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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Comment Bug?

Um... so I think there may be a problem with my comments today. Which I didn't realize until now. I'm turning my Disqus comments off for now to see if the bug is fixed.

How's this all?


10 wonderful thoughts:


testing testing 123....ha!

Diana Mieczan

I think it works now:) Muah sweetie:)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

yay!! I thought it was my mac being tricky!! :)
I didnt like the disqus anyway, ooops sorry!! xoxo


Back on! Hey - did you ever get your package??

Teenage Bride

I tried to comment earlier and couldn't. This seems to work. YAY!!!


Much better! I think this comment might actually show up...


Test, test... no, I can't comment.. again. I tried on all your posts. Well, it's ok. Maybe I can comment here. Ah, well. I think Joana Hill sabotaged Blogger, must be some bug she infiltrated to the system xD jk jk

the "L" spot

looks good. you should turn odd the word verification too its a pain in the booty!!lol

kelly ann

oh yay! it wasn't just me. ;)


Okay makes sense, I thought it was my computer.