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Monday, August 30, 2010

On the bright side...


Hi all.

I'd like to say that my weekend was filled with sunshine and happiness.  But except for Friday evening it really wasn't.  I worked all weekend, which wasn't bad.  But having to work while dealing with family drama is never fun and this weekend was FILLED with family drama.  I'm not going to go too much into it but needless to say that not even work could take my mind off the stuff going on in my personal life.  And while some things are getting resolved I'm also having to cut some strings so to speak and that is never easy.

HOWEVER.  Friday night?  Friday night was AWESOME!  I know last week I said there was something secret going on.  The secret was a surprise 50th birthday party for Dustin's uncle Tony.  The only reason I kept it secret on here is because I didn't want him to somehow find out from me.  That would be a bad way to ruin the surprise.  But as far as we all know he didn't know and it was a ton of fun.  I ate way too much food, got to see some of Dustin's family who I haven't seen in awhile and it was just nice to relax and enjoy the craziness.  I married into a pretty good family.

ALSO, Sunday at work... well, part of it was bad because my co-worker and I were both suffering from killer cramps (TMI, I know, but since 99% of my readers are female you all know what I'm talking about anyway).  HOWEVER, then a really great thing happened.  I mother came in with her 15 year old daughter and basically put me to work to help her daughter break out of her t-shirt and jeans shell.  So for over an hour I ran back and forth with outfits.  The daughter, Catelyn, was kind of shy but such a total sweetie and together we found her some cute back to school clothes.  PLUS her mom, Tina, signed up for a credit card (yay me).  But the best part?  Tina specifically asked for my name so she could email corporate about my above and beyond customer service.  That pretty much rocked my entire world.  I felt so good!  Totally made up for my somewhat bad weekend.

ANYWAY!  This week is all about packing and cleaning and trying to keep my sanity.  Hang with me all, I have a feeling I may lose my mind by the end of this next weekend!

Happy Monday all!


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41 wonderful thoughts:

Diana Mieczan

Ohh,sweetie I am so sorry about your family stuff...I hope it will all get better!
Its so lovely to hear that you are having a great time at work...Its an amazing feeling,right?
Good luck with all the packing and cleaning and keep us updated:)
Happy last Monday of August:)


oooo sorry about the drama :( but...helping that girl find clothes sounds like so much fun, i want to do that!!!

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

sorry to hear about al the drama honey but glad to hear about the positive bits too :) xoxo


Wow, grats on your 'above and beyond customer service' rewiev, that is a nice label to have :)

Scientific Housewife

Wow, great job on the customer service! It seems you had a fun weekend :)


Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about the family drama, I hope things calm down. Love your positive attitude about things, and sounds like the weekend was fab! :)

Dancing Branflake

Hang in there! Family drama can be so draining and emotional. Yuck. But it looks like you remained totally awesome throughout. Very admirable!


We've all been there. Hope the family situation gets better soon.

Congrats! That is so sweet of her to do that. Great customers can make all the difference in the world!

Happy Monday Krysten!

Teenage Bride

It is always great to have your good work ethic noticed!! Great job.

I am having a surprise birthday party for my mom on Sept 10 I can't wait!!!!! it is so hard not to spill the beans.

Connie @ SogniESorrisi

Yay on providing great customer service and getting recognized for it! Love that quote.


I love that you got to style that 15 year old!! That's so sweet! Congrats on the kudos as well...it's always awesome to have your hard work recognized!

catwalk criminal

cool pic!♥
like to follow eachother?


Customers like that always help the day go by faster! Also, I wish I had a mom like that...

And thanks for the FF love on twitter!


I agree. So sorry that there is family drama, but I am glad you were successful at work and it was a fun party!

Always love with their is helpful sales people! They make hte shopping trip so much fun!


congrats on your great day at work! it feels so good to get recognition for all the hard work you do.

Crazy Shenanigans

I'm sorry you didn't have a great weekend but it sounds like you did a great job at work!


I love your positive attitude amidst all the drama! Keep it up and happy Monday!


