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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beautiful Day

Oh gosh. I love how I've been complaining, complaining, complaining about Wisconsin weather. Because Wisconsin is laughing at me right now. It has been GORGEOUS here! Yesterday it was, dare I say, warm. I want to say it got to the lower 70's. Love it.

Yesterday was actually a pretty darn fantastic day. I finally got all my student loans squared away so I am set for next week when classes start. I'm taking 3 classes. I'm doing everything online through Globe University and so far I've been really, really happy with Globe. And I'm super excited for doing things online. My main issue with school is that I have a hard time attending class. I know, I'm 26 years old and I should be over that. But for some reason it's just hard for me. I will find any way to talk myself out of going. With Globe I can sign in any time I want and do the work on my time. And, as it's probably evident, I love being online. So I am hopeful that this will be a pleasant experience.

Also, yesterday I received my signed copy of Why Girls Are Weird! I was so excited I had to take a few pictures. Huge thanks to the author, Pamela Ribon, who sought me out!

And as maybe you've noticed, I totally painted my nails yesterday too. I ran out to Walgreens because I wanted something spring like and walked away with Sally Hansen Insta-Dri polish in Mint Sprint. Isn't it pretty? I have to rave about this nail polish too. I only applied one coat and it came out awesome.

AND when Dustin got home we took Monte for a walk. We've really been slacking on the walks because of the cold but now that it's nice again we had to take him out. Yet another reason why moving to a warmer climate will be good: more walks for Monte!

Now, I have to let you all know that Monte is a little embarrassed by these pictures. He was just at the groomer on Monday and he always comes out looking like a totally different dog. This time was even worse because he had mats in his ears so she had to shave them. Poor poodle. At least he's not too warm!

Now if EVERY DAY could be like this maybe we wouldn't be considering moving. However, I am keeping all that horrible, icky white stuff in my mind as a reminder that it's not always this nice in Wisconsin.

More soon!

P.S. I was SERIOUSLY considering doing some mean April Fool's joke and saying something like I was pregnant or getting a divorce. But I couldn't do that to you guys! However, if you have anything good for me to do to Dustin I am ALL EARS.


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The Non-Student

What a wonderful day you had! Love the nail polish. I don't think I've painted my nails a non-traditional color since middle school (i.e. baby blue or pink ala Clueless move style, remember that?), but you've inspired me!

I'm glad you didn't do an April Fools joke to your bloggers because I'm the biggest sucker for them!

Thanks for sharing your joy with us. It is seriously helping me right now! (No joke!)


Love the nail color!!! I may have to go grab a bottle to join in your spring spirit!


:) Looks like a beautiful day! I wish authors sent ME books. Love the polish, and love the pics! :)


It sure is hard to complain when it's 70+ in March!

I need to do my nails... thanks for the inspiration :)

Staley Mc

I love the nail polish! I am such a sucker for bright colors on my nails!

shari @ little blue deer

Oh, I've been wanting to try that nail polish, glad to know it works well (I hate to wait for stuff to dry!).

Audrey Allure

Love the color of your nail polish. And that looks like an interesting read :)

Cute pictures!


Love the polish-so spring! The weather is getting awfully nice here too!

Brittany Ann

Oh fun! Tell us how the book is! I bet it's awesome, with a title like that!

Debora Dennis

A wonderful day and a wonderful post - so many things to comment on. Yay, you for scoring a signed book, your nails are adorable, your guy is a cutie and that dog? Super cute!

Have a great weekend! :)


Wasn't it PERFECT yesterday?! We were so excited we grilled out! I'm so loving your nail polish too! I think Sophie and I will go and find would be perfect for easter!


Look at Monte!! OMG he looks so adorable! I love his hair cut.

You are too cute and I love your nails! I'm so happy that your book came. And congrats on school stuff too. I'm glad it's been such an easy process so far and you're loving it.

You're making ME want to go back to school!

With Love, Jamie

Pretty nails! And YAY for warm weather! :)


I love your nails! x

Savvy Gal

Very snazzy nail color.


Cute nail polish! You should have done Monte's the same color ;)

carissa @ lowercase letters

so glad your weather has been divine! i totally love the polish. you are too cute! your doggy is too... he shouldn't be embarrassed at all. i hope you have a weekend full of warm days.


I instantly liked your nails in that first shot...and your ring in the later one. Sapphires as wedding rings make me happy :)

My Book Barn

Congrats on the book! Just be the title & cover I'm interested to in learning more about it! Great nail polish & I couldn't help but notice...Love the ring! It's beautiful!


sunny and 70's is always nice! I hope you get more warm days soon! Love the nail polish :) Your dog is so cute too!


