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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Where I Live Wednesday - Los Angeles, CA

Oh my gosh, if you have not checked out Meghan's blog you definitely need to. This chick is crazy cool and this interview is going to be a fun read for the very first Where I Live Wednesday. I hope you all enjoy this as much as I did!

Blog: like a giraffe
Location: Los Angeles, CA

The Hollywood Sign

How long have you lived there?
Two and a half years.

If you moved from somewhere else, where did you move from? Why?
I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, and moved to Orange County to go to college. After graduating in 2007 I moved to LA to pursue a career in entertainment.

What's the climate like?
Beautiful! Though we got a little more rain than expected this year, it's usually really gorgeous. It's a sunny place. :)

What are some of your favorite things to do during a typical weekend where you live?
I've been lucky to have some pretty awesome weekends lately... last weekend, I had a writers meeting for my comedy group, a theater company meeting, a playwriting workshop, and then shot a short film in my living room. The weekend before I went to brunch at Fred 62 in Los Feliz, then went to the Time Travel Mart in Echo Park, then walked Melrose and visited a Psychic. The week prior I went to a friends birthday party, where he rented a stretch limo hummer and then we visited a variety of food trucks around Los Angeles (I had a macaroni and cheese sandwich!). Also hit up the OK GO video release party at LACMA. Can you tell that I'm really enthusiastic about living here? :)

Pete's Cafe

What are some of your favorite restaurants in your town/city? Favorite shops?
Pete's Cafe (awesome downtown cafe / restaurant, has the most AMAZING mac and cheese... plus the extraordinarily delicious BLEU CHEESE FRIES!), Home in Los Feliz (fun patio, great burgers, plastic dinosaurs in the fountain), Anarkali in West Hollywood (a great Indian place where the owner always hooks us up ridiculously), Midori in Studio City (all you can eat made to order sushi is the most amazing thing ever). Yeah. I... love food.

Suggest some must see places for an out of town visitor.
Take a walking tour of Downtown (making sure you spend plenty of time at the Central Library--my favorite place in LA). Hit up the Getty Center. Walk up and down Melrose. Check out Hollywood (even though it sort of sucks, you should see it). Put your hands in some cement at Grauman's Chinese Theater, then get a drink at the Formosa (one of Marilyn Monroe's old haunts). See Rodeo Drive and check out the Sunset Strip. Hike Runyon Canyon and see the Hollywood Sign. Get a glass of wine in the Chateau Marmont lobby. Dress up 20s style and hit "Soup Kitchen Fridays" at the Edison (a 35 cent drink, plus free mini grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup!).

Central Library

Tell us why you love your town/city.
There's always something going on. I love all the different neighborhoods. Love the people. So many actors and directors and writers and storytellers. Love it love it love it.

Anything else we should know about where you live?
People complain a lot about Los Angeles. It's trendy to hate it here, to complain about the traffic and the smog, to make sweeping generalizations about the superficiality of the people. I just want to go on record saying that I have met some of the BEST PEOPLE EVER in Los Angeles, and despite traffic being the suck, I really, really, REALLY love living here. :)

Thanks so much, Meghan, for sharing your favorite things about L.A. with us!

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Audrey Allure

I love LA, but I must check out Pete's Cafe the next time I'm there - sounds fabulous!

shari @ little blue deer

Oh, cool! Pete's Cafe looks so cool, I would love to get back out to L.A.! Great feature!


Yaya! LA! This is going to make my post on my lil suburb of LA pretty lame!! =( Ble Cheese Fries!? I must try it out! =D

Seasoned with Words

Loving your first "Where I Live Wednesday"! I'm about to take a trip to Austin. Is there anyone that has volunteered info from there? I'm trying to figure out what to do when I'm there.


What a cool girl! I've never been south of San Francisco, but would love to go one day. The Central Library looks amazing.

A "cheery" disposition

o, i love these post. I am going to have to check out more. I am all about seeing places to visit.

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

love love this post!! and these new series


I am so in love with your new series! Reading her interview made me miss the heck out of LA. :)

Love her blog too!


Did you say "sun and bleu cheese fries" in the same sentance? This must be heaven.


Love it. Is she taking visitors? lol


Wow! great post x


Soup Kitchen Fridays sound awesome! I need to visit, I need to visit :)


Cool post! That library is beautiful.

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh this is truly one of the cutest blog features I have ever seen. I don't live far from L.A., but I had no idea Pete's Cafe even existed. I definitely need to stop in there someday!! :)

chelsea rebecca

oh wow this is awesome!
i want to go to pete's cafe today!!!


Love the new feature. And Megan really makes me feel lazy! She's jam packing her weekends full of fun and wonderful. The highlight of last weekend for me was that I took a nice long nap on Saturday. I should get out more often.


I really love LA. We have quite a few friends we go to visit out there every summer. The weather is always so stinking perfect. It's such a beautiful state.


So cool! I'm totally checking out Pete's cafe next time I'm in LA :)


Awww thanks for posting Krysten!!! So much fun. You've inspired me to start my own guest post series... :) I'm so happy to get all gushy about LA. :)

And thanks for all the nice comments, guys! Hit me up when you're in town and I'll happily play tour guide. :) :) :) :)


I just love LA!!
I wish I could live there someday. I'm going to study International Aviation Services so I might be a stewardess at LAX once! :)
Thank you for your comment on my blog, I really appreciate it. I checked out your blog and I simply adore it, it looks so cute.
xoxo S

Unknown Mami

Great interview! I had the opposite journey. I grew up in LA and moved to San Francisco.

Miss Anne

This is so great! I'm working on getting my answers/pics to you soon!



This reminds me to finish up my interview! :)

LA seems like one of those unreachable places that only celebrities live. It's nice to know it's quite normal!


Umm, yes! Sign me up!


Aw I live right by Midori sushi! Ok so does this mean I can't submit one :(

nicole addison

gosh, i WISH i lived there!! so very jealous:)


Maybe I'll have to give LA a chance sometime.


Pete's Cafe sounds like an awesome place! And you make some darn good weekend plans if I do say so myself.


Awesome post :D Loved reading it :D


great post !
pete's cafe looks great !
havent been to LA since 2000.ahaha

visit/comment/follow me back at..
michelle || glisters and blisters

Miss Caitlin S.

Love it. Looks beautiful!!!! And sounds like she knows the good spots!


Thanks for sharing! I have to admit that I'd always had stereotypes of LA as a shallow city, but I'm glad to know that's not the case! (I've probably read too much Perez Hilton.)

I kinda wanna go to LA now...

These Where I Live posts are awesome.


This post made me SO excited! I currently live in San Francisco, but I'm moving to LA this fall. I've been to most of the places she talked about and hearing about her adventures just made me so excited about the adventures I'll be having soon! EEE!!!


I love LA too and I love living near the beach and having so many adventures to explore. I would love to hike up Runyon Canyon, sounds wonderful!

Debora Dennis

I love LA. I lived in San Diego for a while and really, nothing beats the weather in CA. Love your post! :)

molly YEH!

wow! what a great feature!!