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Sunday, June 27, 2010

The List

Remember the Friends episode where Ross makes the list of celebrities he'd sleep with if given the chance? Even if you don't, you probably have a celebrity or two in mind that you'd totally throw your significant other to the side of the road for (sorry Dustin).

Without further ado, my list.

Joe Mauer
He's the catcher on the Minnesota Twins and even if I didn't like baseball I'd probably watch just to see him. He's like that All-American guy that you just know is probably a regular Joe (no pun intended) and he'd probably be loads of fun to hang out with. Not only does Joe play my favorite sport but he's also VERY easy on the eyes. Yum.

Christina Aguilera
Wait, what? No, I don't swing that way. However, Christina could maybe convince me to switch teams. I mean, the girl is GORGEOUS. And her voice is out of control. I love that she speaks her mind and doesn't worry about what other people think of her. She also has the cutest little baby ever. Yep, Ms. Aguilera is definitely on my radar, hehe.

Patrick Dempsey
Those eyes. That smile. THAT HAIR. I mean, they call him McDreamy on Grey's Anatomy. How could you not want a piece of that? Not to mention that I've actually had dreams about Patrick Dempsey. Grey's hasn't been that great lately (aside from their awesome finale) but I gladly watch because of McDreamy.

Justin Timberlake
I'll admit it: back in the day I was a hardcore *N SYNC fan. But I'll also admit that back in the day I thought JC Chasez was cuter than Justin Timberlake. It wasn't till *N SYNC broke up and Justin broke out as a solo artist that I decided the man is HOT. And his smile is totally adorable. Whatever I didn't see back then I totally see now!

Ian Somerhalder
Between playing Boone Carlyle on Lost and Damon Salvatore on The Vampires Diaries I've discovered the hotness that is Ian Somerhalder. It's Ian playing Damon that really got my attention though. Between how amazing he is as the vampire bad boy and how sexy his eyes are I am smitten with Ian Somerhalder.

So there you have it! What celebrities score high on your hottie list?


46 wonderful thoughts:

Audrey Allure

I agree, I didn't notice Justin until he became solo haha. For me, it's James Franco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and Cristiano Ronaldo haha.


I am in love with David Annabel and Jaroslav Halak.


Paul Rudd...yes, an odd choice, but he'd be for it! He reminds me of my hubby!


I agree with all of yours... well, i've never seen the last guy and he probably wouldn't be on my list.. but he is good looking!
Totally going to do my own post like this... just gotta think about it!


Good choices, but Joseph Gordon Levitt would so be on mine...

tweet tweet tweet


Helena - A Diary of Lovely

oooh Im so with you with Patrick Dempsey and Ian Somerhalder!! Gorgeous men!!


Josh Holloway (Sawyer from LOST) is my number one forever.

And then I'd pick David Tennant from Doctor Who.


I love me some JT! I'm also madly in love with Gerard Butler, Jude Law, and Robert Pattinson...*sigh*


Hahaha! I love that you put Christina on your list. And I totally agree with Patrick Dempsey!

My list totally includes Jason Bateman and John Cusack!

Emma Jade

:O ian somerhalder! YUM!

Miss Kiki Lovelace

Ewan Mcgregor is on top of my list... :) *sigh*


McDreamy, yes please. I'd also take me some of that McSteamy.


I agree with McDreamy and Justin. I'd probably add David Beckham, Brad Pitt, Usher. How can you pick just 5 though lol?


YESSS to justin timberlake!! and adriana lima (VS model) would make me go lesbo i think. lol.


I'm going to have to say that I am all about your list!!! I would add james franco!


Alexander Skarsgard (Eric on True Blood), Gwen Stefani (she's quite possibly the most beautiful woman in the world and I have a MASSIVE girl crush on her), not sure who else, it's hard to narrow it down!


Nice dream choices! I'm pretty boring - Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell - maybe, if I'd EVER consider anyone beside my loving dear husband ;-)

Diana Mieczan

For me it has to be Josh Holloway..He is so hot:)
Great post,darling:)


Oh, JT. I am forever obsessed with him!

