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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Like I mentioned before, I LIKE public speaking. Which I know is weird, because more people fear public speaking than DEATH, but I LIKE it.

And as I mentioned before, a big part of that was YIG. However, another bit part was the speech class that I took in 12th grade.

At my school, you could either take interpersonal communications or speech. In 11th grade I opted for inter-comm. However, in 12th grade I decided to take speech just for fun.

The class was almost ALL 11th graders. It was me and one other senior, a girl I'd been in school with since elementary school and I was friends with. It was our LAST term before graduating and we had speech our 2nd class.

Now, you may be thinking that being in a class of juniors and being the only two seniors would be torture. However, not with this class. We lucked out and pretty much everyone in the class was amazing. And on top of that our teacher, Mrs. Buikema, was amazing.

It wasn't just the speeches. It was the WAY that class was taught. First, we'd learn about a particular speech that we were doing (among these were debates, informative, etc.). Then, we'd do our research. This all may not SOUND like fun but it was. Because Mrs. Buikema made it fun. We all got along so well in the class that even on research days I loved being there.

Speech days, though, were the best. Because of those days two students would be the MCs. No, I'm not kidding. They would start the class with treats and music and calming exercises. I know this may sound hippy but it was just a good way to get everyone settled. For those that were nervous speakers it was a good way to calm the nerves.

I loved that class. I look back and it is still one of my very favorites. I received an A, and even though it was work at times it was also so much fun. And I learned A LOT.

And to this day, whenever I hear Happy Together by The Turtles I think about that class.

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My English 4 class was similar my Senior year...Everyone in that class got along SO well and our teacher was amazing! I loved HS!

ajs {of MN}

Mrs. Buikema huh!? That name is SO very familiar... what high school did you go to! I went to Woodbury High School.... I am almost sure I had her as well! honestly.


What a great compliment to that teacher for doing her job well and making learning fun that you still remember her class to this day!

Smart Ass Sara

I love speech, too! I had a really great 9th great teacher, Mrs. Chammings, who not only adored me because I was gutsy and outspoken, but she made it fun. She challenged me and I just really enjoyed going to the class. Then I had even more fun in college. Everyone else was so nervous and popping Xanax like it's Pez and here I am, begging to go first. ;)

Sheri Stewart

I'm totally leaving a comment about you, in general, and not this particular post :) I hopped over after you commented on my blog and looked around. You're from Hayward?! That's crazy! My husband's parents used to have a cabin on the Chippewa Flowage before my father-in-law passed away 5 years ago. Many fond memories of vacationing in Hayward :)


I sometimes like it... it's easier with 2 glasses of wine!

Feeling Fit With Dana

Wow, what a great testament to your teacher! I have a few favorites myself!!! sounds like a great time!

my name is lauren.

thanks for the little walk down memory lane :).


i love to speak in front of ppeople if i am VERY firm in what i'm going to talk about. if not, then i get nervous as all out gets. props to you for not getting that fear.


Good for you for liking public speaking! I'm glad someone does!

Darling blog! I can't wait to read more!

cali bird

My speech class in college has been one of my favorites & I had the best professor. It really changes the way you talk to people when you are able to take speech.

Two Normal Moms

I can't say I like public speaking, but I do like to write thanks to a teacher who made it fun. Funny how those great teachers can stay with you through life!


I was always the weird girl who loved public speaking, entered speech competitions, and eventually majored in broadcast journalism. And this class sounds like a BLAST. I'd love that.


You watch Being Erica, right? Did you see last night's? What's a relationship you regret or wish you could change?

my name is lauren.

You should totally do a little digging and you'll find some great thrifty treasures. I think it's less "being a good thrifter" and more fining a thrift store that doesn't suck :). Happy Thursday!


I don't hate public speaking, but I sure did in school. It was nerve wracking for me!


I HATE public speaking. It's kind of strange because in a small group I have kind of a big mouth. But put me up at the front of a room with a bunch of people watching me and it's all over. Good for you that you like it and are good at it. And what a great teacher you must have had that you still remember her class.

Melissa B.

I teach 11th-grade English. Those juniors are the best! SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

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