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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy Saturday V.6


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Damon Salvatore
2. Peanut butter toast
3. FINALLY getting our mailbox fixed
4. Old episodes of The Hills
5. Getting my writing mojo back
6. The hubby helping with my math homework
7. Anticipating a weekend in Hayward
8. Glee doing Madonna
9. Clean sheets
10. The Minnesota Twins (even when they lose)


38 wonderful thoughts:


I just watched the Vampire Diaries last night and Damon Salvatore makes me happy this week too. HaHa. Oh I also watch Glee to and the entire Madonna show always makes me happy :) I think I might copy your happy lists. I love this idea :)

Smart Ass Sara

double up on the panties for hayward, lady. Double up- that's all I have to say. ;) We need to find out what the hell you do in Hayward. Like I went mini golfing once which is hysterical because I suck so bad, and then we wen to "The Hideout" which was the lamest "museum" ever. Seriously. I think it's closed now. But it basically consisted of looking at rusty cars, a man made lake, a tiny house, and then listening to a skipping cd of the Valentines Day Massacre which ended in the (thrilling!!) opening of a curtain that revealed a bunch of mannequins on the floor. OOOOHhh. LOL. ;)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

oooh Damon makes me very very happy too, I loved this episode especially the end :)
enjoy the weekend sweetie xoxo

Audrey Allure

Such a great picture & quote :) That's so sweet your husband helped you with the math homework, haha my boyfriend has been trying to help me with my statistics hw.

Mandy P

LOVE old episodes of the Hills! Happy Saturday Share Fest! Stopping by from SITS...


Love me some Twins baseball! :) THIS IS OUR YEAR!


Old eppies of The Hills! I love it!!! Before Heidi was Speidi and plastic! Those were the days...


have a great weekend x


So true! So excited for the new Hills & the City this week. And OMG how amazing was that Glee?!?!

Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

Brandon Neal

Ha, my wife's been watching Glee and the Hills lately. Oh, Heidi M...what happened to your face. LOL

as told by kiki

Ive heard Glee's Madonna episode was hilarious. :)


Love watching re runs of The Hills!
Haven't seen Glee yet but lots of friends watch it, will have to catch me an episode :)


I took part in this this week! woot!
And guess what I am watching right now... The Hills... a marathon of The Hills... what could be better?! Omg these people kill me!

Happy Saturday!

kelly ann

damon salvatore = AMEN.


Peanut butter toast sounds awesome right now! I'm glad you got your writing mojo back! :)

Crazy Shenanigans

I love the Minn. Twins! I wish they'd go all the way!

Diana Mieczan

Absolutely true and beautiful! Your blog is great!!!! I love those little inspirations :)))
Happy weekend :)

With Love, Jamie

Damon! Was he not like even more yummy on the last episode?? Like the dancing scene at the pagent?? :) :)


Amen to old episodes of The Hills! I can't wait for the new season!


Stefan is still way hotter in my eyes, but Damon is growing on me.
Stefan = Yum.

I REALLY like the quote on the sticky note in the picture.

the whyte's

that photo is so cute.
so i hosted my bf from college and his wife on thursday...home cooked meal and all for them. all i could think about, though, was how i was missing 'vampire diaries'. ugh. i so needed my thursday fix, too. love me some salvatore's! :)


Girl, you know I love you but your comment about the Twins makes me love you sooooo much more!! Oh how I love them too! Did you watch the game tonight? Have you been to the new stadium? If you come into the Cities, you'll have to tell me, we have to meet!!

Shelley Ann

i just watched a couple of the hills episodes from like the first season! and i completely missed glee doing madonna! i bet that was awesome!

Cafe Fashionista

I thought I was the only person who liked peanut butter toast. I adore the way the peanut butter melts into the warmth. Yummy!

Happy, Happy Saturday, my love!! :)

Miss Anne

Yay you're a GLEEK too! :)

p.s. i love seeing the "TWINS" on your list... Im originally from Fargo, ND and a die hard Twins fan from WAYYYY back :)


I wish Dan would help me with my homework! What a sweetie your hubby must be.
Oh and I miss Glee. Wish it would hurry up and be on NZ tv already!

leigh ashley

i LOVE clean sheets... i just washed mine yesterday and they are WONDERFUL!!

Kristina P.

I have to admit, I am sort of sad The Hills is ending. That is some good, trashy TV.

Emma Jade

Oh my gosh! This post is perfect! Damon and Stefan! Phwoaaarr shes a lucky girl!
And the madonna glee episode! AMAZING!

Punctuation Mark

nice photo!!! have a lovely rest of the weekend!!!


Haha, I've been watching the Hills on MTV all day too!


YES! Damon!! lol, I love Vampire Diaries. Great post :)


this is perfection! I love the qoute!

thank you for your sweet comment at knack!


Michelle Pixie

Loved Glee doing Madonna!


LOVE hills!!! (when is it coming back??)

and i love the feeling of sleeping in freshly laundered sheets... ahh heaven!


Very true.
Being happy does not mean everything is perfect.


Aww, love your happy list! This is so, so cute. I like the colors, too. :)


Good luck! Have a wonderful Saturday.