Shelley Ann

im so glad you put ian somerhalder!! no one ever gives him the recognition he deserves. he's so dang gorgeous!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Yes to Ian! Ronaldo is a new fave too (my husband calls him dreamy!)

Hope you had a good weekend at the lake!


Gerard Butler and Jake Gyllenhaal would definitely top my list! And I would probably add Peyton Manning and T.O. for my sports guys. ;)


1. Shiri Appleby
2. Anna Paquin
3. Kasey Chambers
4. Kirsty Lee Akers
5. Kari Byron

Dancing Branflake

Haha! This list is great. Well, I don't have a list of my own but it's fun to see what others say.

emma wallace

I have a thing for "Superman" types! I'm even married to one - curly dark hair, strong jaw...
Adrien Grenier, Tom Welling, James Franco... all inspired by my ultimate: Christopher Reeves!


I will take JT off your hands if you're feeling a little overwhelmed ;)

Crazy Shenanigans

Um...I think I need to watch more Twins baseball!! Hottie!


mm, definately the last one, however Orlando Bloom is missing in this list!! And actually the guy playing stephan in Vampire diaries is no that bad either:-)


Oh Patrick Dempsey - what I would do just to rub my hands through his hair. Sigh, so fabulous! :)

Emily Jane

I'm sorry I can't go for Patrick Dempsey as he looks just like that jerk Craig from The Bachelorette this season!! :(

My list would include Sam Neill, David Tennant, Matt Smith, basically anyone who's played Dr. Who... :)


Okay, I love ALL of your last three. Ummmmmm... JT is my favorite obsession. If you don't already own his "Live from Madison Square Garden" HBO concert special DVD, then you need to invest in it immediately. Seriously... Best. Thing. EVER.

And Ian S? *drool*

leigh ashley

oh man, ian somerhalder is gorgeous! seriously...

Destined For Now

I really have to agree with Ian...The Vampire Diaries got me hooked on him and I went and rewatched all of his scenes in LOST (my poor boyfriend).


It's funny but I never thought Ian was that cute when he was on LOST but dude is smokin' on The Vampire Diaries. Just goes to show you I'm a sucker for a bad boy ;)


dannon and i definitely made these when we moved to california. and we've recently discovered that some of the people on our lists live in the neighborhood where we're moving in l.a. so that's either awesome or awkward, not sure which yet. :)


Great choices! Mine would be Vince Vaughn, Bradley Cooper, and Mike Piazza =D


Wowzer those are some good looking people, especially McDreamy!


Look, I'm not trying to start something here... but, Justin is totally MY boyfriend. And I never chose ANYONE else in 'nsync other than him. Which means I win. So, you can look, but don't touch! ;)

house 09

lol! funny list :) wouldn't mind having a daniel craig type on mine :))


Justin Timberlake is cute, whether people admit it or not. haha
I think that the 2009 American Idol winner, Kris Allen, is super cute!!!

Punctuation Mark

love the list and Patrick's eyes are definitely something else... have fun!


We ARE twins!!!! Absolutely! ;)
Ok, besides Joe Mauer I totally, to 100% agree with your list. Even with Christina. haha. And no, I don't swing that way either but if I did oh yes. ;)
Now you wonder why not Joe Mauer. Well, I would have to see more of him. Maybe I google pic him or something. ;) So yeah...except for him...I totally agree... :) And Ian...oh sigh...he would make top on my list. ;)
There are so many I could name now additional to your list but I better not start becauce I might not be able to stop...haha.



I totally agree with you on ALL of them! JT! Joe Mauer, DELISH.


BTW @Selma, if you saw Joe Mauer even close to in person, i.e. from a seat in Target Field, you just get an AURA from him. He is BEAUTIFUL. And he's tall. And he's a MN boy (we grow 'em good here).


OK sorry blowing up your comments but I am also going to post my list. What a hard decision!

Tee, Passports and Postcards

Great list! I like Ian much more as Damon than as Boone. I'd go for Alexander Skarsgaard and Nakata (after seeing his ad for Calvin Klein, he's been on my radar)