Ugh I hate family drama. I'm sorry about that. Hang in there, only good stuff to come!

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Wow - sounds like a topsy turvy weekend! But how great that you did so well at work! That always feels so good!

Hopefully the family drama will cool down soon.

Cafe Fashionista

I'm so glad you had a fabulous experience at work yesterday, Krysten! You truly did go above and beyond with your customer service, and I hope that you are recognized by corporate for it!! :)

Husband & Wife.

drama stinks but it sounds like the rest of the weekend was wonderful for you!


oh i'm happy for the good parts and glad the bad parts are over now {hopefully?}. and surprise parties are so fun! as a blogger it's so hard though not to share all the clever ideas and plans until after the event. way to stay strong! :)

happy monday!

Savvy Gal

i love the picture and the message. hope all is well soon!

la petite coquine

I worked this weekend, too, after working all week, as a favor to a friend. I doubt anyone would have written to corporate to praise my work this weekend, but I was just done!

Sorry your weekend wasn't as relaxing and restful as you deserved.


Good for you girl! I'm so excited about your new place by the way! Sorry I missed the get together, it's been a tough summer!

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

that's nice that your customers could recognize the extra special attention you paid them. congrats! :)


I used to work in the apparel department of the store I currently work in. Oh how I miss it! (I'm a grocery cashier now. Bummer.) Helping people pick out clothes, and dressing the mannequins was my favorite! It helps keep your mind off more serious stuff! :)


Drama is exhausting. Especially the family kind. I hope things get resolved for you quickly!

As for moving... hooray! Before you know it, you'll be unpacking and redecorating a whole new house! Sure the packing part sucks but the reward is so worth it! Good luck!

It sounds like helping that girl find some clothes really brightened your day! It's always nice when good customer service is rewarded. Way to go!


yay for helping that girl!

sorry to hear about family drama. it def sucks sometimes!


Sorry about the family drama! I know all about that so I hope you can find some peace & sanity by cutting the strings. :)

You are a ROCK STAR at your job! Way to go!

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Glad you're doing a KICKASS job at work!!! :D


Oh how fun to play stylist like that! Sorry about the bummer parts of the weekend. Family drama stinks!

kelly ann

i LOVE putting together outfits for people. isn't it so fun?! in college, i would go to my friend's dorm rooms and raid their closets - helping them put outfits together for interviews, dates, events, etc. oh my gosh, it's such a blast! i'm so glad the mom is going to put in a good word for you - that's SO awesome, girl! :)


thanks for your super sweet and supportive comment!

Sorry to hear that you're dealing with family drama -- hang in there! It's really inspiring that you were still able to focus on the positive of your weekend, nevertheless -- I loved your story about the girl and her mom shopping. Kudos to you for being so helpful to them!


I am glad that, despite the family craziness, you still found bright spots in your weekend! I think it's awesome that a customer recognized how amazing you are, lady! Here's to things looking up!


congrats on the job front - thats so encouraging :)

Camila F.

Surprise parties are the best! I hope you're felling better today! :)

erica marie

So glad that everything turned out good in the end...i love it when people actually take the time to notice your hard work.


ugh I am so sorry about the family drama. I know how hard that can be to deal with. But I'm so happy about the mother/daughter shopping incident. That's great she's going to call corporate and rave about you :)

Heather {A Measure Of...}

Hi Krysten, I am just catching up on blogs and whatnot after being away for a little while. I'm sorry to hear about meanness in the family. It does sound like you're able to still think of some of the happier moments.

I hope everything smooths out some, and soon! I wanted to write something about forgiveness, although I'm not exactly sure what I want to say. Especially because I don't have any idea about what is happening. I do know, though, that anger and all those feelings that keep us awake at night and make us clench our teeth hurt us deeply. In fact, the way we feel toward a situation affects us, the feelers, first. I won't go on too much about this, but I wish you and yours the best and hope September shows you a pretty shift in what sounds like a difficult year. Hugs.