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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Good Night

Oh my gosh. Tonight (well, TECHNICALLY last night) was so much fun!

We went over to our friends' place for dinner and Wii. Dinner was awesome - Morgan made these cinnamon tortilla chips and fruit salsa that was so good. In the salsa she also had onion, which you would THINK wouldn't be good but it totally was. Dinner was chicken on brown rice with more salsa on top. Yummy yummy.

For the Wii we played the new Super Mario Bros. game. SO MUCH FUN! Dustin and I, when we are home alone playing video games, are that couple that yell at the TV and just act ridiculous. So I'm always a little scared to play around other people. However, Morgan and David are SO the same way. So the whole night ended up being hysterical, yelling at each other and the game.

We ended the night talking about old times. You see, when I first met Dustin he lived in a house with 3 other guys and when one of those guys moved out David moved in. It was the kind of place that you were scared to walk around in without shoes on but they had AWESOME parties and there was always something messed up going on. So we chatted about all that messed up stuff and it was just fun. Gosh I miss that place.

I remember the first time Dustin and I hung out. We met at work but I was kind of shy around him, which I always was around guys I thought were cute. We'd been texting back and forth for a week or two and he said I should come over to watch a movie. So. I did. It was SO nerve wracking - I always waited for the guy to make the first move. And, while we were flirty with each other, nothing else really happened.

Anyway. So that house holds good memories for me. And I kind of miss it. Although I don't miss the icky bathroom, hehe.

Tomorrow we have a little morning cleaning to do (which includes way too many dishes), we need to run to the post office and grocery store and then finally THE LIBRARY! Is it sad that that's the highlight of my life? Yeah, a little. And THEN at two Taryn is coming over so we can watch some Harry Potter. Love and joy.

So, I'm trying to figure out something that the hubby and I can do for V-Day that involves no money since it's so tight right now. Anyone have any ideas? We're not a super romantic couple which makes it a smidge harder. Or easier? Not sure.


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I've been thinking about Valentine's Day lately, too, and I came to this conclusion: Fuck it. Don't plan anything and just be spontaneous. People put SO much pressure on Valentine's Day, which usually leads to being totally let down, which is bullshit. My boyfriend and I don't really have any plans that day, and I'm totally cool with it. (We'll probably just cook a tasty meal and have great sex afterward. Just sayin'.)

Murdock's mama

Wow...I met my husband at work too. He also owned a condo with 3 guy renters. I'll never forget the first time I drank too much and had to puke in there NASTY bathrooms! It never happened again! But I'm with many great memories! :)

As for Vday...I don't have any spectacular advise. The year we didn't have much money Adam made me dinner and then we went ice skating downtown [we live in Des Moines & I think it cost like $3 each....]. Not super crazy but we still don't do a whole lot. We have never done gifts [I'm bigger about making memories...we don't do gifts at Christmas either since we're so bad about just buying what we want when we want]. This year we're going out to dinner at a fancy restaurant and then going skiing for there 'late night ski' package.

Glad you had a great night...ours was very low key as my hubby is recovering from having his wisdom teeth pulled yesterday. My my parents are coming over today so that is always a good time!

Keep us posted on the Vday outcome!


Doesn't it stink that Valentines falls during chilly weather? A sweet little picnic or a scenic hike/walk would be fantastic! We have a park here that rents paddleboats so you can go around this awesome lake, that would be fun too. But alas... winter!

Maybe pick a movie or two you both love (or have wanted to see) and play those, then cook an awesome meal you've never made before, together! I find cooking together is so much more romantic and fun, especially when it's something brand new, and with some 50's music (Sinatra or something!) on in the background. :)


We LOVE Mario Kart...but Neal has such a running commentary of his progress on the course that it totally distracts me and I end up coming in last. Good times, though...and we have it hooked up to the network so sometimes we'll play against others, internationally. Talk about pressure!!

And I've walked through way too many fraternity houses barefoot. It's amazing I still have feet.

