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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Ugh. Yesterday was not such a great day. I wasn't feeling was, I was congested and gross feeling. Not fun. Which means I pretty much slept, took cough syrup (yuck yuck yuck) and tried to get rid of my headache.

And now this morning I was awake at 5AM because I am still stuffed up. Kill me!

However, then Taryn put the pictures up from the party on Saturday and I laughed my butt off. Seriously. My butt is GONE. I know.

Check these babies out.

More soon!


26 wonderful thoughts:

Smart Ass Sara

looks like you had fun!! :)


Looks like a really fun time! :)


Your bangs are so cute!


Agreed! I love, love, LOVE your bangs! Hope you're feeling better!


So much fun! I LOVE pic posts!


Cute photos- looks like fun! :)

Sara Ballstaedt

i'm not feeling well either, hope you are feeling better :)


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my name is lauren.


can i just say that you are gorgeous and your hair is making me seriousy jealous right now?

ok, cause it is.

oh...and also....i'm having writers block for out blog. i need to get on that.


I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Take some medicine and get back in bed. Feel better!


Hahaha awesome party pics! It looks like you guys had such a great time.

I, too, love your bangs and wish that when I got bangs they looked as good. (But alas they do not.)


yay i love looking at pictures :)


Glad you are feeling a bit better after some fun and laughter!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

as I said yesterday, Fun!! take care and get better soon darling xoxo


I am so sorry you are sick! That is terrible. Feel well soon:)

Crystal Escobar

haha, fun! I love the wicked witch of the west picture (feet poking out from under the coffe table).
Sorry you're sick, that's no fun at all.


fun times!! your bangs are so cute!


looks like a fun group! :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

Aw, good times! Glad you had a fun weekend! :) xo

And is that you, with the bangs? Too cute!!


It looks like you had a great time... I love morning after pictures! :)


Yay! Those are such fun pictures!

I hope you feel better soon! Ugh, being sick is the worst!


LOVE LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! Super cute!


you look so cute.. i LOVE your hair! it looks like you had fun!


Love your hair girl. :) Looks like a ton of fun and hopefully you're feeling better now! :)


Chelsea Gwynne

I love that scarf in the picture second from the bottom. Where is it from? :)


I'm going to say it again for the 80th time but I love your hair! It's SO shiny! I wish my hair did that.

Anyway, it looks like you guys had a great time!! I love getting together with a big group of friends and causing trouble. :D