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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Sorry all, I am far too busy relaxing and enjoying my long weekend. However, I will leave you all with an adorable picture of Monte after swimming yesterday.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!


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Helena - A Diary of Lovely

aaaw cute!! So glad you are having a great time sweetie, keep enjoying!! xoxo


Monte is adorable!


what a cutie :)


just darling. Glad you're having so much fun!

Audrey Allure

Such a cute picture, I hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Now THAT is a dog's life.

And for the record, I'm seriously in love with that bathing suit. I can dig on some blue plaid!

Writing Without Periods!

There is nothing cutier than a cute dog!!! Thanks for the smile.


He is adorable:) I am so glad you are having an awesome time - when I read last night you had a bonfire on Twitter, I was majorly jealous!

Yellow House

Love it! Dogs need vacation too!

Diana Mieczan

He is adorable:)
Enjoy the sun:)

Emily Jane

AWWWWW thanks for sharing!! :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

as told by kiki

awww...what a darling! :) x looks like Monte had a great time!

Cafe Fashionista

Awww...give him a hug for me; Monte is the cutest EVER!! :)

emma wallace

Sooo cute! Love it.

Hope the rest of your weekend is wonderful!


Too cute! I want a dog =D Glad you are having a great weekend! I happen to be lovin mine as well =D

Ms. Understood

Awwww, he's super cute. I just did a post on relaxing. Looks like you are having a great time.


Sounds like a pretty awesome way to spend the weekend! I hope the new job is going really well too.


Aww, so cute! And you seem to be having great weather.

"Queen" Vic

I've got a wedding planning blog (June 19,2011 -- that's our big day!)

Stopping by from SITS!

kaysi fox

how cute is your dog?!?! oh my gosh, i am so puppy hungry right now!! haha


My dogs saw this picture and were very jealous of Monte swimming in the sun ;)


aw how cute! I'm glad you're having fun and relaxing!


Where did you get that suit! SO cute!!!


Such cute dog, looks like you all had a great time! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!