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Sunday, April 4, 2010


One of my favorite things about my husband is that he loves to do movie marathon days.

Yesterday Taryn (my sister in law) came over and we had a Pirates of the Caribbean marathon. And, of course, we had more than one (or two, or three) Captain and Cokes. Sadly, we only made it about halfway through the first one before talking took over and the other two just became background noise. Oops!

Needless to say, we had fun.

More soon!


38 wonderful thoughts:


I <3 Pirates!!!! <3

Life with Kaishon

What a fantastically fun day! : )


Gotta love pirates!! My hubby and I love to watch it too.

Cafe Fashionista

Oh, a "Pirates of the Caribbean" marathon sounds like so much fun!

Happy, Happy Easter, my love! I hope your day is full of chocolate-covered bunnies and colorful eggs!! :)


Sure looks like you had fun! Stopping by from SITS :)


Looks like a great day!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

nice choice! Hope you guys are having a blast
Happy Easter xoxo

Smart Ass Sara

It looks like Monte is trying to get fresh with everyone. Is your doggie a slut?? :) Yay for slut animals!

Audrey Allure

Sounds like a fabulous movie day :)

Melissa B.

Fun times! Hope the Easter Bunny was especially generous to you this year...


aw sounds fun haha :) your dog is adorable!

Unknown Mami

Who cares about the movies as long as you had fun!

Glam Girl

Great pictures!So cute your dog, I have a girl like that bichon maltese, and she gives me kisses all the time


Thanks for the comment :) He is a miniature poodle! What kind is yours?! Adorable!

Looks like you guys had a great time! What a fun idea!


Best day ever! I can never get tired of those movies!!!


The best movie nights are when you dont watch any of the movie and simply enjoy laughing together!

Looks like so much fun!


i am a movie marathon person too... if i can get over being so fidgety.

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

I love the idea of movie marathon day! The Pirates movies are so entertaining.


Fantastic movies.
And funny pictures! :)


your hair looks so cute. :)


I just adore movie marathon days. Sounds like a fun day for sure (especially with some hot Johnny Depp action!)

Happy Easter! Hope you had a great day <3


I love movie marathons! Looks like an awesome time!


I love movie marathon, especially it involves sexy pirate captain lol :) looks fun!

Miss Anne

Sounds like a fun day! :)


what a cute dog you have !
michelle || glisters and blisters

chelsea rebecca

ah yes!! movie marathon days are the best!!!
love all these fun pictures!


aw how fun! I love having movie marathon days. And Pirates is so good!

christine ◘ tie me a bow

post marriage blog! genius, this is the first i've visited!

good to know there's still happiness after "i do"... hehe i kid i kid :)

kelly ann

mmmm johnny depp. ;) <3


Haha fun!


love movie marathons! Love Capt. Jack...
don't so much love Rum ;)


Rum!? Why did I never think of this? Jeez that's like the only way to watch this movie!


I seriously wish I could have gatecrashed this!


Looks like you had fun, cute pictures!


Oooh I love the Pirates movies! So fun. The pic of the dog begging for food is funny haha! PS You have such cute hair!


fun! lovvve movie marathons :)


haha awesome! Manfriend's favorite movie is the Pirates of the Caribean. He drinks Jack and I drink Capt. The first time we watched it together, we made a drinking game out of it, so whenever it said our "drink" ("capt" or "jack") we had to drink! haha.

Slumber Designs

Girl, you are so adorable!!!! I love when you post pictures of you and your family. As for movie night, invite me over! Sounds fun!!