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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm turning into my parents

When I was younger, as with probably everyone else, I said, "I'll never be like Mom and Dad."

I had one of those relationships with my parents that was really volatile. Them always wanted to make sure their daughter was okay, getting decent grades, not into trouble, etc. Me just wanting my privacy.

But these days, I honestly think I might be turning into my parents.

I always knew I had my dad's temper. I have a very short fuse and when that fuse is lit I explode. I also have my dad's emotions. I cry fairly easily, especially when it comes to family stuff or animal movies. But although I have my dad's short fuse, I also tend to lean towards my mom's wanting to placate the situation. My temper is short lived and the minute it's gone I just want to make nice and have things return to normal. I can also be a little goofy, something I think I get from my mom.

Those are things I've known for a long time. Things I've realized lately?

Well, I'm a neat freak. Yeah, I have my messy days, but on those days when things are a mess I feel like my entire LIFE is a mess. I'm headstrong and when I get an idea in my head I want to do it RIGHT NOW.

Although back in the day I would have shuddered at the thought of being "just like Mom and Dad" I think now I'm pretty lucky to be my parents' child. I think I turned out pretty good.

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Helen [In Elegance]

I get my independance and organisation from my Dad and my temper and short fuse from my Mum.

heart charlie

HAHA! I know exactly what you mean. Growing up I felt the same way, didn't want to be like my parents, thought I was something completely different. But the older I get, the more similarities I see between us, it's freaky!!! I definitely get my over organizational and work-a-holic qualities from my dad, and my openness to new experiences from my mother ;)

Tina Lane

Yup, I can relate to this one. I also see it in my childhood friends. They become more like their parents every year. Lil' scarey.

Stopping by from SITS.

PS Totally jealous about your Cancun Vacay!

"And so our stories go..."

I hate to tell you this but this fear of being your parents never goes away. I still have it...yikes!

Elizabeth Patch

It's really surprising how much we turn out like our parents, even if we work really hard to be different. thanks so much for stopping by & leaving a comment on my blog, I really appreciate it!


what a great entry. :)


It is SO true - we do end up like our parents and appreciate what it means to care for others and always have their best intentions at heart. And I agree - I am actually pretty content with the fact that I am turning into my mother, because she is one hell of a lady!


Aw, that's so sweet! In one of my psych classes we had to come up with 3 things about each of our parents that we wanted to include in our own lives, and 3 things from each parent that we wanted to do differently. It was a pretty powerful exercise and it made me feel like I could be like my parents, but still be my own unique adult person.

Debbie in Nashville

What a cute blog!

I just wanted to drop by and thank you for stopping by on my SITS day. It means so much to me!


Hey krysten!! what a beautiful blog you have and I can totally relate to this post especially in a good way!! I appreciate them more and more everyday!!


each day i realize i'm more and more like my mother. there are a few traits i'm going to keep my fingers crossed i don't inherit but over all i can't really complain. she's an amazing woman.

i've always been JUST like my dad. personality, mentally etc. we are identical in almost every aspect. it's trippy, but it works. that is why i'm the only one who can be his secretary without losing their cool. haha


I've totally accepted the fact that I'm becoming just like my Mom. Ah ha ha


While I had an awful relationship (and still do) with my dad, I had a wonderful one with my mom and I love that I'm turning into her.

I did inherit my dad's sense of humor and short temper. But I think the rest of me comes from my mom. And I like that. I like how alike we are and how I can honestly call her my best friends, with no qualms.


I am totally turning into my mom...some thing's i am ok w/...some I am not lol


hahaha.. I totally am afraid of turning into my parents. And, am very not okay with it.

Smart Ass Sara

Yup- I'm totally like my mom now. That is so scary.


i totally know what you mean- i discover this a little but everyday myself
adore your blog! cant wait to stop by again soon!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

oh you know... I think we all become our parents... it's nature :) I can totally relate


I'm already exactly like my mama!


You should get your parents to read this. I know my parents would be touched by it.


It's funny that when you become an adult, you realize how great your parents actually are and how they were actually always looking out for you. Like you, I've become somewhat like my parents and that's a good thing, because both of them are pretty great ;)

my name is lauren.

it's pretty much inevitable... we all take on at least SOME things from our parents. i've got a few myself!


Awww... this is so sweet! My mom and I are very much alike but I was like you growing up, never wanting to be anything like her. We have enough differences that the things we share are okay with me.

Crystal Escobar

Isn't that the truth? As hard as we try NOT to become like them, it seems that we always end up a lot like them. I guess as you age, you realize it may not be such a bad thing :)


I think everyone is! :) Well, I am turning more into my mom than my dad. I am so much different than my dad. However my sister is much like my dad and not like my mom at all.


dude, i am SO my mother. she is so headtsrong and doesn't put up with anyone's shit and funny and goofy and luckily, i think i got all those traits from her. we even think the same when it comes to men. which is a little creepy, not gonna lie.


That is SOOO funny. I feel the same way.


Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

I'm exactly like my mom and dad too - it totally weirds me out!


aw your parents are so cuter! I too got my dad's temper and impatience. But I have my mom's soft side and so I can get overly emotional and cry at the littlest things!


You are a little bit of a neat freak...I can tell by looking at your purse contents :)


I'm so with you. J actually calls me Kathy sometimes because I'm so much like my mom. I used to think it was really bad, but I don't mind it so much now.


I'm totally like my parents too, my dad too has a bit of a temper and I have to be careful with mine. The funny thing is though that it only flares with BK! My mom is very much a perfectionist and I find myself being really hard on myself, not so much fun!

steph anne

This is very true! I'm like my parents in a lot of ways and do some of their habits like leaving the laundry room light on all day/night long for the pets.