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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I am interrupting your regularly scheduled Where I Live Wednesday to talk about my favorite finales from this year. So I'm sorry to disappoint but I promise WILW will be here next week just like usual!

Now, there will be spoilers in this post so if you see a title and you haven't watched the finale yet do yourself a favor and don't read. Unless you're like me and you have no patience. So here we go!

I will start by saying that this show has bored me all season. And that hurts me to say because I have always ADORED One Tree Hill. The finale was no different. I actually watched it while I was on the computer. About the only thing that caught my attention was the very end when Quinn and Clay got shot. THAT will keep me tuning in next season to at least see what happens to them, which is bizarre considering that they were never characters of the show before. And as much as I love One Tree I was really hoping that this would be their last season. I feel like it's being run into the ground. It's sad to see a show end the way that I think this one will. I definitely wasn't impressed with the finale.

Oh Gossip Girl. What an AWESOME finale. First of all, Jenny Humphrey is evil. I'm sorry. I used to love her but to be honest I cannot stand her now. And I am SO bummed about Chuck and Blair. When the show first started I disliked Chuck but he's now my favorite character. I just wanted them back together. As for who Georgina's baby daddy, I don't believe for one second that it's Dan's but that IS pretty juicy. And finally, Chuck being shot. I gasped, I really did. I was up out of my seat screaming at the TV. If he dies I'm going to have a really hard time watching the show. I'll miss him too much!

Holy season finale! Where do I even begin? I have a feeling that the Wilson family is going to be very, very different next season. With Harry and Debbie being on the rocks, Dixon running off to Australia and Annie in general the finale left their whole family in turmoil. I'm really happy that Adrianna and Navid are back together but it sounds like that may not last long if she decides to go on tour. And I'm happy for Silver and Teddy too although I still have a hard time liking Teddy for some reason. He looks too much like a Ken doll. But the thing that was most shocking was Naomi and Mr. Cannon. I cannot even imagine how Naomi will be next year after being raped by a teacher. And the only person that saw ANYTHING (although not much) was drunk Ryan Matthews. I cannot wait to see what happens next season!

Oh man, for a show that started off a little slow I definitely ended up falling in love (hello Damon Salvatore). The finale of this show was completely amazing and I am just itching to find out what happens. I mean, will the show open with Jeremy being a vampire? Because in the books he wasn't even a character so there's no way to tell what's going to happen to him. And, of course, Katherine is back. At first I kept thinking, "Oh my gosh, why is she kissing Damon!?!" I mean, if it was me I'd totally choose Damon over Stefan. But I'm not Elana. I completely wasn't even thinking about Katherine until she sported those fangs. Oh man, this show pulled out all the stops for the final. Cannot wait to see more!

Of course, this show, as I've said, was my favorite finale this year. I spend nearly the whole time gasping, hiding my face, peeking between my fingers and jumping up and screaming. First Karev gets shots. I SCREAMED. I felt horrible for Bailey, who I'm sure feels guilty about claiming to be a nurse to save herself. But it was the whole situation with Derek that really had me freaking out. And for a second I thought he was going to be okay, until that dumb doctor came running out. Between all the shooting, Derek nearly dying, Christina having to save him AND THEN having to pretend he was dead... it was just an amazing episode. Even if the season wasn't amazing I feel like this finale was totally on par.

I have already said that I have mixed emotions about this finale. I will say that I am so glad that a lot of the main characters reunited at the end, I think that was amazing. However, I was left feeling slightly clueless. I mean, what happened to some of the characters, are they still living or are they dead and they just haven't figured it out yet? What the hell was up with the polar bears? I don't know, I just wanted more information and I felt like I didn't get it. And I didn't cry. I always cry during finales and I can't believe I didn't cry during this one. Not sure why. I guess all in all I was okay with it but not totally amazed. However, I am glad that one of the main characters didn't wake up to realize it was all a dream. THAT would have been messed up.


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Audrey Allure

I wish Chuck & Blair got back together also, but I can't wait to see what happens when they're in Paris. And Chuck is definitely not going to die so that's a good thing! And I hate Jenny too haha.

Ma What's 4 dinner

I was thinking the same thing about Elena kissing Damon, though I was sort of excited that she was because I have totally fallen for him over the season! I turned off One Tree Hill this season, I couldn't deal anymore. And I gave up on lost in season 4. Loved Grey's finale. So good! Haven't watched 90210 yet.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner

Diana Mieczan

I feel the same way about Lost...I cried like a baby watching it but I wish they would answer few of the main questions....I am going to watch Grey's Anatomy..on DVD...That is my new project!
Kisses my lovely and I adore this post! So many good information’s :)
Muah and I hope you are having a great day:)

Yellow House

I love all your recaps! Greys was my favorite too. I needed a paper bag to breathe into when I watched!!!

