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Wednesday, September 29, 2010



Yeah, you know what's not cool?

I'm 27 years old and I still have acne.


I remember when I was a teen and thinking, "Well, it'll get better eventually."

Um.  Nope.

The only time my acne was manageable was when I was on Proactiv.  Even then I would still break out, generally around my period, but otherwise my face would remain pretty clear.  However, I had to stop using Proactiv this past spring because it simply wasn't affordable for me.

Since then my breakouts have been TERRIBLE.  As in sometimes I hate going to work because I don't want to talk to customers because I'm pretty sure they're just looking at my zits.  As in I don't want to get together with friends because my face is so broken out.  As in I hate getting up in the morning and looking at my face to see where my newest breakouts are.

I just don't know what to do anymore.  I want to go back on Proactiv so badly because it worked before but I cannot afford it.  And nothing else seems to work.  I've tried to be patient to let my skin get used to new things but NOTHING works.  And I need something cheap.

I'm sick of this.  I started getting pimples when I was 12.  I'm 27 now.  Shouldn't there be an end?


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Helena - A Diary of Lovely

have you tried Mario badescu's drying lotion??


Oh my god I absolutely feel your pain Krysten. It's just horrible and I hate when people say that being spotty isn't a big deal because it really is.
Clinique products I find work the best (Although, I can't afford them at the moment so I'm all spotty!) because they have a range specially for acne and all different strengths to suit each person.
They also have special acne foundation, so when you need to cover them up for work and going out, it's still treating the spots underneath it.
If you give clinique a go, I really hope it works out. *Hug*

Lia Waroka Putri

I know, acne sucks -____- but the best thing is trying on natural resources to heal ur skin. This might sound silly but...I put toothpaste on my acnes everytime they come out. lol xD barbiejunk


Meh, this must be horrible :(

Dani @ OK, Dani

Have you tried changing your diet? That's a kinda "free" way to help your skin. Also has a program you can use cheaply priced products with. Do you have insurance? If so, go to the dermo and get a million samples of whatever he/she thinks is best for you.

Emily Jane

Oh I am the same way - my skin sometimes seems WORSE now in my mid twenties than it did ten years ago! :(

Shelley Ann

walmart carries a brand of acne treatment...i think it's called natures cure. it worked for my brother when he was in high school but i havent tried it. to try and cover it with makeup,i put on a concealer, then foundation, then powder, then more foundation. i think the powder helps it stick so you dont see as much of the red. i hope some of this helps!!

Purses Pastries Etc...

I totally understand how you feel! I have to ask... are you using any perfume? I found this frangrance last year that I loved and was using all the time until I figured that I am allergic to it -- really allergic to it! I've since cut out everything with any sort of fragrance and only use Clinique and other labelled hypoallergenic products. Please try that!!


I'm so in your boat. I'm 24 and the only solution for me was birth control. Now that I'm off it, I get breakouts on my scalp! EEWW

Diana Mieczan

Ohh I am so sorry...My friend has the same problem and she is using something special and very unexpensive...I will ask her and email you this week:)

Ps: I am hosting a great GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in :)!!!


Ugh, I totally hear ya! I'm a ripe thirtysomething and I *still* get acne! (It only went away when I started birth control too).


I feel ya, my skin is terrible at the moment.



I can imagine that must take a toll on your self confidence. No matter how hard we try we can't be perfectly content with ourselves all the time. I assure you though, people are not focusing on your acne. I can't remember the last time I looked at another woman and though to myself "Wow, check out the zits!" All of our faces are different, and if you have a smile on your face THAT is what people will notice!

Smart Ass Sara

Oh man- I hear you. :( I'm lucky enough because if I start seeing signs of a breakout they pretty much go away if I stop wearing makeup. So weekends? I'm makeup free. I use a good moisturizer from Avon at night (and another one in the morning) because if my skin gets too dry then I'll break out AND be flaky. You should look online- I've *heard* that there are at home face masks you can make that work really well. I've never done one but it sounds kind of relaxing too. :)

Teenage Bride

Sorry krysten I wish I had some advice for you. Good luck... hugs


So understand! I always break out when I am super this week. My face looks awful!
I've tried the toothpaste thing and it has worked before. Guess I need to try it again.


After I went off my birth control, I started getting pimples regularly. I'm 32 for chrissake. I thought I was done with this crap.

I wish I had any remedies to share with you...hopefully someone else posting in here will know of something I can try too!