Great nailpolish!

Mike and Sarah

Thank you! P.S. I love the nail polish!

passport in my pocket

I love your haircut. and cute nail polish!


What a fun day! Doing your nails, reading a good book, and going for a walk... That's the life! ;)

Enter to win a William Riera dress!


you know, if you live in tampa, everyday will be like that - warm and sunny! so if you're loving the weather now, you'll probably love living in florida.

and i haven't done an april fool's joke in a long time, but last year a friend and her boyfriend (that she'd been dating for only a month) took a bunch of photos all dressed up at the alter of a church, with a preacher and everything! she posted it on her blog saying they had eloped and pretty much fooled everyone.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

aaaaw what a sweet post! I wish I could go back to university!! I would really love to do it all over from the beginning! Good luck sweetie!
btw... did I email you back yesterday? ... not sure, thank you, that was fast! Love it!


Love love LOVE your nails! That is a fabulous color.

Monte is SO cute, I just want to squish him.


That book sounds like a fun read! Loving that polish, I agree I've tried that brand and it's awesome, I even like the shape of the brush.


You are so cute with your book pictures! That must have been super exciting!

I'm lucky I have a short-haired doxie that I don't have to get groomed anymore. My old dog, Minnie, had to and she, too, would look like a completely different dogs for weeks!

Writing Without Periods!

I love the nail polish. It looks so fresh and spring like. And the puppy...too cute.


Okay, I LOVE your haircut! I wish I could pull of bangs half as good as you do but I'm scared to try!!

Regarding living in NC, I am SOOOO happy we moved here, and barring our little town dropping into the ocean I'm never leaving!! Haha.. we live out on the coast, and I can count the number of times I've been to Raleigh on one hand, but it's a gorgeous city with SO much to do (lots of bars/pubs and awesome eateries, concerts and culture, etc.), and happily, an active job market in this crap recession! So yay! :)


You are adorable, lady. I love your ring, your nails and your pics with D! So glad you get to enjoy this awesome weather!

Smart Ass Sara

Hi. I want your dog. Maybe HE'd hump my cat.

Girl- best joke I've ever done on someone was my brother. I gave someone the spare key to his car and while we were out doing something, someone "stole" his car. He almost cried. It was AWESOME. :)

Glam Girl

OMG! U have a dog like mine, I love it! Nice nail polish

Seasoned with Words

lovin' the nail polish!


HAAA I painted my nails the same exact color last nite! I couldn't believe just one coat. The brush was really first I didn't like it but then I realized how easy it was to paint your nail in one quick stroke. You wear it well dear :)

And yay for the great weather. We have that same weather here in NYC today. I couldn't be happier!

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh you are so gorgeous; and that book looks fabulous! The title alone piques my interest; how fun that you have an autographed copy!

And I think we may be on the same wavelength. I just painted my nails with Essie's Mint Candy Apple a few hours ago - obviously mint is the color for spring!! :)


Finally catching up! I'm so jealous of your weather! Yes, it's just wrong for a California girl to be jealous of weather anywhere else! Love the nails too, I really should be more daring with my nail color, although I guess a good place to start would be actually painting them to begin with?

Shannon of ** Happiness Is...**

Such fun! Love your nail color...I should be bold and try it. Maybe on the toes :) Your pup is too cute! xo

P.S. I'm having a giveaway today...come peek?

Slumber Designs

I was completely out of ideas today for April Fools Day! Next year, i'll have to star researching a couple of days prior ;-)

As for your polish, you got that at Walgreens?? Love it! I have one a block away from me her in St. Paul and I might have to get my own bottle!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Love your nails and what cute photos- I love being a kid again on the swings :)

kelly ann

doesn't beautiful weather just make everything so much brighter and happier and better?! love it :)

Unknown Mami

I love Monte! So cute, even with the new "do". I friggin' love poodles. My mom has two and they are just so smart.


Aw, what a nice day! That book looks awesome and I want one! That nail polish is awesome, too! I was considering doing a mean joke like that too but I decided against it, as well.

chelsea rebecca

love your nail polish!!



Love that nail polish, perfect spring color! And also as always I'm loving your hair! Maegan

1. I totally want to read that book now

2. ONLY ONE COAT!?!?! amazing.


ooh yay for your book! you're so special :)

And I love your nail polish. SO pretty!!