Silver Strands

Ok, now I'm convinced to watch all past episodes of LOST and get caught up. It was just driving me crazy a while back ... so convoluted, that I stopped watching. Guess I'll pick it up again :)


I'll miss LOST. I did cry at the reunions, probably none more than Sayid and Shannon.

But I definitely would have liked more answers.


I have only just recently learned that I would probably have loved Vampire Diaries and should have been paying more attention to it. Why I didn't think that I would like a show that involves vampires is beyond me.

I guess I have the off season to get caught up!


The only season finales I watched out of those were Gossip Girl, Vampire Diaries and, of course Lost. (I also watched 24 even though I'm not a regular viewer). I loved Gossip Girl and the Vampire Diaries (even though I wanted to knock Chuck and Jenny's heads together).

Lost? I am still on the fence. The more I think about it the more unsatisfied I am. I'm fine with the sideways world being purgatory. I'm happy they all found each other in the end but I hate how no questions were answered, huge plot points just dropped. The writers say it doesn't matter, that the characters are what matter? I beg to differ.

P.S. I don't know when but I just stopped watching One Tree Hill. I didn't even realize it was still on the air.


oooooohhhh...this was an awesome post! I haven't watched any of these shows all year, so now I feel all caught up! Thanks!

Cafe Fashionista

Chuck cannot die! I am hoping that him getting shot will somehow, someway bring Blair and him back together. But yeah...wishful thinking on my part.

Personally, I have loathed Jenny's character from the getgo. She is just incredibly obnoxious. That said, I adored her in the books. :/


I liked 90210 when it 1st came out but I lost interest. Love Greys. I was over Lost after that polar bear episode. I don't watch one tree hill or vampire diaries or Gossip Girl. I am more of a reality tv junkie :)

Crazy Shenanigans

See, I was secretly hoping that they'd all wake up from a nap sitting at the LAX terminal waiting to get off the plane. lol


I loved the finale of LOST. Wept like a baby. Just wrote a long rambling review of it. You should come read it and check out a few of the links I added. Some of your questions might be answered... (definitely not all! but some!)

I haven't watched Grey's at all this season, but plan to catch up over the summer. My mom said the finale was CRAZY!

Happy Wednesday, Krysten.

Emily Jane

I haven't seen any of these shows! But one of my favourites ('Ashes to Ashes') just finished on Friday, and it was the most unexpected, INTELLIGENT, crazy mind blowing twist ever. Loved it. I'm going to get on Lost one day!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Grey's, Gossip, & Vamp Diaries- SO GOOD. Cannot wait til the fall!! I still feel teary about Lost and I haven't watched One Tree yet!


Okay, Vamp Diaries... I almost died when that kiss happened. So sexy! And then it turned out to be Katherine... DANG IT. Still super hot though. :)

In Lost, all the ones that were in the flash-sideways were dead. The ones that were in the church were "moving on" and the ones that weren't (Ben, Ana Lucia, etc) weren't ready to move on yet. I know that a lot of people were disappointed, but I loved the ending. I didn't feel like I needed all the extraneous questions answered - the fact that they all were moving on together was good enough for me. I sobbed throughout. :)


The last 3 you listed were my favorites. Can't wait for Vampire Diaires and was pleasantly suprised by Greys! So happy we're back to normal shows instead of reality shows!


My sentiments EXACTLY on Gossip Girl. There is no way Dan is the baby daddy. Also, I will be really surprised if Chuck dies. He's just too much of a main character to be taken away. JENNY HUMPHREY IS A SLAG. I hate hate hate her. I only liked her when she was sweet and innocent in the first seasons. Now she's just a dirty hooker. She's not coming back next season, thank GOD. Hence her little going away at the end of the season finale.

I am devoted to OTH and I'm sad to admit I haven't caught up on any episodes since I came back from Maui :( I already heard about the finale though so its okay. I thought I was going to hate the show after Lucas and Peyton left but I was surprisingly into it. Again, I doubt they will kill of Quinn and Clay. After Haley & Nathan they are my favorite couple!

I guess we'll just have to wait for season 2 :)


Wow what great recaps! They're were a lot of juicy ones this season huh? I so feel exactly the same way about GG. Jenny is killing me. She needs to go away permanently or have a major transformation this summer.