As for V-Day, we're kind of cash-strapped this year, too. I think we're going to dig up an Iron Chef recipe and tackle it together. And then maybe watch a movie or play cards. I usually do all the cooking (although he enjoys it, he just doesn't get the time) and we never take the time to play cards (which we love). And I always end up making "Couples Coupons" or something like that for him. It means more...

Good luck! Can't wait to see what you come up with!


My man is the complete opposite of cheesy. So just like you we are not a romantic couple and barely celebrate Valentines day (which I would love to do)
I would suggest to do something that is outside your comfort zone example for me Karaoke lol


J and I got really into playing Wii one day and I swung my hand really hard and hit the dog in the head. I felt so bad. So, don't feel bad about yelling at the tv!

We are going to J's cousin's for V-Day. She's having a brunch and it's potluck. It's not super romantic, but it will be a good time. Maybe you guys can do the same...have everyone come over and bring a dish???

Kinsey Michaels

It's so fun to reminisce! (Ahh I know I spelt that word wrong). Sounds like a fun weekend. I know, I need to figure out my v-day plans too! I have no idea what to do. Going out to dinner is always nice, although it may be a little cliche, you can make it a date night!


Isn't it fun to think back on those beginning stages? I feel like it was just a minute ago that I was watching tv at my hubs' old apartment with him and his roommates. Now we're watching it with our own lil' dude. Time flies!


That's such a pretty picture! And going to the library was a big highlight of my week too. I got two books that I've been really excited about reading and a DVD. Exciting and affordable! ; )

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

Red Boots

Sounds like a wonderful night! I'm like that with the Wii too, always shouting at it!! And I'm embarrassed to admit it - but when I was a student I lived in houses where you would be too scared to walk around in in bare feet. I lived with a lot of guys though, so I hope that explains it!

The Gourmet Traveller

Cute blog :) I love your little story of meeting your boy. Sounds sweet! So, how are your 101 things in progress going...they sounds fairly impressive (if you keep to them!) :)

Amanda {My Life Badly Written}

My Hubby and I love having people round to play the wii - so much fun - favourite is Mario Kart at the moment!

Because my Hubby works away we don't put too much emphasis on V'day as he usually isn't home! Well wouldn't you know he is home this year but we are just having some friends over for dinner...and probably play the wii!!!


Happy SITS Saturday! My husband and I are either going to go ice skating, cook dinner together, or just cuddle in bed w/ candles and watch a movie. I'll be happy with whatever he chooses though!
-Heather @

The Ashes

You should post the ideas you come up with. I need some.


Hi popping over from SITS! Who knew that Wii could be so much fun? I have found my self playing it for hours in the middle of the day - if I dare turn it on (so I usually don't). We are not big Valentines people over here...we sort of celebrate but not with great fanfare...usually a simple meal (often California Pizza Kitchen takeout - we've been doing that since we started dating) and some candles.



Super Mario Brothers in so fun on Wii! It's cute about how you met your hubby. I met my bf way back in grade ten and we started dating in grade twelve. Now we're closing in on 4 years together. And we have no plans for Valentine's (though hopefully he won't forget altogether like last year, lol). Whatever we do will have to be cheap, since we're on a tight budget as well!

JDaniel4's Mom

Stopping by from SITS! We don't have plans yet either.

heart charlie

omg, I totally got hooked on Super Mario Bros for wii recently!! haha!! Hmm valentine's suggestions?? I am the worst! I never really do anything for valentine's day...maybe cook dinner?? See I am so unoriginal when it comes to these matters ;)


In reply to your comment: you don't like snow?! hahaha

I'm glad you had lots of fun. I get giddy going to the library! Love books.


Uggg why are boys' bathrooms always SO GROSS!? I'm glad you had a nice weekend though. Maybe do a stay at home dinner for Valentines? We are the same way as you guys are and I think the fact that we are pretty unromantical makes it harder. Everything is SO geared towards the mushy romancey angle. :)


thanks for the sweet comment


Hearing all those stories about the Wii on the internet really makes me want to buy one NOW. But that will have to wait awhile.

As for V-Day.... I don't know what we will do yet. We just found out that the Army overpaid my husband and now we have to pay them back. So there go our weekends.


Have you been to this blog before ?

They have inexpensive date ideas! :)