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Monday, July 12, 2010

Aside from the mosquito bites...

Yet another pretty terrific weekend! Things seems to FINALLY be looking up around here. Still tight but good nonetheless.

This past weekend was River Falls Days weekend. That means a parade on Friday evening with multiple beer gardens and bands playing afterward. We didn't go to any of that but after the parade Dustin's cousin Shawn and his wife Julia invited people over to their place for grilling, a bonfire and games. So went headed over there to eat good food, play games, chat and get eaten by bugs. Aside from the mosquitoes it was a pretty fun time!

Shawn and Julia's son Ethan showing me a scary face

Dustin and me while playing bean bag toss

I worked on Saturday which ended up being fun because it was busy for awhile, then slowed down enough to get some freight out, then I took my break and we were only open for a half hour after my break. Plus there were three of us closing so it took no time at all to close. The only problem is that the other new girl, Amanda, and I both missed out sales goals by all of $25. So annoying.

Right before leaving for work

And SUNDAY was another great day. Dustin and I reconstructed the picture wall I have going on. We had about 6 wedding pictures up but we changed some out and included some different pictures. I still have some other ones that I want to put up but so far I'm happy with it. Taryn came over a little later and we watched The NeverEnding Story and The NeverEnding Story II because she's never seen them AND because they're awesome movies. Seriously, if you haven't seen them yet you need to. After that we played Wii for awhile (Lego Harry Potter, heck yeah!) which of course was lots of fun!

Taryn is the animal whisperer

Sunday evening we went to the River Falls Days fireworks with Taryn, her boyfriend, Shawn, Julia, Ethan (Julia and Shawn's son) and Piston (Julia and Shawn's dog). The boys (minus Matt) played frisbee and us girls chatted. We sat for about an hour like that and then the fireworks started. Most summers they last about half an hour. This summer - about 10 minutes. What the heck!? I mean, the finale started (and lasted all of 30 seconds) and at the end we were like "was that it?" You know a fireworks display is bad when people can't tell when the finale is. Ah well, it was fun anyway.

Taryn and Matt

Shawn, Julia, Ethan and Piston

Us! (how cute is this pic, huh!?)

So definitely a good weekend. And I have a quiet week this week, which I am SO looking forward to. Until Sunday, at least. My mom ended up not being able to come to Lilith Fair with me so Sara's coming instead. Lets hope we don't get ourselves kicked out, hehe.

Have a fabulous week all! Oh, and stay tuned tomorrow for a GIVEAWAY!


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Diana Mieczan

That sounds like such a great weekend..I am so happy that everything is getting better:) Happy Monday:)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

last pic is really really cute you are so right :)

Purses Pastries Etc..

You two are utterly adorable!!
Glad you had a fun weekend! I totaly agree with you about Never Ending Story; the first one was a fave of mine growing up -- loved the queen's dress :)


Sounds like a great weekend.

Seriously adorable picture!

Have fun at Lilith Fair!

Staley Mc

Looks like a great weekend! Glad to see things are getting better!

Emily Jane

Looks like a lovely weekend! Glad you had fun :)


Sounds like a ton of fun!

I LOVE that black and white shirt with the ruffles! It's adorable.


Those are ALL fantastic pictures!! You and Dustin are SO cute. And The Neverending Story is one of my all-time faves! Although I haven't seen II. I've just been so afraid it wouldn't live up to I and I'd be forever left with hopes dashed.

Looks like it was a very fun weekend, surrounded by friends! I love those!


Hey! That pic of you two is so stinking cute. You might be the most adorable couple ever! Imagine the babies you will make! Glad you had an awesome weekend girlfriend! Can't wait for the bloggie party!


You guys are ADORABLE! (And your hair is soooo the best) Great pics, glad you had an awesome weekend! :)

Connie @ Sogni e Sorrisi

Yay! I'm glad you're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Happy Monday!!

Pop Champagne

cute pictures and great weekend! You two look adorable awww

Teenage Bride

Sounds like a lot of fun! I am happy the weather held out for you.

The pictures are great, you two look like such a happy couple!

Cafe Fashionista

Ah, you and Dustin are truly the cutest things ever! I'm so glad you had an amazing weekend, Krysten - you deserve it!! :)

Silver Strands

You & Dustin are SO cute.


Sounds like a great weekend!

i'm glad your kinda-new job is going well :)


I swear Dustin looks just like a friend of mine from college. So strange. (It's a good thing though...the guy is cute!)

I love that last picture of you both! It sounds like a fun weekend was had by all.


Yay for a great weekend! Sorry about the mosquitos though :)

Glad things are looking up honey. Happy Monday! xoxo


Seriously the animal whisperer. Too funny!

Love that pic of you two. Show us your photo wall when you're done!


That pic of you and Dustin is adorable!!! So glad you had an amazing weekend. I was visiting Mike's parents and we stopped at Maurice's and I totally thought of you!

Shelley Ann

sounds like a busy but fun weekend! and that last picture of you two is quite cute :)


So cute! Sounds like a lovely weekend! ♥


Cute pics! Love that little boy's "scary face," haha.

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest

What adorable pics. You two are cute.

The Hubs and I enjoy playing Lego Indiana Jones. I bet he would love the Harry Potter version even better. Dare I tell him?

Never-ending story marathon? Classic.


Sounds like a great weekend! I love all your pictures, but the last one definitely does take the cutest pic award for today!

Anna Walker

I am glad you had such a great and fun weekend (except for the mosquitos)!

The pictures of you had your husband are pretty cute!


Ya'll look SO adorbs. <3


you guys are such a cute couple :) glad you had a good time and that things are looking up!


Loooooove that scary face!


That sounds like a GREAT weekend!

Practically Perfect...

It sounds like a really fun weekend, mosquitoes and all ;-) I've heard that many towns are cutting back on fireworks because of the economy. My parents' hometown cut their display down from the usual 45 minutes to 15 minutes over July 4th. But 10 minutes is awfully short!

The Non-Student

Grr, sales goals. I worked at Anthropologie briefly (as a favor to a friend who was a manager), and I remember the people closing trying to get me to buy something to meet the goal for the day. I was like, "Hell to the NO am I going to spend the money I just earned on merchandise!"

Otherwise sounds like a fab weekend. :-)


The Never Ending Story films and Lego Harry Potter sound like the makings of a fantabulous day! I just bought that game myself and am a wee bit obsessed.


I have never seen The Neverending Story 2, didn't know there was one, but I've seen the first one a BILLION times with my son. He loved that movie.


Sounds like a completely awesome weekend. I've never seen Never Ending Story 2!!! Stopping by from SITS to say Hi!

kelly ann

you two are so ADORABLE. <3

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Looked like a good time with lots of great people!


aww... love the pics! Looks like you had a great wknd! Glad to hear things are looking up :)

Crazy Shenanigans

I love that necklace! Glad you had a good weekend!


It doesn't look as if the mosquitos could have spoiled your fun! xo


What a fun weekend! That photo of you and Dustin is ADORABLE!


YAY for bonfires, friends and fun!


sounds just perfect!!


Holy cow, you're pretty! And you're posts are very interesting and entertaining. Allow me to put this blog under my bookmarks :)

Anna M Blanch

What a fun weekend.

Hope SITS a great one this weekend!