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Friday, February 19, 2010

Superstitious by R.L. Stine

Sara Morgan has left New York to go back to school in a small college town after being in an abusive relationship. When she gets back to town, she meats Liam O'Connor, a charming, glamorous professor who is obsessed with folklore and quickly sweeps Sara off her feet. They are soon married and it all seems like a fairytale. However, people are also being murdered in the small college town and despite the fairytale that Sara thinks she's in, she also finds herself wondering how her husband is tied into all of it. Soon she begins to think that maybe there is more to her husband that his sweet superstitions and charming ways.

Oh R.L. Stine. I used to love you. When I was young I devoured your Goosebumps AND Fear Street novels. I LOVE them. I'm not kidding. Go to my parents' house and you will find books upon books that I have read with YOUR name on them.

I tried this book because I'm always interested to see how a child and YA author jumps from that to adult. I think Christopher Pike did a pretty good job from reading his book Sati. So I thought I'd give R.L. Stine a try. However... I was disappointed. The only reason I think this book was adult rather than YA is because of the sexual themes. Otherwise I really don't think the leap was made at all. In fact, with the way some YA novels are these days I really have a hard time making the distinction. While I DID get through the book and it sort of kept my attention I don't think I'd recommend thing book for anyone looking for a true scary adult novel.

Sorry Mr. Stine. Maybe you should stick to what you do best. Please.


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Thank you. I will avoid this book now at all costs. :)

Great review!


Goosebumps! I totally forgot about those books lol


fabulous review!! Happy Friday! Have a great weekend!!


haha good to know! I used to love him!


I used to love the Goosebumps series! Thanks for the heads up!

Sara Ballstaedt

haha i used to love Goosebumps too! The gave me nightmares haha

Smart Ass Sara

I loved RLStine! I remember one book that had an orange cover and it had the most disgustingly described dead body that had been in water. I was like 12. I was gagging. But I read every Goosebump book, all of the Fear Street ones, the cheerleader ones, etc. I read them all. BUT..I'll probably skip this one. HAHA


Wow, I got really excited for a second. I, too, was a huge RL Stine fan when I was young. Had I seen this book, I probably would have bought it. Now I'm glad I didn't. Thanks for the warning.


Good to know. I used to love his books like you did when I was a kid. It's disappointing to know that it doesn't carry through.


Yup, I loved Goosebumps too! Bummer he's not a great adult author. I love these book reviews of yours though!


great book review!

as told by kiki

Gosh! How I miss Goosebumps!! :) i used to read them a LOT in gradeschool! hihihi!


ahhhh Fear Street books!!!! I kinda want to go back and read some again. haha. I might sorta not be joking. hmm..

C.Pike was a great author too! Thanks for the review of RL Stine's attempt :)

Crystal Escobar

Thank you for the book review. I'm always looking for new books to read, so thanks for the details on this one.


I was obsessed with his books too. Wasn't there a show? Too bad.

Everyday Mom Ideas

My friends and I used to read his books in jr high all the time. This brings back a bunch of memories.


I used to read this author but then I started having nightmares, lol. Thanks for this review! Will stay far away, ha ha.