I agree with Foxy on Lost... Near the end, Christian mentioned to Jack that everyone in the flash sideways was dead... some had died before Jack and some had died long after (leading me to believe that those on the plane DID make it to the States again, and die much later in life). The flash sideways was some sort of purgatory, where they had subconsciously agreed to all meet up before "moving on".

I'm ok with certain questions not being answered (like the polar bears). I think what has always been so great about the island was it's mystery, and personally I'm happier that it kept a lot of its mystery while still answering important questions.

The writers had said at one point they were only interested in answering questions related to the main characters... which they did.

I thought they did a great job at wrapping things up neatly in the end, although I was secretly hoping for a classic Lost "WTF!" moment.

I've only watched a few episodes of 90210, but I can't STAND Annie. So annoying.


Oh, and I totally cried when Boone and Shannon showed up.

My fiance, who is normally very stoic and hard to surprise while watching Lost, also freaked out a little during that part.

miss lucille

i was never able to get into one tree hill. i watched it for a season or so but it was just too boring to me. so the fact that you're saying its still boring is no surpirse to me! i had to scroll real fast past gossip girl and greys but as for the others i don't watch them so it was funny to read what happens when i don't even know whats going on! :)


Great recaps. I so need to catch up on Tree Hill, I caught on late, and as much as 90210 gets made fun of I still love it.


my theory on OTH: They filmed everything up until the Clay/Quinn shooting and would have used that as their ending had they not been picked up. Instead they've got to bring more soap opera drama. I'm a fan, but enough with the depressing story lines!

Emma Jade

Even though this season of one tree hill was awful! I LOVED the finale, and when clay and quinn got shot i screamed nearly as much as i did when watching greys! I couldnt believe that finale, when Meredith had a miscarriage is was so sad!

Vampire Diaries! OHMYGOSH! I was glued to the whole season! And when Katherine comes back ARRGHH! What am i going to do every week without damon loving!

AAH I really needed to get all that off my chest!


I was feeling the exact same way about "One Tree Hill" this season. And just when I thought everyone lived happily ever after - BAM! I could NOT believe they were shot and I really hope they live, because I loved them together:) And speaking of getting shot - Chuck Bass lives on! At least I hope:)

Between those two and Greys, I had a hard time sleeping last week!


the gossip girl finale was so intense!!! i hate jenny! she is annoying. and i was SO excited when i thought chuck was going to propose to blair! i love them together. they cant have chuck die, or i refuse to continue watching!

Melissa B.

The trouble with my job is I'm too busy during the year to watch much TV, but when I have enough time, it's all summer re-runs!

emma wallace

Thank you for catching me up on tv culture! I'm afraid I watch only Food Network and Travel Channel so I've heard about all these shows but never seen them! Now I can discuss them casually armed with your descriptions. Yay!

steph anne

I love ALL of those shows! I'm a sucker for these shows and I can't believe the finales!!! I'm already anxious for Fall to come now, haha.

Elise Halladay

Hey! I totally agree with you on the Lost finale. I can't believe it ended the way it did- so many unanswered questions! So frustrating. Thanks for you sweet comments on my blog!


OMG...I had to laugh so hard when I read through your post now...we have the same thoughts!!! :) Twin alert! ;) hahaha.
Ok, I absolutely loved Vampire Diaries. And ya know what, the second Katherine kissed Damon (sigh!) I knew it wasn't Elena!!! I was screaming!!! ;) So I cannot wait for season 2, and I'm sure it's going to rock our socks! ;) haha.

I skipped One Tree Hill this entire season. Not yet tempted to watch it. :( I loved it, every single season except for this last one. BUT, I'm going to watch it this summer...slowly but I will. ;)

Gossip Girl...believe it or not I totally forgot it was the finale. I don't know what I was thinking. Yes, I was all screaming and yelling and am hoping Chuck survives b/c he's my favorite (besides Nate!) and he just can't die. Hate Jenny and wouldn't mind her going off. ;( We'll see what's going to happen.

90210...catching up now...yeah, and Grey's...same as One Tree Hill...I skipped it this season but just strted to catch up again so I will eventually watch it and all. Can't wait. :) So by the time I'm done the new season's about to start and I'm all up to date. ;)

Happy weekend.


kelly ann

so the only show i watch out of these is the vamp diaries... OH MAN. so good. love damon to pieces (although i feel like we've talked about this before! ;)). i used to watch grey's up until season 5 and then i gave up for a while... i think i may need to start watching again because this year's finale has got me SO curious! (the previews for it always made me jump! intense.)

Seasoned with Words

On 90210, I kinda have a feeling that Mr. Matthews is going to go back and save Naomi.