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Friday, July 23, 2010


Okay so... I am back to my slacker ways.

Last quarter I was pumped to start back at school. It had been a year since I'd taken any classes and I was excited to explore the world of online classes and I wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. Plus, the college I'm going through is EXPENSIVE so to fail would mean to take A LOT of money and throw it right down the drain. Hence I ended up with my 4.0.

This quarter, though, I waited till the last minute to turn in my discussions (which was last night AFTER work) and I haven't even started any homework assignments for the week, which are due Sunday. Now, the homework thing isn't such an issue except my folks will be in town so I'm going to be busy most of the weekend. Oops. Am I back to my procrastinator ways? I certainly hope not!

Work last night was a lot of fun. The first hour I sat down with my boss, Shannon, to go over my stats as well as talk about what I've learned so far AND to discuss the two management positions that are opening up. There's one that will be open next week and one opening up near the end of August. Right now Amanda, who started at the same time as I am, and I are being considered for those two spots. Now... I'm honestly not keeping my hopes up to get the spot opening next week. I haven't been working on lot and that's effecting my sales which play into whether or not I get the position. And I will be the first to admit that I still have things to learn. Heck, I was with Caribou for nearly 5 years and I was still learning things. However, I did let my boss know that if I don't know an answer I know where to find it AND I know how to ask for help. I also made it clear that I love being a leader and a manager and that I'm really loving my job. So... we'll see. I should know by next week.

After that first hour I was by myself for an hour. It was definitely steady and for most of that hour I was going, going, going. It felt good! And I think I'm definitely grasping everything, which is awesome.

Finally, Amy showed me about how Maurice's does all their visual stuff. I never knew so much went into it! The other two clothing stores I've worked at, JCPenneys and The Gap, both had people that specifically did all the visual stuff so I never had to think about it. But it's really fun and interesting to learn.

ANYWAY, like I said my parents will be in town this weekend and our apartment is definitely not up to par. So I need to go get my clean on.

Happy Friday all!


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35 wonderful thoughts:


I am the WORST procrastinator! That reminds me i am procrastinating getting into the car and going to the GYM!

Getting up and going now!


I'm a terrible procrastinator, but only with school! I've gone through 5 years of stress post high school for leaving things to the last minute, let's hope I can change that for my last year!

Teenage Bride

That cartoon made me giggle.

Good luck with the management poaition! I hope you get it!!!!


That cartoon is hilarious! T my perfect day! Lol

Anyway I will be keeping my fingers crossed for you on the job front!

Have a fabulous weekend lady! :)


That illustration just basically showed a day in my life.
Have fun with your parents this weekend!


Haha, I love that photo! Some of my days certainly feel that way, because I can be such a procrastinator at times. When I was in college, sometimes I got the best grades on things I put off until the last minute - go figure!

Good luck with the management position!


Oooh I'm kinda with you on the procrastinator front. Not good...not good at all :)

But yay for work going so well! Good luck on the manager positions. So glad that you're liking Maurices. I love that we have that connection. We're still doing all the lip and fragrances :)

Have a great weekend with the 'rents honey! xoxo


I LOVE that cartoon! That's pretty much how my day is going today :)
p.s I am having a rare Giveway. Rare meaning I hardly ever do these, but I really wanted to help my friend Megan because she is an amazing Mom and deserves it. Please pop by!

I can relate-and then at night I'm all what did I do today? Where did the time go?
Good luck with the manager position!


Cute cartoon! ;)
Happy weekend girl. Hope you got some cleaning done...maybe?! ;) I just know that feeling...I should be doing something to, something like cleaning but really, I'm a procrastinator myself. :( :) Sometimes it's fun though! :)

Have a fantastic day.



Oh my gosh I felt like I was seeing myself in that cartoon!!! haha

I hope you do get that new position, but if you don't remember everything happens for a reason. Something better might be waiting around the corner.

Dancing Branflake

Confession: I totally am a procrastinator and I could easily spend an entire day in three specific places in my house. But I soooo love it.


How exciting! Fingers crossed that you get the promotion. <3


That postcard is awesome. I am the queen of the procrastinators. I've been meaning to get up from the computer for almost an hour now! I need to go get dressed, make the beds, clean up the kitchen and get my boys outside for some fresh air. And yet, here I sit. Still!

Okay, am off. I promise!
Happy weekend, Krysten.


Ooh, I hope you get the promotion!

I love that cartoon. Is it wrong that that's exactly how I want my Saturday to be?

The Non-Student

Life happens. We can't always be on our best game all the time. Good luck with the promotion!


oh i'm such a procrastinator! i actually work best under pressure, so i've learned to be gentle with myself when i procrastinate. i love that comic you posted! so true. :) good luck with cleaning and have fun with your fam!

Lady Hill

That cartoon is too perfect! I love it!!

The Zhush

If I am blogging, its a good bet I am really procrastinating! :)!


haha! That's a great pic. Good luck with the promotion!


Oh, good luck with the management position! I really hope you get it!!

Last semester, I was the WORST at procrastinating - and it got to the point where I had so much to do & so little time to do it! I hope I don't have such a bad problem when my semester starts up again in August...and hope you can figure yours out as well!


I hope you get everything done!!!!


I hope you get the job lady! have a fabulous weekend with the rents!!!!

Diana Mieczan

Hahaha that cartoon is hilarious!!! I wish you all the best with the management positon...Fingers crossed,sweetie:)

Have a relaxing and fun weekend and see you soon:)


Pop Champagne

Time always travel fast when you procrasinate... I don't know why! Like I've been on blogspot for I think 10 minutes but it has been an hour and I relized I still got work I have to finish before the weekend omg! Yet I'm still on here as I type HAHAHA


Wanna come over here and clean when you're done? HA. Crossing my fingers for you on the promotion front!


Procrastination is a wonderful thing. It motivates me ;)

Good luck with the job. I think even if you haven't been there that long, they might see potential. As long as they know you're enthusiastic and willing to learn, the rest will fall into place.

Practically Perfect...

I hope you have a great weekend and are able to get everything done :-) And good luck with the job!!!

Greg and Vanessa

ahh! oh my goodness, thank you so much for dropping by our blog!! i too am 26, married to a pretty great guy, and figuring out my own life... yay! nice to meet you :)



I feel the cartoon described me perfectly! :) haha!! have a good weekend!


I am the worst procrastinator and I have become so much more lazy this year I think. I'm returning to university in just over a week and I have no idea how I will get through.

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Have fun with your parents this weekend! Sigh I am definitely a procrastinator - it's a tough habit to break, but if you got a 4.0 before, you can do it again!


Love that cartoon, so true! Good luck with the management position you're going for - I hope you get it!


Very exciting! I'll be crossing my fingers you get the position :)


i hope you get the position!! I would love to do visuals for Anthropologie!