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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Monte!

Today is a very big day. At this time last year Monte (AKA Montego, named after Montego Bay in Jamaica) was born. Which means today is his very first birthday (or 7th, depending on how you look at it).

Some things you should know. We call Monte a zillion different names: Poodle, Poodle Noodle, Nudes (yeah, don't ask), Noodle Head, The Deaths (again, don't ask), Montezuma... and those are just the ones I can think of off the top of my head. We didn't bring Monte into our family till late April. At which point, when we bought him he was on sale because he was "old". Monte is not good at posing for pictures (as you can tell with this picture) and he dislikes that the cats won't play with him. He loves getting staticky, running around the apartment like a total crazy dog and he loves to be where people are. Monte is one of the sweetest dogs you will ever meet. All he wants in life is to be close to someone, get pets and give kisses.

So yay for this day because today is the day Monte came into the world and because of that Dustin and I have had some pretty fantastic days! Happy birthday Monte!

In other news, Maroon 5 is coming out with a new album this year! I am BEYOND excited! These guys are great, I love their music and their concerts and phenomenal! They came out with a bizarre trailer about their new album and it just makes me love them even more.

And I have made another BIG decision. You see, when I decided to leave school it was because I was at a good place in my job, looking at a possible promotion, and we were deciding to seriously look at house. So I left school in order to stop acquiring student loans so that we would look better to the bank.

Well, now that my job security is gone and the house hunt is on hold I've decided that the best thing for me would be to get a degree so that I can find a BETTER job. I've had a rough time with school in the past and that's always because I've felt the need to work, especially with Caribou. I had insurance through work and so I HAD to work at least 20 hours to get that. Those 20 always turned into nearly 30 and between that and school I always had a hard time keeping balance. Now, I can find a job for just a few hours a week and concentrate on school A LOT more. And then, once I've finished and once I've found a better paying job we can look at houses again.

It feels like a good decision. And it feels like the decision I maybe should have made. But that's life, right?

More soon.


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Good luck with the school! Sounds like it is the right decision for you at this point.


Totally! Life has a weird way of winding around and giving you lots of random experiences. So maybe now you'll have better knowledge and abilities that will be useful going back to school? In any event, this sounds like such a great plan. Plus your loans can be deferred - hooray! :)


Congrats to Monte :) I think almost everyone can say they have a crazy amount of nicknames for their pets!

For Example:

Bo (Our Poodle)
Bosie, Bo Head, Bonus, Boo-Boos, Goose, Old Man...

Broadway (Our Chihuahua)
Bubba, Bubs, Bubbie, Deeter, Weezy, Little Boy...

Not really sure where most of them came from, but they stuck!


Happy birthday to Monte! He is so adorable. My poodle is turning 19 this March!

Good luck with school!


Awwww happy happy birthday, Monte!! He is so cute! My cats have like a billion unexplained nicknames also. :)

I think your plan for school and work sounds great! It's never too late to make a decision like that. (Well it probably could be, but in your case it's definitely not too late.) Do you have any idea of what you want to do?

Continuous Changes

I just barely read a blog of someone else wishing their pup a happy birthday(only he was 5)! Funny thing, today is my puppy girl's birthday too :) She's turning 3!!

Happy Birthday, Nudes(ha, i love it)!


1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who names their animals one thing and actually calls them another. (e.g. Maddie has been Moo and Maddie Moo Who more times than she has ever been Madeline or Maddie.)

2. YAAAAY for new Maroon 5! I am a HUGE fan of theirs. Their last album was killer! I can't wait for this one to come out. Thanks for the preview.

3. Congratulations on taking the big step back to school! We can gripe about homework together! :D I can't wait to see how all of this pans out for you. Way to take control lady!

Emily Anne

Aw happy birthday to Monte. :)



happy birthday monte!

yay on going back to school! it can be a pain in the ass but totally worth it in the long run [at least that is what i keep telling myself]

The Ashes

Happy Birthday Monte!

Amy Renee

Love Maroon 5. His voice is AHmazing. and that is totally life. You live, you learn. Good luck in pursuing your degree!

我 moi

aaww . . . sweet dog :) I wish I had one :) ! Loving your blog too :) !


So...is your head about to explode with the excitement of starting school again? When I left my job at the gym and couldn't figure out WHAT to do, hubs suggested I go to massage school, like I had always wanted to do. It felt SOOO RIGHT...as soon as he suggested it, I knew that's exactly what I should do. I felt so relieved and in sync again. What will you be studying??

And happy birthday to Monte! Does he get a cake or just a chew toy?


Good luck with school! And happy birthday to Monte!

We have lots of nicknames for our pets too :D


my name is lauren.

school's probably the best choice in this economy. i live in oregon. it sucks here. one of the highest unemployment rates in the country. well....the state itself doesn't suck....just unemployment rates.

oh...and happy b-day monte!

Sarah, The New Girl

horray! good luck with the school choice! I might be kind of biased since I'm in school myself but IIIII think it's awesome :)

Happy Birthday Monte!!!


aw happy birthday Monte! I love his name..so cute and unique (and sentimental!)


Happy birthday to Monte. And good luck with school - it's a great decision. We had to put off buying a house for a while and it was a little tough, but ended up being a good decision.


Cute photo! ;))


Can I just say that when I first saw your blog title for today at SITS, I thought it said Happy Birthday Montel?! I thought you dedicated your entry for the day to Montel Williams.... OMG!

Happy Birthday Monte!