Cafe Fashionista

Is there a way to get Proactive prescribed to you by a doctor, that way buying it would be covered under medical insurance? :/

Erika @ ~TiptoeButterfly~

*augh* - i hear ya girl - i get one here and there - i break out in the summer b/c my leave in products end up on my face from it being hot outside ... my bestie has big issues with them - total bummer!!!

PS - spread the love about my GIVE-AWAY .. best of luck!!!

*kiss kiss*
~Tiptoe Butterfly~

hip hip gin gin

Oh honey. I could have written this post myself. I thought it would end too but that was a big fat lie, I still have to be super vigilant. I know it isn't always possible but if you can get to the dermatologist it is so worth it. The only time my skin has been 100% clear, no breakouts whatsoever, was when I was on topical antibiotics.
If the derm is out of the question give DDF sulfur mask, Mario Badescu products (the special cleansing lotions, which are toners) , or MyChelle products (the acne line and pumpkin enzyme peel) a try.
Good luck, and a huge hug!


bad news, I'm 42 and still do not have blemish free skin. it does get progressively better, but it's always still there. I'll have to try that lotion Helena mentioned... sounds like a good option.


Since I've been on the BC pill my acne has gone away, except a few during period time. My boyfriend, however, still has really bad acne and can't really find anything either. He picks up a new type/brand of face wash every time he runs out. He used Skin ID for a while, but it's too costly for him to keep up with as well. When he eats less dairy his acne is better.

Have you seen a dermatologist? I might visit one and tell them you can't afford expensive solutions. They might have some natural remedies for you to try!


Ooof. I'm 24, and have also tried everything except Accutane. None of the over-the-counter or prescription drugs (or Proactiv) have been a cure (or even made what I would call a significant difference). I don't think it's quite as bad as it was in my early college years, but I would just LOVE to feel comfortable without make-up. Zits kind of kill that.

Just wanted to say I can relate...acne is the worst. I don't think anyone understands how much it can affect how you feel about yourself. The truth is that I guarantee it's not even registering to other people, but that somehow doesn't make it feel better...


I'm 25 and I still get break-outs too! Actually, I've always had acne prone skin, but it took a turn for the worst when I hit 22 years old. I looked like a 16 year old hormone crazy boy. Nothing helped me (seriously nothing) until I went to my dermatologist. Now I only get a few break-outs here and there... nothing too crazy though (thankfully!)


I'm going to be 32 in a couple of months and I still get them, but only on my chin.


Oh my god I totally feel your pain right now. I've been makeup-less this entire week to try and get my face to clear up but to no avail! The weird thing is, I have never had bad acne or anything so I'm not sure where this breakout is coming from but its really annoying! Guh. I hope you figure out something that works for your skin type. I'm still looking!


I'm so sorry! Have you gone to a derm? Maybe he/she could rec something that is more affordable?


You always look beautiful and clear-faced in your pictures! Maybe it's just something you feel insecure about, but nobody else notices :)

Dancing Branflake

Oh man! That sucks. I have no cures for you as I take horrible care of my skin. I am just so lazy.

Pop Champagne

hahahaha! i KNOW! when I was in highschool I had maddd breakouts and people are like don't worry you'll get over it, nope! still have them all the time esp during the time of the month!! I use clinique's acne lotion on problem spots when they first appear, it seems to contain it well


I'm 35 and in the same boat. I use Proactiv and it helps some, but it's not great. My acne tends to be painful and itchy too.

Recently, my doctor suggested it had to do with a hormonal imbalance and I'm going to see an endocronologist soon. She put me on a different birth control too, but if you read my blog today you'll see that it's not really working out so great.

Good luck!


ance is the worst. I'm sorry :( I'm 22 and still break out a lot and it is terribly annoying. I'm going to get back on the pill though (I wasn't breaking out much at all then) so hopefully it will clear things up. I hope you find an inexpensive solution.

Kerry + John

I worked in skincare forever in college, and I was always surprised when people told me their routine. Most people do not wash their face twice at night, and then wonder why they have acne in the morning. It takes two washes a night if you're a makeup user, one to remove the product, and then another to wash the face.

I always use tried and true noxema 3x a day, 1 in the morning and 2x at night and I havent had a problem since.

