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Monday, August 2, 2010

This and That


Oh my goodness.

Okay first off I had a job interview on Friday. I don't plan on leaving Maurice's but I'm not getting enough hours. So I sent my resume into Massage Envy and about 2 hours later I got a call and an interview. The interview went swimmingly and I have a second interview on Wednesday. I have never worked 2 jobs before so if anyone has any advice on juggling two schedules that'd be GREAT!

Work Friday night was fine until right before close. Here's a hint: do not come into a store 3 minutes before they close and proceed to have a 30 minute fashion show with your friends while the employees sit and wait for you to pay for your purchases. And especially don't completely mess up the store in the process. It's kind of rude. Needless to say my coworker Jenny and I were not entirely happy.

I worked again on Saturday and that was a lot better EXCEPT that at one point I went to greet a customer and didn't realize she was an old coworker from Caribou until it was too late. SO AWKWARD. I did my best to just remain professional but all I kept thinking was that the minute she left she was going to be texting all my old coworkers. Gross.

Sunday I was on call but didn't actually end up having to go in. However, it was one of those lost days where the day just seems to go by and nothing really seems to get done. We did some laundry, went grocery shopping, I finished up some homework... that's about all. Oh and my brother stopped by. He was in the area for his friend's bachelor party so he stopped by on his way out of town.

Not the world's most exciting weekend but the good news is that it is now AUGUST and I have a feeling that it's going to be a good month. I'll finally be able to tell you all more about my secret, hopefully I'll score a second job, and of course there's the MN/WI Bloggy Get Together! Yay!

Wishing you all a happy Monday! Don't forget to enter the CSN Stores Giveaway if you haven't already, a winner will be announced TOMORROW!

P.S. The picture has nothing to do with my weekend but if I had had my choice I would have spent my weekend in that room. I found the picture via a website called Bookshelf Porn. Yummy.


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Diana Mieczan

Yay!!! to the second job...I bet you will get it and I bet you will manage it well...Glad you had a nice weekend...sometimes its good to have a relaxed weekend to catch up on laundry and shopping:)

Wish you a wonderful Monday too,sweetie

See you soon:)


Good luck on the second interview!
Some people/customers can be SO rude and annoying. At my old job, people would come in at the last minute all the time, and then there would be those who would even come 15-20 minutes AFTER we closed and walk right through the closed sign..and my boss would let them in!!! Agh, it was the most frustrating thing ever and it was pretty hard to be friendly to those people ie..we weren't ha


Happy August!! I can't believe it's here already!

Thanks for stopping by my blog - I love yours! Good luck with the 2nd interview and lovvvve that pic.



I hope the job interview goes well. I can't imagine juggling two jobs but I'm sure you will find a way!


Thats awesome about the interview! I loved working 2 jobs! I loved the change of atmosphere. I tried to have 1 common day off where I didnt have to go in to either of them, it helped me stay sane =D Good Luck!

Smart Ass Sara

I'm sure the interview will go super well and you'll be able to score us all discounted massages. I'm anxiously awaiting to hear when my first appointment is. ;)

Purses Pastries Etc...

Oh, I hope the interview goes really, really well! You are one very busy lady!!


What a fabulous room. I have a weakness for spiral staircases.

Nice job on the interview! I hope you get it! I have no advice on the two job thing, but hey at least it might be at a massage place. GREAT for destressing!


Fingers are crossed for you. Never worked a second job. Hope it all works out for you.
Your weekends sounds a lot better than mine. ;)

Have a fabulous Monday.



Good luck with the second job! :)) Exciting!

Let us know asap what happens!

I had an exciting weekend but i'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend like yours next weekend!!

Scientific Housewife

I worked 2 jobs for awhile... a full and a part time. It definitely helps, especially around the holidays, but you do seem to get a bit frazzled. My advice is to try to relax when you aren't working and remind yourself why you are doing it.


That website made me LOL!! haha!!
So, ive worked two jobs quite a bit, ive also had a lot of people work for me that work 2 jobs, you just need to be organised and try not to P off each one, don't ever cancel a shift at one in order to work at the other, that's bad news all round! But it's fun, you'll have a varied week and meet lots of new people Good Luck!


Congrats! That must be a great feeling. I hope you're not giving any happy endings ;) I keed, I keed.

I want to know your secret NOW!

Melissa B.

August is always a turning point in our summer. Leaving the old behind and looking forward to new challenges. Have a good one!


Whoa, working woman! You are busy, busy, busy! Good luck with your second interview! I am sure you'll do great! Will you get free massages???

Teenage Bride

Oh wow good luck with the second job. You are one busy girl. I know you will handle it all perfectly!!!!

