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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Saturday V.8


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Cheesecake pudding
2. My absolutely wonderful parents
3. Olive Garden breadsticks
4. The Marriage Ref
5. The Twins sweeping a series
6. FINALLY getting a job interview
7. Taking Monte for walks
8. Valley of the Dolls
9. Fabulous new earrings
10. A possible GIVEAWAY on Monday
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40 wonderful thoughts:


gievaway?!? woohoo!! :)


oops.. *giveaway?!?


Smart Ass Sara

cheesecake pudding what?! Girl- you better be willing to share. That sounds divine. And it's only 8:34 in the morning and I want some.

I think it's going to be fun when one of your "Happy Saturdays" will include "molesting a fish and almost dying in a canoe with Sara." ;)


Those are great things to be Happy about!

Diana Mieczan

I like your lovely list! What a great thing to write down things that made you happy!
Have a great weekend:)


A giveaway sounds nice.
Have you heard anything from you job interview yet? Keeping my fingers crossed.

Hello! I'm Kate.

Happy Saturday Sharefest! I just went to the Olive Garden, I do love those breadsticks!!! And their salad dressing!

Cindy @ Chalk it Up!

Great list! I need to do one of these to cheer myself up:)
I want to see the marriage ref. Looks funny!
Yay giveaway! I'm having one too, ends tomorrorw...
Have a great day!
Happy Saturday SITS sharefest!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

love your saturday happiness!! enjoy!! xoxo

Husband & Wife.

I love this list!!!

Have a great weekend friend =)


Mmm... breadsticks... yum...!!

Emily Jane

Woot for giveaways! Happy weekend :)

Yellow House

The simple mention of Olive Graden breadsticks makes me want to go there right now to get some!


I love your happy lists :) Hope you're having a wonderful weekend! xoxo


have a wonderful weekend x


CHEESECAKE PUDDING?!?! I must know more...


Excited about the giveaway! And I love Marriage Ref, it's one of my favorite new shows. :)


Excited about the giveaway. I bought a necklace from Miss Betty Lou yesterday!


Good luck on the job interview. And I really love cheesecake pudding too. xoxo


mmmm...Olive Garden breadsticks, agreed! :)


What's this about a giveaway??

And cheesecake pudding is the BOMB!! I just ate some about an hour ago! So delicious.

I can't believe I just said that something is "the bomb". Holy 1990's.


Yay for the breadsticks!!!! ;)
And of course the giveaway!!! woohoo.


Julie Blake

great list! and cheesecake pudding, i've never tried it, but sounds yummy!


cheesecake pudding?!


hey Krysten, thanks for dropping by and your questions. Will answer them shorty so do come by.

I love your list. what a wonderful thing to do...I shou;d start writing down what made me smile, what I am grateful for.

Dena xoxo

Crazy Shenanigans

Anytime there's a giveaway count me in! And ps, LOVE Olive Garden breadsticks.


I just added that picture to my tumblr the other day. Super cute. Congrats on the interview!


That pic is too cute! Yay for a giveaway! =)

shari @ little blue deer

Show us the earrings! Show us the breadsticks! Congrats on the interview, you're going to rock!


Ooooh! I love me some OG breadsticks! I just had the soup/salad combo the other day!

And so stoked for your giveaway!

The Zhush

Cheesecake pudding? Really? I so need to NEVER find out what this is, or I will be doomed for sure! :) Have a great weekend!

Cafe Fashionista

Cheesecake pudding? Ooh, that sounds tempting. And "Valley of the Dolls." The book or the movie? I read the book a few months back - phenomenal!

Congratulations on landing an interview, my love; fingers crossed that you get the job!! :)

the whyte's

hooray for a job!!! i've had all of my fingers crossed for days. i will be waiting for my free target item. :) haha. maybe i'll just pay my local target a visit tomorrow in your honor.

Sandy a la Mode

good luck on the job interviews hun!! and i think the marriage ref is hilarious!

the whyte's

hmmm...maybe i'll skip going to target and hit wal-mart instead. :)


Olive Garden bread sticks have crack in them. I'm sure of it!


love these happy posts! great idea! and I should really do a giveaway as well... can't wait to see whatcha got for us :)


I love the little picture you selected for this post; simply makes me smile :)


Mmmmm... cheesecake pudding. Now I'm hungry. :P


mmm cheesecake pudding sounds awesome! love this list! :)