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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Happy birthday AND Maurices Interview

First off, today is my good friend Tim's birthday!  Tim and I met 8 years ago (oh my gosh, time FLIES!) ONLINE.  Yep, we were both apart of the Open Diary back before blogging was just a little thing.  I happened onto Tim's blog where he was all nuts about this girl and I just thought he was super sweet.  So we started writing back and forth.  And then we started calling each other.  We talked on the phone multiple times a week and ended up becoming really good friends. 

This picture is from the first time Tim and I met face to face, 5 years after meeting online.  Five years of writing back and forth, phone calls, loves and heartbreaks.  And now here we are - older (ugh), wiser (maybe?) and living in the same state (Tim and his now fiancee LeAnne are from Michigan but moved to Wisconsin when LeAnne accepted a job in Madison).  I gotta say, although we don't call as much (hell Tim, we pretty much suck with the phone calls lately) I still think of Tim as such a good friend and someone who knew me way back when.

Anyway, a huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tim.  I hope this year brings you lots of good things (and hang out time with us AND more telephone calls).  Love ya Tim!


Now... I figured you all would want to know about what's up with Maurices.  So here ya go (I know, I'm a little long winded sometimes, what can I say, I'm a writer).

Well, it was completely different from Target.  With Target I was really nervous, slightly uncomfortable and the interview(s) themselves were very short (the second one lasted all of 5 minutes).  I think I felt uncomfortable because I generally thrive more in a smaller store or workplace - I like to know everyone I work with, to form a bond with them.  I feel like it's hard to do that in a big store like Target.  Also, I've heard things about the way Target is run and I worried that it wouldn't be a perfect fit.  However, I need a job and right now I will take whatever I can get.

My Maurices interview lasted AN HOUR.  And not because it was all interview but because the two managers I interviewed with were AWESOME.  I interviewed with the store manager and an associate manager.  And it was one of those interviews where I just felt like I instantly clicked with both managers.  In fact, the store manager, Shannon, and I both got our dogs at the same place.  So we chatted about that.  And all three of us are total bookworms, so there were big conversations about that.  Needless to say, I felt darn good after that interview.

However, when I applied I simply sent in my resume and they need an application on file.  They forgot to give me one during the interview so I had to go back yesterday to fill one out and do another little thing.  I actually think that's GOOD because I got to give them a second impression.  And it was both Shannon (the store manager) and Amy (the other manager that interviewed me) so I did not mind at all coming back.

Both times I made sure to wear Maurices clothes, accessorize, look put together, etc.  And both times there was no nervousness, it was just really easy.  And I want the job SO bad!  Maurices seems like such a great company to work for!

So now I wait.  Ugh!  Waiting again!  Continue to keep fingers, toes, etc. crossed for me!  This is a job I want BAD!

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40 wonderful thoughts:

The Non-Student

I know the waiting SUCKS, but the fact that you had a good vibe from it and they spent time with you are very good signs. I know you'll keep us posted!


I love interviews that just sorta click, it makes it go that much smoother I think! :) At my interview the manager and I started talking about photography, and DSLR cameras and macro lenses, and it was nice to have that connection.

GOOD LUCK!! You're gonna get this job, and it's going to be awesome!! (I hate waiting too! The worst part...)

Yellow House

Sounds like a great interview! Good luck!

Brittany Ann

Maurice's sounds great! Here's hoping! Fingers crossed!

Staley Mc

I'm so glad Maurices went well! I think it's a good sign you had a better feeling about this interview!


Oh Krysten! I hope you get it. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!!!

leigh ashley

well, it sounds like it went really well!! i hope you get it!!

The Zhush

Still crossing fingers, sounds promising!

Emily Jane

Oh good for you, second impressions are a great thing, and I'm sure they noticed your thought going into your outfits!! It sounds like you ACED it... I'll keep my fingers crossed for you! And too sweet about Tim! Happy birthday to him!


Sounds like everything is on the right track! I think you'd be a perfect fit there!! Crossing everything I have...even eyes! Haha!


I have my fingers crossed for you


I hope you get that job, girl!! It sounds like things went VERY well. Fingers crossed that they will call today with some good news!

And happiest of birthdays to your friend too!


Sending positive thoughts your way! And you know my Maurices connection so maybe the vibes will help :)

And happy bday to your friend!!!


Helena - A Diary of Lovely

oooh so happy for you sweetie, really really happy!! fingers crossed now!!!
I have a good feeing about it!!!
Happy Birthday to your friend, yay!!


That's awesome you weren't nervous at all. A good sign I'm sure.

Good luck, fingers crossed!

Oh and Happy Birthday Tim

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Glad to hear that interview went well- that's a good sign that it was an hour and you met with 2 people! Fingers crossed for sure!!! :)

Diana Mieczan

Happy Bday to your friend and I will be keeping my fingers crossed till you know something about the job! I bet you did great!
Have an amazing and sunny day :)

Crazy Shenanigans

That's great that interview went soo well! I hope you get the job!

shari @ little blue deer

My fingers are crossed for you, sweetie! Sounds like it went great, though, congratulations!


wow sounds like the interview went great & it's always good when you click with the managers :) I'll cross my fingers for you too!!

Shelley Ann

im glad that you think it went good! hopefully youll hear something soon!


Fingers crossed on Maurice's; sounds like you totally killed the interview! <3


Happy birthday, Tim!

Sounds like your interview went awesome!! I've gotten jobs from much worse interviews, so I'd say you have a pretty good chance.


Wow! That does sound really promising! I hope it works out! Fingers crossed!


Thank you for stopping by my blog and making my SITS day so awesome!


That's sooo good to hear about Maurice's!! I hope you get the job! I too need a smaller workplace and I know I wouldn't like working at Target myself. Just too crazy! I hope you get the job, especially since you clicked so well with the managers!!!


The waiting is definitely the worst...thinking good thoughts!

Ma What's 4 dinner

Happy Birthday to your pal! And I have my fingers crossed for you that you get the job!!! Keep us posted.

Lots of yummy love,
Alex aka Ma What's for Dinner


yay! I'm glad the interview went well! Good luck! Sounds like you nailed it though :)


:) waiting does suck! but I bet you're in like flin! Good luck!

miss lucille

good luck! and happy birthday to your wonderful friend. :)

Silver Strands

How neat .... the story of your friendship. Thanks for sharing.

Smart Ass Sara

Send a thank you note! Seriously- every job I've gotten was because I sent a thank you note saying I appreciated the time they took to interview me and that I really look forward to working them. Make it sound like you know you have it in the bag. :)


good luck lady!!

kelly ann

aaww, what a great friendship! i love it.

and aahh, can't wait to hear about the job! it sounds like you did fantastic in the interview!

emma wallace

Oh, how wonderful to have a pleasant interview experience! Wishing you luck, though it sounds like you don't need it! :o)



*fingers crossed* I hope everything goes well with your job prospect!!

Have a lovely weekend!!



Audrey Allure

Good luck! It seems like you already got the job ;)


OOOHH, I wishing you soooo much luck with the job. I super hope you get it. Good luck good luck good luck!!

Savvy Gal

Good luck. : )