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Friday, April 9, 2010



My back is seriously killing me these days.
I think it's partially because of the car accident I was in back in 2008.
And partially because I have not so great posture.

Whatever the reason, I'm really not in the mood to write.
I hope you'll understand.

Got a question?
Anything at all?
Ask away.


33 wonderful thoughts:


Ugh, I have back issues every once and a while too. Feel better!!


Hope you feel better soon!


well... I just started working out again and i'm officialy in pain. Not in my back but EVERY where else... so i'm feelin' your pain today! :)

Hope you feel better!

Audrey Allure

Aw, I hope you get some rest and feel better soon!

Smart Ass Sara

Oh man. I fell at Jay Cooke Park on a patch of ice- landed RIGHT on my ass/tailbone. To this day I am positive I seriously injured it because once in awhile I can barely move. And sitting on the floor? Not always smart.


I hope you feel better soon. I had a friend with back issues and it was awful for her. Does red wine help? :)

molly YEH!

awwww i'm sorry about your back.

eat lots of chocolate. it relaxes the muscles and will make you feel better (i'm not even kidding :-)


Sorry about your back girlfriend! Hope you have a great weekend and it gets better:)

Cafe Fashionista

Oh, I hope your back feels better soon, my love!! :)

shari @ little blue deer

As I get older, my back bothers me more and more. It really is unpleasant, I feel for you and hope you feel lots better soon!


Feel better soon! You should look up some easy back exercises. As you strengthen your back muscles I'm sure you posture will improve and your pain will decrease. Have a pain free Friday!


Bummer dear. I hope you feel better. May I suggest a hot pad and a husband waiting on you hand and foot?

Have a good weekend!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Oh no! feel need some TLC from hubby! :)


Oh no, my poor friend! I hope you get better quickly. I will have to come up with some good questions for you. :)


I'm so sorry. I know taht back pain is a bitch. I hope you feel better soon.


Oh back pain is the worst, I suffer with it a lot. I hope you feel better soon

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

get better soon gorgeous! xoxo


i'm sorry to hear about your back! i hope you get feeling better dear.


I hope u feel better soon! I have back issues too and I can totally relate. Rest up and try to relax this weekend! xoxo

The Zhush

Back pain is the worst! Feel better...heat pads are helpful for me.


That the worst! I like moist heat when mine acts up.Hope you Feel Better soon :)

Rhiannon Nicole

FEEL BETTER girlfriend :( I was in a back brace once with three fractures and totally know what you must be feeling. Relax relax relax. We will all be here when you return :)


OMG I am totally in the same boat! I am crossing my fingers I get in to see the chiro soon. It's so bad :(
I find if you lay on your back to sleep it helps a little!


Poor thing, feel better soon. Ugh my knee issues sound like your back issues.


Do you visit a chiropractor? I know they can be controversial but I swear by mine!!!


ohh, poor you, i have a bad back too. so i know how you feel. take it easy, get hubby to give you a nice back massage.


I hope you fell better soon!!!

Cute cute bandaid! :)

Olivia Carter

Ugh. I have noticed back issues since I've started working in our yard. Leaning over, pulling weeds, moving big rocks, etc. Plus I don't have great posture either. Feel better!


Aww I hope your back feels better!!


Ah, I'm sorry to hear about your back! Feel better!!

Thank you for visiting my blog.



My back is killing me too right now. I hope yours decides to behave itself!
Thankyou for the comment

The Ashes

My posture sucks too. How do you fix it?! Its so hard!

carissa @ lowercase letters

so sorry! maybe you need to pay the chiropractor a visit? hope you have a good weekend nonetheless!