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Monday, March 29, 2010

I'll miss...

Dustin and I are still researching our options when it comes to moving but every single day I wake up feeling excited about this adventure. While we're leaving towards Florida (mainly Tampa) we are also still considering North Carolina (mainly near Raleigh). Being that neither of us have ever lived outside of the Midwest we're both just anxious to be somewhere brand new and to make it our own.

However, I know there are some things I'm going to miss too. I was born in Illinois and lived there until I was ten. We then moved to Minnesota where I lived from age ten to nearly twenty one and then sporatically during the age of 22. Finally, when Dustin and I decided to move in together, I moved to Wisconsin and have been here for a little over 4 years.

What will I miss about this area?

The Mall of AmericaI mean, come on, who wouldn't love a gigantic mall with a store for every occasion, it's own wedding chapel, Underwater World and an amusement park. I'll miss being able to spend a day there people watching, shopping and eating some really bad for me food.

The Minnesota Renaissance FestivalI've been to the MN Renn Fest a handful of times and I adore it. I love the delicious foods, the lewd workers (and they get PAID to talk that way), the hysterical shows and everything in between. A few years ago Dustin and I went and it was his first time. He LOVED it. Hard not to with all the beer they serve.

ValleyFair is Minnesota's amusement park. You see that rollercoaster in the picture? That's the Wild Thing. One summer my best friend and I went to VF by ourselves and rode Wild Thing over and over again making funny faces every time the camera flashed. I've been to that place so many times and every time I love all the crazy rides.

The MN Sculpture GardenThe MN Sculpture Garden is located right next to the Walker Art Center. The whole area is full of very cool art. But the Sculpture Garden - oh I love that place! You can run around, play on some of the sculptures (there's a giant swing) and it's just so fun to spend a summer day there. And art is always cool to hang around.

I am so sad that I just realized what a wonderful place Duluth is. It's located in Northern MN and it's just a great town to visit. Between all the delicious food, the wonderful shopping, the absolutely insanely gorgeous scenery it's hard to get bored in Duluth. Dustin's and my favorite place to stay when we're in town is the South Pier Inn, which is located next to that beautiful lift bridge pictured above.

Don't get me wrong. I still need and want the change. And I'm sure that wherever we move we'll find things to love about that place too. I just hope we'll find time to come back from time to time and remember all the things we love about this beautiful area.

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You just reminded me why I love living here so much! So thanks for that.

You both have family between MN and WI right? You'll be back! Its all the things you listed that will bring you back.

Change is good, but remembering your roots is important too!

The Non-Student

You'll LOVE the east coast! Florida and North Carolina are both wonderful states, though NC is the best state to me. I went to college there.

I've actually never been to the Mid-West, but I'm visiting Springfield and St. Louis during the next two months. Visiting new places is so fun, and moving to a new place is exciting, scary, but mostly a wonderful way of learning more about yourself.

Both Tampa and Raleigh are fab cities. Good choices!

The Non-Student
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That sculpture garden looks awesome!

Also, Tampa has a pretty good renaissance festival too. It comes right after the state fair and during the strawberry festival. I never really stopped and thought about all the delightful things that come to this area in the Springtime. I know I'm going to miss all of those glorious strawberries once we move. :(

Audrey Allure

Wow the art looks amazing there. I'm sure you'll love Raleigh or Tampa just as much :)

Smart Ass Sara

I think you need to come to Duluth this summer and we can play dorky tourists! YES! This would be fun.

Then I can come down to MOA! I love, love, love MOA and Matt hates places with people so he hates going there. :)

I've never been to the sculpture place so that is now on my list. Thanks lover!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

the sculpture park looks like fun!
Im sure wherever you chose to go you will find great place to visit and enjoy


gosh, i have never been anywhere east of utah... i have always wanted to go to that mall! it looks so amazing! sean lived in tampa for a couple of years and he loved it! i think both places you are considering would be awesome though!


Well now I'm officially sold about wanting to visit Minnesota. I'd go for that sculpture garden alone! How freakin' cool!

Maryland has an amazing Ren Fest also...you should come up to ours sometime!


good luck! it's scary, but change is good. i've always wanted to go to the MN sculpture garden. looks beautiful!

Savvy Gal

You should take short trips everywhere to see where you like the best. : )


Those things are cool and all, but do you know what Tampa has? A Pirate festival. Like the biggest ass pirate festival in the history of ever. And you've got Disney like an hour away. AND you've got that beautiful Gulf of Mexico right there! Tampa kicks ass.

Although no big spoon, which is completely awesome in itself.


The garden looks wonderful :)

Hope wherever you move, you'll find yourself home there.


Ever since I was little I've always DREAMED of going to Mall of America. I am still yet to go...that sculpture garden is COOL! Ahh it's so fun to go live in different places and enjoy things that make that state special


I've never been to Minnesota, Tampa or Raleigh...but I've always wanted to live in North Carolina ever since Dawson's Creek!


Aww! I love the Mall of America. There is definitely something to be said for the midwest and all its charm:)


Sounds like an exciting adventure! And it's so nice that you put together this list. It's nice to look back and take note of what you appreciate. And Raleigh and Tampa are nice places so don't worry :)

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and introducing me to yours. I'm looking forward to following along.