Audrey Allure

Good luck & hope you get the job!

Florida Girl Meets the Midwest

Bookshelf porn? Gotta love it.

Best of luck with the job hunting. Can't wait to hear the big secret.


Ooh, the interview news is exciting! I've worked two jobs before, and it's a struggle at times because you feel a little displaced, but I find that keeping a good day planner, leaving things at each job when possible (like a spare frozen meal for lunch), and carrying the same purse all week (thus not forgetting anything) to each job are helpful. Also, mentally, I try to focus on each job only when I'm there, so that it doesn't become overwhelming.

Elise Halladay

You work at Maurice's??? NO way! That is so funny. I worked at Maurices for years. I was a manager and everything. Still love to shop there, but I do miss the awesome discount. I am also a fan of Massage Envy...i can't get enough massages. That is so cool. Good luck with the interviews!

Crazy Shenanigans

Oh I hate running into old co-workers. A boss I had while working a job during college comes into my current work location a lot and it's so awkward because I feel like I HAVE to make small talk with him.


hope you get the second job! i had a job interview recently and am still waiting to hear. i HATE waiting!!!

Jaime @ La vie...J'aime

Congrats on interviews! Good luck!! :)


I hope you get the job, especially since it'll help so much with money issues! Working 2 jobs is no joke, but if you're dedicated and willing to work hard, you can do it! (And I think you can!)

STILL so excited to hear about your news!! Hmm...


Congrats on the second interview! Hope it goes well!

And I think your Sunday is exactly how Sundays are supposed to be, so don't worry about not being productive enough.

Have a great week!

Gringation Cancun

good luck with the interview!

I hope those rude girls bought something!


Oooooh, Massage Envy... that'd be a nice discount, too! :) You're TOTALLY gonna get it, I just know it!! Keep us posted, of course...


Two jobs aren't fun, but it probably won't be so bad if you're only working minimal hours at Maurices. I worked two jobs for a few months and all I have to say is make sure you have enough *you* time as well. I maxed myself out between both places. I worked and slept. Thaaaat's about all.

Good luck though! Getting a second interview is a good sign! :)


congrats on getting a second interview! good luck with the job :)


Personally, I didn't think 2 jobs was THAT challenging. It was far more challenging to juggle a school and a job because there was no time clock on school. There was ALWAYS homework to be done or group meetings to go to or study groups to attend. And while I've never worked at Massage Envy, a co-worker of mine who was a massage therapist with me somewhere else works there now and really likes it. I think it could be a great fit for you!

And I'm dying to know what this big secret is! Don't you know Virgos are impatient old crags??

kelly ann

i'm sending you positive vibes for your job interview, love! :) good luck! <3

steph anne

My fingers are crossed for you!! I had a job interview last week too and am really hoping I hear back from them this week. Hopefully we BOTH will have good news soon! :)

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Good luck with the interview dear! How cool would that be - shopping discount and massage discount!

Emily Jane

Good luck with the second interview! Remember to make eye contact with everyone interviewing you (I know 2nd interviews usually have more people in them) and focus on relevant experience and always ask questions at the end :) I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!


Glad you had a good weekend and I hope you get that job! Good luck. :)


Ahhhhhhh, such a tease. I wanna know the secret! I'm nosy like that. HA! Fingers crossed for you!

Destined For Now

Oh I hate the last minute shoppers. Who the heck really needs to shop at 9:30pm? I get so frustrated when the music goes off and people still aren't done.
Well, good luck with the second job!

Maria Celina

Sorry to hear about those inconsiderate customers. Did you at least tell them that it's closing time and that the store will stop accepting customers after a certain grace period, or is that not allowed in your job? When I lived in Singapore during my college years, that was allowed in some stores. Either way, I hope that you found a way to de-stress from that inconvenience.

Wishing you much luck on the second interview! Unfortunately, I cannot offer much advice with regards to working two jobs at the same time, because I've only done handling one full-time job and being a working student, so maybr my tips may not be relevant.

Crossing fingers that you get the job, though!


Hoepfully your 2nd interview today went well. I had you in my thoughts :)

Mike and Sarah

Wow! Two jobs is rough, but I bet you can do it! Love the pic, by the way.


a second job can be exhausting, but it can also bring you all the money you need to pay the bills and maybe a bit left over for fun stuff! so it's a toss up in my experience. i think it depends on how energizing the jobs are. if they're both great environments i think you'll be fine. good luck!! and a secret?! ooooo.... :)

Flirty 30

Do share your secret?!
Pretty please for the new reader... Aka... Me! :-)

Little Woman

I love the photo. And I like how you have instead of comments, lovely thoughts. :)