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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Life With Dustin #10

Life With Dustin
Post #10

Dustin celebrated his 24th birthday the summer of 2007. We had a bunch of people over at our place, which actually meant that everyone hung out in our garage, in our parking area or wandered around on the grass next to our place.

We had lots of drinks and jello shots, which everyone devoured. It was HOT out, which is always a hit or miss in the middle of June in Wisconsin.

We had a couch in our garage that eventually got moved out onto our lawn. Yeah, we were cool like that. And we placed bocce ball in the long grass, nearly losing balls a few times.

We were all tipsy to drunk by the evening after drinking from about noon on and being in the sun. All of us except for my friend and coworker, Vinny, who offered to drive our drunk butts to the local pizza place.

In the van, Dustin and my friend's husband, Jono, sat in the back. They very soon realized that there was a moth that wanted to be along for the ride. Rather than react like normal, sane human beings they both FREAKED OUT when they noticed the poor little guy. And, of course, it got worse when the moth actually LANDED on Dustin. If you look closely at the picture or enlarge it you can see the moth on the collar of Dustin's shirt.

Of course, the rest of us in the van thought it was hysterical watching two drunk guys screaming at a moth of all things. And to this day we still bring it up. Sadly, the boys thought the whole thing was funny too so we can't embarrass them too much with the story.


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That is exactly how I would have reacted if a moth landed on my neck!


I love bocce lol


PS: I am now a new follower! :)


Hilarious! I wonder what would have happened if it were a spider? Chaos, I'm sure. ;)


Oh if it was a spider Dustin would have freaked out even worse! He HATES spiders, lol. But I still make him kill them for me.

Smart Ass Sara

Boys aren't allowed to be afraid of things, spiders included. Except once I swear to god we had a mother effing black widow on our ceiling. I screamed so loud a neighbor came over with a gun. Yah- sorry buddy..just a spider. ;)


That poor moth. But such a funny picture.


Oh my goodness that is hysterical! I can't believe the poor little moth scared him so much! Just remember, that little moth is more scared of him than he should be of it! Haha!


That picture is PRICELESS!!!

Crystal Escobar

so funny! I HATE spiders! I would have done the same thing!
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haha how funny! and that picture just tells it all!


Hahahaha omg. I guess anything can be super scary if you are drunk enough. :) That picture is hilarious!


Hello, my friend sent me this post because I too would have screamed the whole county to a standstill. I love this picture...Dustin is sane as far as I'm concerned!!!!


omg. hilarious. haha


Oh my gosh! I so want to hang out with you guys after reading that! You sound like a blast! Bocce ball? Come on! It doesn't get any better.

Also... that moth picture is priceless.


Oh men. So tough...until a big bad mouth attacks them! Ah ha ha


That would have been funny to see. I love bocce ball though!

Everyday Mom Ideas

I would scream too if a moth landed on me. I hate moths. Eeek!


blech! i am terrified of moths, flies, or anything with more than two legs landing on me... let alone my NECK! i can totally sympathize with dustin, haha.