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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Happy Saturday V1.8


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. My paycheck being bigger than I thought it would be
2. Chocolate chip cookies
3. Monte
4. Teen Mom is back
5. Secrets (sorry all, still can't tell you what's up)
6. Work (no seriously!)
7. Discovering new singers I love
8. Whiny Frank leaving The Bachelorette
9. Nail polish
10. My dad and his craziness


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22 wonderful thoughts:


SO excited teen mom is back!!
And paychecks bigger than expected is a guaranteed smile!


happy saturday love!

Audrey Allure

Great things :) I hope you have an amazing weekend!

Staley Mc

I'm so excited Teen Mom is back too! It's such a guilty pleasure! Happy Saturday!

Cafe Fashionista

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Happy Saturday!! Hmmmm, chocolate chip cookies.



Great things to be happy about! I'm happy Teen Mom is back too. Have a good weekend!


Secrets don't make friends, Krysten!!! ;)

And yay for bigger than expected paychecks. That's always a nice surprise!

Emily Jane

Hahaha I love your "whiny Frank leaving the Bachelorette" one. totally made me happy too! :)

Practically Perfect...

I love it when my paycheck is bigger than I expected!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

wooo hoo for the bigger paycheck :)


Hooray for bigger paychecks!! Can't wait to hear your secret!!! Hope you're having a great weekend!

Lacey in the City

Hooray for bigger paychecks!! Mine was also, and it was the perfect timing for such a surprise!! Isn't that always such a great relief?

And I sooo dislike Frank - I am so happy that he left also. I really like both Chris + Roberto, but my personal fave is cutie Chris.

Shelley Ann

i love getting a paycheck thats bigger than what i think its going to be! and teen mom was GREAT! oh how i missed that show!


Frank leaving was a very good thing. There was always something a bit off there! Yay for loving your work and big paychecks!


Chocolate chip cookies have kept me happy this week too. My husband and I had guests a couple of days ago, so we made chocolate chip cookies for dessert. Turns out, the couple split one between the two of them. My husband and I were like, "Umm, don't you want anymore?" They weren't interested and so my husband and I seriously split the rest of the entire batch. Like 6 cookies each! It was a little disgusting on our parts but soooo yummy! :)

Yellow House

Wonderful list, as always! I have been craving some chocolate chip cookies... maybe I should bake some today!


Woop woop for bigger paychecks. I want one. HA!


Love Teen Mom! I am so excited for this new season. My boyfriend just does not understand my fascination with the show, but what can I say? It's definitely a guilty pleasure!


Ummm, love bigger than expected paychecks!


I LOVE when I discover when a paycheck is bigger! Of course then I wonder how it happens especially with my schedule. lol. And Teen Mom!?!?!? So excited! Also- I'm sooo sucked into The Bachelorette this season. Never have before. I'm hoping Chris wins. :) I never liked that Frank dude. He just seemed WEIRD.

Yay! Love happy lists :)

Elise Halladay

Ha ha ha. I LOVED Frank at first. I was totally rooting for him. As the show went on- he was a bit irritating tho.... I can't wait for the finale!!!