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Friday, April 16, 2010


Well, if you've noticed, I've made some changes to After 'I Do'.

First off, I need to give a huge thank you and shout out to Carrie. She has a design blog called Sweet Faerie Designs and a personal blog called Koehmstedt. Carrie was a total doll yesterday and helped me fix up this blog to have TWO side columns. How awesome is that? So go check her blogs out because she is totally amazing.

Second, I have a sponsor. WHAT? I know, I know. I actually am keeping 4 more spaces open, so if you have a shop or business shoot me an email at and we'll chat. Anyway, my first sponsor is GeeZees and I have been DROOLING over her stuff for awhile now. So go check out her Etsy shop because I know you'll probably be in love too.

Finally, it is Fill In The Blank Friday over at Lauren's blog and I just had to join in this week. So without further ado...

1. The first thing I do in the morning is head to the bathroom. Actually, I do that multiple times a night. I know, TMI.

2. Every night before bed I check my email one last time, snuggle up and read a little before I'm sleepy.

3. My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is eat junk food, watch one of my favorite movies and check out some of my favorite blogs.

4. Something that makes me cringe is cleaning the cat little box. Ew.

5. Social situations make me nervous. I usually have to psych myself up for them. I have a little bit of shyness in me, like I've said, so at first I feel nervous.

6. I like to collect shot glasses and magnets. I get them from anywhere we go on vacation or trips.

7. Weekends are for well, right now they're about the same as my weekdays except I get to hang out with Dustin. But they're for friends, family and relaxing.


41 wonderful thoughts:


love the new layout with the extar column! and i love doing the same thing on a bad day! seriously, it is perfect. hope you have a great weekend! :)


umm... i really love your blog.

and i relate. yesterday was a bad day, so what did i do? watched glee, and got french bread and chocolate and ate. haha. go me!


Love the changes! Your blog looks awesome girlfriend! Congrats on your sponsor too!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

yay, love the 3 layout template, and I love carrie, isnt she sweet?
Going to check out your sponsor, well done darling. Smile.


ooh, a sponsor? fancy! how exciting!

i also hate the kitty litter box with a passion. EWGROWW.

have a great weekend! :)

The Zhush

The blog looks really great, congrats on the sponsor, and I feel the same way about bad days...hope you have a great weekend!


I get up multiple times in the night too. I feel like a 90 year old lady.

Happy Friday!


Two side bars - going big! Go you! I like it though. I need to learn how to do that nifty thing.
And congratulations on your first sponsor! :) That is super exciting!

Have a great weekend my friend :)

ps- I collect magnets too (but instead of shot glasses I collect postcards, haha)


Yay! Look at you making things happen!! :) That cat stuff is gross. On my bad days I like lattes and reruns of Friends :)

My Husband's Watching TV...

Like the book, jealous of your sponsor and I love to eat junk food on ANY day, not just bad days!

My Husband's Watching TV...

Sorry above post...not book, look.


Looks great! Isn't Carrie wonderful? She did my blog as well--totally took it from drab to fab, if I do say so myself. lol

Happy Weekend!


i need to psych myself up for social situations too and large groups of people exhaust me, even if i'm having a good time. it takes me at least a day to recover


I love the 3 column blog. I want one/need one. Also I think I may start fill in the blank Friday! I'll link it back to you!


It looks fabulous, dahling!!! Congrats on your sponsor!!


I hate cleaning the litter box too. :( I always put it off... blech.


oh I really like the new layout! It looks really nice. Have a great weekend!!

Staley Mc

Love the new layout! Hope you have a great weekend!


Congratulations on your sponsor! That's awesome. I always read in bed before going to sleep too. It's the perfect ending to every day. Have a great weekend! xo


love your new blog layout! i have no clue how to change mine so i might have to seek her advice as well!

For everything about fashion:


Your blog looks great, and Congrats on the sponsorship! Thats awesome! :)

Loved your answers! Have a great weekend!


I was thinking about copying this and doing it for a post today, but I would've just left all your answers! I can totally relate, esp about the one about social situations. Sometimes I'll actually not go to things because I'm too anxious about it, mostly if it's a new group of people I meeting up with.

Enjoy your wknd!


The blog looks great, and how exciting that you have a sponsor!

Enjoy your weekend of relaxing with family and friends.


Lovely post! Congrats to your new lay-out and sponsor. I've been wondering lately if I need to change to 3 columns, but dread the work. Well done! Wishing you a great weekend!


i am pretty shy too! although we both have blogs...that's not shy of us is it??

Annie Spandex

I have a rule about not checking email right before bed, in case there's something exciting or something that warrants a thoughtful reply. I have issues with insomnia though.. But it's always tempting to check one last time and I often break my rule :)


I stress out in social situations too. I am a wallflower in real life... but in an awkward way. A wallflower who knocks over chairs and drinks.


Thanks for your comment on my blog! It was nice popping along to see yours! It's really lovely.
I keep meaning to start this fill in the blanks thing but I keep forgetting every Friday!


Yeah lady! New layout and sponsors??? Everything is looking fantastic! Have a great weekend!

carissa @ lowercase letters

i'm right there with you on #2 and 3!!! i love the extra sidebar. it looks fab! congrats on a sponsor! woo hoo!

kelly ann

#1 is so me - i swear i get up 99847 times in the middle of the night, annoying. ;)

love the three-column layout, by the way!

Tamara Nicole

Cute blog! I need to talk to her about sprucing up mine lol!

Hope you have a great weekend and relax a little:-)


I like your new blog design and thats exciting that you have sponsors! The fill in the blank quiz is fun too.



You layout is so cute! Seriously, I love it. && a sponsor, wow, congrats!


Social situations make me super nervous too. I'm way quieter in real life, actually.


The new layout looks really great! :)


girl...i feel your pain. going to the bathroom multiple times a night is terrible! haha! and i do the same thing every night before bed. love the fill in the blank idea! your blog is fab.

my name is lauren.

i should start collecting shot glasses - we actually don't own any....we just eye ball our shots for mixed drinks....which means craig makes them extra strong :).

glad you played along! happy sunday!


Your blog is gorgeous :)
I love the design... now I am going to have to go and check out Carrie's blog. I am thinking that with my new address I should get a new design... good idea right? Right!


tmi- is there such a thing? lol same here on having to pee a million and one times... worse if i have a beer to help me sleep. i love miller 64 - i would do wine but i tend to have more of a hangover since i have a problem not JUST having 1 glass.


Florida Girl Meets the Midwest

Hi Krysten! I can't find a "contact me" link, but I would love to hear some words of wisdom from you on getting a sponsor(s).

Can you swing by my blog and email me? Puh-leeese.