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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Happy Saturday Jake Special Edition

10 Things That Made Jake Happy
In honor of Jake, I decided to make a list of things that I know made him happy.

1. God
2. Cookies 'n cream snowdrifts (made his way)
3. Pretty girls
4. Thumbs up
5. Motorcycles
6. Cars
7. Donuts
8. Getting people to eat the gross (but edible) bakery stickers at the 'Bou
9. Caribou chocolate covered pretzels
10. Tea

Jake, I hope I'm getting two big thumbs up from you today!


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28 wonderful thoughts:


He looks like a great guy!I'm sure he's preparing lots of good things for you all from up there :)


I love the thumbs up part, :). This was a great idea to honor your friend!


aww. I'm sure you are getting some thumbs up from him. Sounds like he'll be greatly missed!


What a great list! I tried to click on Cookies and Cream Snow Drifts, but it didn't work. I'd love to know what it is!

My Husband's Watching TV...

Great list! He sounds like he was an awesome guy. OH and donuts make me VERY happy too!

Cafe Fashionista

What a wonderful way to celebrate Jake's memory. Happy, Happy Saturday, Krysten!! :)


This was such a creative tribute to your friend. He sounds like he was such a fun-loving guy who'd be a blast to be around.

So sorry again for your loss.


I really like this list and combined with that photo, you get the undeniable feeling that he was a really lovely man. =]


This is a great post. I love how your honored your friend :) I think I would have got along with him great as I love thumbs up too!

Anna Walker

He sounds like he was an amazing a guy! What is a Cookies and Cream snow drift?


Love this idea :)

What are Cookies 'n cream snowdrifts?

Dancing Branflake

This is so sweet. Heaven is a more fun place because of him, I am sure of that.

Miss Kiki Lovelace

nice tribute Krysten! :)

Tamara Nicole

This is cute! :-) Classic pic


aw, this was nice :)


He's such a doll:) What a beautiful tribute, Krysten! I hope you're heart and mind have found peace this weekend. I am thinking of you!


Nice tribute to you friend, he sounds like he was such nice guy!


I bet Jake is giving you two thumbs up! Way up! Maybe in honor of him, you could bring back the thumbs up in pictures like they are with jazz hands. ;)


Sounds like an awesome friend. Great list-enjoy your weekend!


What a great way to memorialize him! (I'm not even sure if that's a word, ha.) He seems like he was a great guy and he'll be missed, most definitely.


Aw, what a beautiful way to remember him.

smile steady

Hahaha. I love that huge smile on his face! He looks like fun!


I know he's smiling down on you sweets!

Audrey Allure

Great post! :)


Two thumbs up for sure. :)



Teenage Bride

He sounds like a wonderful person. I would have loved to know him.


this made me smile. he looks like a wonderful friend! What a great wasy to honor him! Virtual hugs to you Krysten.