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Friday, July 16, 2010

Birthday Wish List

Okay okay, so today marks exactly 2 months until my birthday. Now, for most people 2 months is a long time and there's no way they'd start planning their birthdays so early. But I LOVE my birthday (even though I fear getting old) and I love having big plans.

Now, last month some of you may remember me talking about plans for my 27th birthday. I've actually come up with another idea involving the Renaissance Festival because I ADORE Ren Fest and it would be a lot of fun! But we're not talking about my birthday PLANS today.

A few of you have left comments wondering what I want for my birthday because some of you crazy, kind people want to get me gifts. WHAT? Seriously!? I mean, I already knew that the blog world is pretty much AMAZING. But for real, that's way too kind!

I always have a running wish list of things that I would love. You can find that here. It includes a way to get little presents to me so if you really feel compelled, there you go.

For those of you that think, "Krysten, you're cool and all but not THAT cool" but would still like to see a few of my favorite wish list items, here you go!
Lovely lilac scented McCall's candles. I have a honeysuckle one from this company and it's AMAZING! I want more!

A pocket watch necklace because they are SO pretty!

This print, I've been in love with it forever.

This dress because it's just so pretty.

Cowboy boots. I don't know why, I just want some!

So there you have it, a link to my wish list as well as a select few items from my list.

Happy Friday all!


34 wonderful thoughts:

Diana Mieczan

I love birthdays too...I love your wish list:) That dress is the cutest:) Happy Friday,sweetie:)


I l-o-v-e the things you posted, which means I have to go check out your wishlist ASAP!


That dress looks super-comfy and it's wicked cute!! I've been loving dresses more and more, so easy to throw on and be casual in!


Gorgeous choices! You have great taste. :)

Staley Mc

I love birthday wish lists! That dress is too cute and it would go cute with cowboy boots too!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Never too early to plan your bday! I love the pocket watch necklace!

Happy Fri!

Ms. Wedding Crasher

Love the boots!


That pocket watch necklace! I love it!
I'm thinking I might need to figure out a way to make one. If I do a good job, I'll send you it for your birthday. :)


Great list! And I love bdays too. I'm a big baby and like to celebrate for at least a week. In fact we're kicking off bday week today and my bday isn't until Tuesday...oh and I have a wish list a mile long!

Happy Weekend sweetie!!! xoxo


Cowboy boots? Definitely on my wishlist (any wishlist!) as well! Now that we are moving to Texas, these are actually a must. :)

Cafe Fashionista

Ohmigosh I LOVE that print - now I want it too! And a pocket watch necklace - how cute! It makes me think of the White Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland.

I hope you get everything your heart desires for your birthday, my love!! :)

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

Fun list! My problem is that there are so many things when I see them I think, "I want that!" and then when someone asks me what I want I always draw a blank!


Cute dress! And would go great with the boots.

Hope you have a great weekend!


Love the pocket watch necklace :)

And it's always fun getting excited for birthdays :)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

Great list Krysten! What a lovely lovely print!!!


I love the print. I think I need it for my library!


oh my gosh I love that pocket watch necklace! I want one!! Birthdays are fun. Wishing for things you may or may not get is also fun. You are cute! You need a birthday countdown on your blog :)

Emily Jane

I LOVE that pocket watch necklace!! I hope you get it! :)


Cowboy boots are so fun to pair with cute summer dresses! Good list I hope you get everything :)

Anna Walker

I love lilac scented candles and that dress! I hope you get what you want for your birthday!


Oh my gosh, that necklace and print are adorable!!!

And PS - I tried to get people to go to a Renaissance Fair with me a few weeks back and NO ONE wanted to attend! So, count me in for your birthday:)

kelly ann

i LOVE that pocket watch necklace!

happy weekend, dear. <3 xo

Teenage Bride

Love the candles. Lavender and Vanilla are the two scents that constantly fill my home!


Wuhoo, my birthday is next month - I might take inspriration from this post and make my own wish list :) Love the dress featured by the way, it's so cute.


Oh, that pocket watch necklace is the prettiest thing ever!!!


I love the dress and the book print! So cute!


I think I just fell in love with the pocketwatch necklace!


I also love birthdays. I think I will love them no matter how old I am. I love your wish list. I hope you get lots of amazing things!

Kristin Hjellegjerde

Not bad to make wishes early. Loving the little cute print as well:)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Woohoo, 2 months to go! The dress looks so cute and I bought a pair of Frye's before I left. Love em but sad I can't wear them in this climate!


Pretty dress!


that reading is cool print is AWESOME! i always dread turning older but LOVE my birthday - i mean, i act like a total princess


Ah, The smell of Lilacs is wonderful. I also love candles. I hope you get some of those wonderful candles for your birthday.


i freaking LOVE downeast basics. i'm obsessed with their clothes--i'm glad someone else likes their stuff, too!