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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Happy Saturday V.5


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Sex And The City (the movie)
2. School (it's going well!)
3. The Minnesota Twins
4. Wonderful blog sponsors
5. Glee is back!
6. My little blog redesign
7. Blogland
8. My hair is getting longer
9. Being able to call Dustin my husband (it never gets old)
10. Thinking about the drive-in


35 wonderful thoughts:

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

I love your happy list honey! so sweet! have a great weekend xoxo


Love your list. Have a great weekend!

Audrey Allure

Aw, such a lovely list :)


Yay for Glee and hair getting longer!! xo

Punctuation Mark

very cute!!! have a great sunny weekend... our forecast is cloudy the whole time...


Ahh! Glee and SATC are making me super happy too! AND - SATC comes out on my 30th birthday - best present ever!!!


Glee is back? Since when?

Stupid Mexico being behind on all the good news...

Now I gotta search for new episodes online :)

Rachel Cotterill

Aww, I love happiness lists :) Your new design is really cute, too.

Jenna @ Newlyweds

Love the happiness list, isn't it great to be grateful for some of the little things in life.

S and O

I love that picture :)
Gosh I can't wait to catch up on Sex and the City :)



Great things to keep you happy! I always love these lists. Blogland makes me happy too!

Cafe Fashionista

What an adorable list! Happy, Happy Weekend, my love!! :)


BlogLand Makes me UBER happy =D

Happy Weekend =D

With Love, Jamie

I love being able to say "my husband" too :)


Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is so pretty. What an awesome list of happy things! <3


Great list! Have a wonderful weekend!


I love your blog. I am now a follower.

Ms. Chyme

Lovely list.. i like that!


Glad you have lots of things to make you happy!


Oh, how I love SATC. I can't wait for the sequel!

the "L" spot

oh i cannot wait till Sex and the City!!


Your list made ME happy! :) Nothing feels better than FINALLY feeling like your hair is growing out! Definitely can relate to that...I'm queen of thinking I should have short hair, only to get it cut and want to cry! You, however, can pull off the short hair do! :)


I'm happy Glee is back, too, even though I, um, haven't watched it yet! Yikes! ;)


I love your blog... and love your happy list... I am off to read a whole bunch more ok?
Thanks for popping in on my blog :)
I'm your newest follower!!

the whyte's

thanks for the message!! how in the world did you find me?? i love meeting people from all over. i love your wedding photos(especially the guys w the coat at the end-haha!)and the posts of where people live. seriously cool. and i'm a twi girl, too. ha! drop in again!



Hope you had a great weekend, Krysten. SATC, longer hair and the drive-in... yeah!

chelsea rebecca

aw hooray for happy lists!
i cannot wait till sex and the city 2!!!!


i love this!
yyyayy sex and the city.<3


Aw I love the things that make you happy. :) OH! And have you been to a Twin's game? They have started off great! :)

Rhiannon Nicole

awe what a super fun list girlfriend! love the look :) its fab! My hair is getting longer too and I love it! eee!


a very happy list! i hope a great week is ahead of you:)


Your happy list is fab! So awesome to make one. I have to get on that :)


omg, I'm literally counting the days till SATC! We're going to see it during my Bachelorette weekend :-)


i love this. and that picture. i think lists like this are so important. remembering the good stuff. i'm compiling a list of 100 things that make me truly happy...i think it's necessary. :)


Glad your sponsors are working out and I love SATC, can't wait for part 2!