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Friday, February 26, 2010

My Purse

So I'm going to be a total follower here. I want to do a What's In My Purse!

Here you have it, my purse and its contents. Yes yes yes, I put it all on my couch. It was easier than anywhere else!

1. My fabulous purse, bought from Etsy seller Christy Studio
2. My wallet
3. Checkbook - yes, I still write checks
4. My favorite purpse pen
5. Gum - I love Orbit
6. Compact with mineral pressed powder
7. Bright pink lipstick
8. Pink lip gloss (I wear that a lot more than the lipstick)
9. Chapstick - a MUST HAVE
10. Small bottle for Ibuprofen
11. Lotion
12. More lotion
13. My darling pink i-Pod
14. My Blackberry - used to be Dustin's, it's a brick
15. My pink planner - can you guess my favorite color?
16. A book - totally a must have for me!

So there you have it folks! It may not be entirely interesting but this is what I carry around on a daily basis!

More soon!

P.S. I started watching episodes of Glee online. That show is pretty much amazing.


30 wonderful thoughts:


I have the same pink!! ;)
And yay on lipgloss and chapstick, total must haves. :)

Have a good weekend. xoxo


Ahh, I still write checks, too:)

And I LOVE Glee! Are you not totally in love with Will Schuster???


Hmm I may have to copy this post...

Helen [In Elegance]

I love to see what other people carry about in their bag. My contents are pretty similar apart from I have alot of rubbish in mine.


My contents are pretty similar! I still write checks too and I always have a book in my purse! Right now I'm reading Dean Koontz. He's one of my favorite authors. I might do this too.


You do love some pink, don't you?

Smart Ass Sara

We have the same wallet---except mine is pink. :) I am going to purchase a new purse today because it's been 3 months. Time for new.

"And so our stories go..."

Wow, that's a lot of stuff. I'd like to be stranded on a desert island with that purse. :-)

Debbie in Nashville

I love that you still have a checkbook, I thought I was the only one... Wow, your purse seems so clean!

I've been wanting to see Glee but haven't yet, glad to hear you like it!


i'm a chapstick addict!


Together We Save

One one tube of chapstick? I usually have 3 or 4 LOL.

Saucy Scribe Debora

What a fun post! I'd be scared to toss out the contents on mine (it's more a weapon than a purse ;) ) Since I'm a pack-rat, I've got many things in there I don't really need.

I love purple, pink is my second choice - but I love all your pink accessories. rock on!

Have a great weekend!


Fun! I Should do this. I have so much random stuff in my purse...could be entertaining! And um hi my favorite color is pink too!


I love reading these posts :)


Oh pink. I love your purse.


I loove orbit gum! And I have to have a book in my purse too!


i love looking inside other people's purses! i like how you always carry a book. :)


our purse contents look fairly similiar.. i may have to do this for a post! what a fun idea.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

love the planner, I'm getting hooked to Glee too!


Ya I have mostly all that too in my purse! LOOVE Glee :)


I have the same iPod because I like pink too. Your purse is so organized. Where are all the old receipts and gum wrappers and random papers? Oh, wait, that's my purse!


that is my favorite gum! seriously, i'm known for it. i get the bulk pack at costco :)


Love your post! I may have to steal it. I have that Jane Green book sitting on my shelf taunting me and calling my name. Are you enjoying it so far?


I like the purse posts out in blogland! I'm not sure why, but I do. And glee!!! It's so painful, but I'm completely addicted. : )


I love your pink planner, it's so cute and I also have my check book, book, ipod, lipgloss. Yep - all are necessities! :)

the "L" spot

I think i'd share my purse belongings there is probably more trash in there than anything!!

Crystal Escobar

Oh my gosh, I love Glee!
And you don't even want to see whats in my purse right now, oh man, I seriously need to clean it out in a major way.

Lady Gabrielle.

You are so balla for having a cheque book! :] Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Be sure to come back soon!
Lady Gxx

The Non-Student

Ok, your purse is WAY too adorable. I'm jealous. (New to the blog and love it! Looking forward to following you)


OMG that's hysterical. I've never really thought to do a "reveal" of my purse before. :) I'm sure it's scary in there...lots of random tampons, a requisite bag of trail mix, and possibly a stick of deodorant. Thanks for sharing though...I'm so happy I'm not the only one who packs the iPod AND a book before ever leaving the house!