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Monday, April 12, 2010

Lovely Sunday

Wow. So yesterday was a pretty great day all in all.

But first, for those of you that didn't read yesterday's answers from Formspring, yes, I sort of have a new job. It doesn't pay a lot or anything (which means I am still missing out on my daily lattes, so sad) but it IS paying something, which means technically I am being paid to write. I am now Examiner Milwaukee Coffeeshop Examiner. I've written two articles so far and for me it's all very exciting. So if you like coffee at all, go check out my articles. And if you like ME at all (hint hint) become a subscriber and/or leave a comment! I promise to love you forever!

Anyway, because of this, yesterday I decided to head to the Hudson Dunn Bros. where my sister in law works. She's a roaster there (I still can't get over how cool it is that DB's does their own roasting in each of their stores - that's a good way to get very fresh coffee) and I wanted to see how the roasting process works. So Dustin and I scored some free drinks (thanks Taryn!) and watched her roast a couple of batches. And seriously, if you live near a Dunn Bros. you should definitely stop in and check out the process, it's really interesting (especially if you're coffee obsessed like me).

Afterwards, Taryn came by our places to grill hot dogs and have lunch/dinner (we ate around 3:30 in the afternoon, lol).

So Sunday was a good day.

Oh and on Saturday we took Monte in to the vet for his yearly healthy exam. Of course Monte is doing AWESOME. It was crazy though, because when we went in this guy was there with his saint bernard. The dog was around the same size as Monte but, of course, HUGE. He could have had Monte as a snack, lol. Then, as we were leaving this woman came out of one of the rooms with three beagles. Of course, they all went nuts when they saw Monte, and if you've ever heard one beagle bark, you know that three of them would be crazy loud. Poor Monte didn't know what to do with himself!

Anyway, off to work on school stuff. More soon!


49 wonderful thoughts:


Congrats, Krysten! What an awesome opportunity! And I love coffee, so I look forward to reading more!


Wow! Congrats!!! That sounds like a perfect job and what a huge step into a new career field!


Congratulations to your new Examiner job (sounds pretty impressive). The fact that you get to write about coffee is great. x

shari @ little blue deer

Hey Krysten! That is so awesome, good for you! My husband is a coffee roaster and shop owner as well, he is going to stop by later to say hello, too! Congrats!


so glad it was a good day!

Inspiration in Italy

Congrats, so happy for you! Also, what is better than coffee??? :)



Awesome! So glad you are doing something... and something you love! way to go!

I should go see the roasting process sometime... it bet it would be sweet!

Smart Ass Sara

I think that's ubber cool. :) And I'm totally jealous about the being paid to write even though it isn't enough to fund your coffee addiction. Go you!!


Congrats on the new job! sounds great! I love the smell of coffee, but i'm not a fan of the taste.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest

I thought I would drop by and see how you were doing. Sounds like you had a nice weekend. Ditto on the coffee addiction.


What a great weekend!
I'm totally craving coffee now:)
And congrats on your new job as a writer! Thats so cool!


Woah! Congratulations on the new writing gig! That is so exciting and PERFECT for you!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

I think i have congratulated you already :) but once more is well deserved, congrats darling!


Monte is quite the popular little pup! Congrats on the new job. It sounds awesome!


You're being paid to're my hero :)


I left a comment!


How fun, i LOVE the smell of coffee!! MMM hot dogs on a late saturday afternoon= the best!


oohhhh... you are being paid to write about coffee. how cool is that?

ps. following you!

Cafe Fashionista

Yayay! Congratulations on becoming Examiner Milwaukee Coffeeshop Examiner, Krysten - how exciting!

And I'm so glad to hear that Monte received a clean bill of health! Two things to celebrate!! :)


Congrats! I subscribed yesterday :) I love all things coffee! Maybe you can write an article on how to use my damn espresso machine! Lol Glad u had a good weekend hope your week is just as good :)


I LOOOOOOOOVE coffee and Dunn Brothers have some of the BEST.

Have a great day! (and congrats on your job!)

The Gourmet Traveller

Nice work on getting paid to do something that you love!


Congrats girl and hop everything goes well! :)


congrats to you sweetie!

For everything about fashion:

Miss Anne

Perfect job, so excited for you!

~*~ saskia ~*~

Congratulations, Krysten! Sounds like you had a marvelous day!

Have a great week xo


Congrats, that's soooo exciting!


Awh yay!!! I can't wait to read the articles! I subscribed :)

Glad you had a good day. Sounds like fun!

And thx so much for your kind words this morning. You totally lifted my spirits :) xoxo


I don't like coffee, but the smell is enough to lure me into any coffee shop! And how wonderful that you're writing — I'm sure your articles have been lovely! xo

Brittany Ann

mMMMM...nothing smells/tastes better than freshly roasted coffee!


WOW, that sounds like a great job! I love coffee!

kelly ann

congratulations, this is so great! man, a job that involves coffee?! sounds awesome! ;)


Dude, poor Monte. Beagles are soooo loud!


Hey!! That's awesome!!! At least you're able to do what you love, right??

clothed much, a modest fashion blog

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Congrats on your job...that's awesome!


I've been wanting to write for the Examiner for a while now but haven't checked into it as much as I need to. Congrats on getting that job!!


Yay! Congrats on your new gig! That's fantastic. I can't wait to hear more! :)

Heather Lee

Congrats on your job!

Unknown Mami

I think it is fantastic that you are getting paid to write and I believe it will lead to other opportunities.

AB HOME Interiors

How exciting...oh how I love coffee!

The Zhush

Wow, professional writer AND coffee, how cool is that? Congrats!

chelsea rebecca

wow this is awesome! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!


Congrats for your new job, Krysten. I love coffee! I never get the chance to see roasting process, must be a nice experience.


glad you had a lovely sunday. mine was terrible :|
monday was actually better for me yesterday !

congrats for the job
MICHELLE || Glisters and Blisters


well if your puppy looks like mine, you must have one adorable pup!

Savvy Gal

Congrats! I am not awake until my first cup of jo.

Audrey Allure

Congrats on the new job! I love coffee, haha I'm so addicted.

Thank you for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it. <3


Congratulations on the new job! That sounds so awesome! I'm glad Monte is doing well, too! :)


Thanks for your comment on my blog--I am LOVING checking out yours :) Sounds like a very cool job! I'm all for exploring Milwaukee coffee shops.