our dog all the freaaaaaking time. Mine is "Bad Boys".... he he!


I *Heart* Peanut Butter.

When I listen to musicals (anywhere) I sing every part as if I were the character.

Speaking of the phone...If Im somewhere and I dont want to be bothered, I put my phone on silent and have a fake conversation.


I have to get all four wisdom teeth pulled sometime soon but I don't have dental insurance either! It's gonna get painful!


That is hilarious and awesome! And I totally know exactly what you mean about talking on the phone and margaritas. Blech!


Melted peanut butter on toast is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world... btw I love your blog! :)


For barking at a kid? That's hilarious!


this made me literally laugh out loud! I always sing in the car... or on the treadmill. The car is okay because you know, I'm alone. But the treadmill is well... at the gym. People look at me cuz I'm singing but I'm not really singing because I'm huffing and puffing and kinda sorta spiting the words out (not literally spitting.. I hope).

Oh, and woof woof!


lady you are gorgeous.

and umm hello "- I envy people with brown eyes. They're so rich and pretty. Don't get me wrong, I like my green eyes. It's just that sometimes I wish I could switch to brown." i WOULD KILL for green eyes. mine are hazel so when people tell me they have a green tint to them my heart sings with joy!! haha i'll totally switch you my brown eyes for your green. ANY DAY!

oh and t-swift? mass girl crush. i adore her.


Taylor Swift? She is my new BFF. Can I have her hair please?! That would be fabulous!

my name is lauren.

i want to hear one of your monte songs! you should make a youtube video of one :).

and you're crazy for wanting brown eyes. i've totally always wanted green! i guess we just always want what we can't have, right?

oh...and as for pb on toast and hating to talk on the phone...i'm so with you. we're like soul sisters on the matter. i get so awkward on the phone sometimes too. ugh!

anyhoo....just wanted to say hello and i hope you're having a good day...AND...thanks for "filling in the blanks" this morning. sorry you're feeling stressed about $. money sucks :(. hope things start looking up for you soon!



Okay so... I hang up on those poor people that i accidentally gave my cell # to too.

I am 37 and still have 3 wisdom teeth. My dentist said don't worry about getting them out unless they start causing problems.

I have brown and wish I had green :)

In 3rd grade, I got swats for using a spoon to flick mashed potatoes at a girl. Mean, huh? But that was the only time I ever got swats. Lesson learned.

FINALLY, and most importantly, my husband and i sing made up songs all the time, and i tell ya, it makes our world go round. It's one of my most favorite things about us. :)

Thanks for coming by today... cheers!

kelly ann

i am SUCH a talker... but talking on the phone is one of the worst things ever. maybe because i get distracted because i can't see the person on the other end? or maybe because it can be really awkward? maybe it's because i'm a more personal and expressive person and would rather have the person in front of me. i am a big texter! i love it.

so funny. i have huge brown eyes but have ALWAYS wanted green eyes! i've come to like my eyes but i still wish they were green sometimes.

most of my water intake happens at night for some reason. which is really stupid because then i'm up all night! i need to work on that. ;)

p.s. love sean&chloe. fantastic, hilarious blog.


I rarely enjoy talking on the phone either. Text can be done while multi-tasking, much more convenient.

I love your doggy, reminds me of my best friends old poodle 'Chalky' :)