Hope that you're week is off to a great start! :)



Bwahahahaha....Oh Amanda...Tampa DOES have the Pirates Festival. AND they have the Buccaneers...so if you go to a game, you'll get to hear them fire the canon (unless they don't score, which could also happen). I don't know much about either city. But I know the climate would be much more to your liking, either way.

Kudos to you for embracing what is wonderful about the cities you grew up in. It took me moving to Arizona to really appreciate what I loved about KY. And even though we're looking at the possibility of moving with the Army, I already know what I would miss about Big Blue Country. There lots of life-size horse statues. Everywhere. Which is really nothing compared to a giant spoon with a cherry, but it has gotten me through for about 30 years.


The Mall of America is great and all, but the first time you discover you can drive to the beach WHENEVER you WANT (whether in Florida OR North Carolina) you'll be like, "The Mall of Where?"


I've lived in the Midwest before, and it is a surprisingly miss-able place :)


I think it's good to miss things! Plus it gives you more reasons to go back and visit, other than the fam/friends of course. I used to be an amusement park junkie and begged my parents to take me to the Mall of America! They just laughed :)

Rene W.

I love posts like this... reminds me to appreciate all of the things I adore about where I live & may miss one day. Thanks for sharing :)

Red Boots

Duluth sounds lovely!

Sometimes moving can make you realise what you love. But also, I've found that when you move it is too easy to look back to where you used to live with rose tinted glasses!


I've been to the mall of america once and it's crazy! I couldn't believe how much was there. Including lego land! haha


I moved to FL last christmas and spent a year in FL! It is beautiful.. as much as I love traveling and living new places, something always brings me back to the midwest!

I am new to your blog, and already love it. You have yourself a new follower!

carissa @ lowercase letters

it will be hard to beat the mall of america!


I want to visit Mall of America so bad! :) Living on the East coast has been quite an adventure for us. I am still warming up towards the people here. They are just so different from the West coast people.


All those things you'll miss will be a reason to come back and visit. It's good to leave while you still enjoying the things around you.



Half my family lives in Hudson, WI and the Twin Cities, so I feel your pain - there are so many wonderful things there to be missed! Making a big move is SO exciting! But also pretty sad. But you'll totally be back, and then you'll have lots of stories that will make all your friends in WI jealous they don't live near the ocean too. :)

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

I've never been to MN, but a friend just moved back home, so he obviously loves it there. Exciting times on the move!! Come to Seattle...haha. Quite the opposite end of where you're trying to be, but it sure is beautiful here :) xo


WOW, the MN Sculpture Garden looks amazing! I would definitely miss that!

Kinsey Michaels

Now I can understand why you'll miss the area, especially that amazing mall! It's always fun to live in a different place - make new friends, create new memories and find places to explore. That will be the fun of it at least :)

Writing Without Periods!

What a great post. Your blog makes me happy!

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou

good luck finding the perfect city! at least wherever you go won't involve such cold winters!!
xoxo alison

kelly ann

i wish you the best of luck with the move, sweetie! i hope it goes smoothly and that this is the start to a wonderful adventure. :)

Brooke Leigh

hello, you have been tagged and awarded from my blog to yours! check out my latest post for more details (or the blog named "Beautiful Blog Award" incase I blog more before then)! xoxo


these are def some great MN things :)you can always come back to visit!


I have family that lives in Raleigh. It is so different from where I live and I am not really a fan but you might like it a lot! My family loves it!

You have so many awesome places about where you live! I think everyone has some pretty special things they love about where they are.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

I would love to see the sculpture garden! I am sure wherever you decide you'll be happy :)

Thanks for the well wishes- my first day went very well! :)

A "cheery" disposition

I love moving. It's such an exciting feeling.

Melissa B.

And don't forget the Leinenkugel! It's made in my hubby's hometown, Chippewa Falls. Good luck making your moving decision!

christa elyce

Holy Smokes! That sculpture garden rocks! I want to jump a plane and go right now!

So I've been to NC and Florida just for a few days each...here are my observations...Florida: lots of old people, gorgeous beaches, parties, disney world, CSI miami (ain't that something)...NC: nature, indians, fishing, city and there's quite woods, coastal.


Those are some wonderful things to miss, but you are about to encounter an amazing adventure! :) I remember going to the Mall of America, it was wonderful! :)


I LOVE Mall of America! These pictures make me want to explore more of Minneapolis.

chelsea rebecca

such wonderful places!! just think about how awesome it will be to visit!!


It is definitely hard moving cities and it takes a while to get used to it. But it is so worth it in the end when you feel at home in two places. I've been in Auckland for a year now and I'm only just starting to get that feeling, so remember to be patient. But it will be great having somewhere new to explore though!


I'm originally from IL too! it has conditioned me to withstand any sort of extreme climate haha. I've only been to Raleigh/Durham once but I fell in LOVE with NC and it would be my dream state to live in, along with CA! Your blog is adorable p.s., I love the color scheme!

The Gourmet Traveller

Your home looks beautiful and like there are so many fun things to do! Oh well, you can always visit :)