Kristin Hjellegjerde

What a hilarious picture!
Thank you for you wonderful comment by the way:)
No more zitssschae (achne) nonono


lame!!! do you use one of those green makeup sticks to hide the red? I find that coupled with a light matte powder then finish with bare minerals makes me feel tons better when i'm broken out.


thanks for being so open about this! i definitely get more breakouts than i think i should at 26 and i've always felt like i was the only one. i've actually started washing my face less and have found my skin staying pretty clear...who knew that would work?!

heather yalin

Awww, Krysten. You are beautiful! I wish I had some advice to give you, but it looks like other girls here are offering up some good info! I've been pretty lucky in this department, and the one time I did have it really bad (after teenage years of course, that was just kinda constant), I went to my doctor and she prescribed me something that helped. I don't know if you might be able to get something via insurance that you may have?

Ms. Emily Ann

I feel your pain, I find that resting my face on my hand during the day causes break-outs and I have heard that it's good to change your pillow case as often as possible too. Right now I am loving Neutrogena's Pink Grapefruit face wash

Mrs. Davis @ The Carolina Housewife

I just turned 26 and was so fed up with the same thing that I finally just went to the dermatologist. He put me on Duac in the daytime and Sulfamaticide (sp?) in the night. My skin cleared up in 2 days, seriously.

I should have never put it off that long. I did my research online and went to the highest rated dermatologist in our area and sure enough, well worth the money spent. WELL worth it!

Good luck to you!

Amber Blue Bird

i hate this too, I dont break out as much anymore but I did when I was in high school. I now use cetaphil cleanser but only before bed. I just splash water on my face in the morning.


I have the same problem! i stopped my BC pills and now i break out all the time. huge zits all over!
but my Dr. told me that women have more hormones at 27 than at 16...Thanks Dr!

Oh, My Darling

Ugh, I know what you mean! I have three very significant zits going on right now. Not cool!


ahem....get pregnant. I hear that helps ;)

steph anne

It could be something you're eating or the change in the weather. I know chips makes my face break out so I try not to eat chips as much.



I was going to write a post about this because I'm dealing with the same issue! My skin is horrible and I just hate going places. Make-up does nothing to make it look better. :(

I really want to start using Pro-Activ but yeah, the price is a killer. I was using the Clinique 3-step process but it's also pretty expensive. But I have to do SOMETHING!

"Queen" Vic

Oh wow, I am dealing with something similar: rosacea and small breakouts caused by this.

I'm treating it from the inside out.
My allergist has me on a hypoallergenic diet for 2 weeks before he runs blood tests to see what irritates my system.
Take it to your doctor and talk about it!

la petite coquine

So sorry to hear that you're avoiding wonderful things because you're anxious about your skin. My dear friend had terribly cystic acne, as did her sister, and even though the stuff is scary, Accutane really did the trick for both of them. I know it's a pretty big next step, but you shouldn't miss out on your wonderful life because of your skin.

kelly ann

aaww, i'm so sorry! that sucks. you know what, though, i'm so glad you don't use proactiv anymore. my mom works in medicine and she knows quite a few doctors who have done a lot of research/studies on proactiv and have proven that it's actually really, REALLY harmful and damaging to your skin in the long run. :( yikes!

my brother used to have bad acne, and he used this line:

he used it for a couple of years, and he now has perfectly clear skin! plus the entire line lasted a really long time, which is really nice. who knows, maybe it would help? also, origins is my absolute favourite company when it comes to skin care. their products are really clean and gentle and all-natural... i've never used their acne stuff, to be honest, but i've heard they work wonders!

Camila F.

I was really lucky as a teen, I never had acne. Acne SUCKS!!! I hope you find an affortable solution soon.


Aw, I'm so sorry hun. I was lucky enough to never really get acne but my sister has it bad and still has it at 24. The only thing that worked for her was Proactiv too. I'm sorry that's not an option for you. Just remember that you're an awesome person and most of the time people really aren't caring about your zits. <3

Crazy Shenanigans

I'm sure you have but have you ever went to the dermatologist? Sometimes they can give you something once that'll be the magic cure. I took a px cream once and didn't have acne for a year! Now I use the Acne Stress Control by Neutrogena and it's great!

Leah Marie

thanks for commenting! it means a lot. :]
i use something my mom just got at target for me. haha


when my face was at its worst, i literally tried every single product under the sun...over the counter, prescriptions, name it. of course, nothing worked and i was so frustrated and felt that same kind of embarrassment over my face. it seemed like products either made no change, or else dried my face out so bad that it was almost worse. a few years ago i figured out the perfect combination, at least for me. first, i switched birth controls and started using yaz. within two months my face was looking infinitely better and i stopped getting those big red monsters all over my face. the other thing that i use to supplement that is an erythromycin solution that i get prescribed from my doctor, which i use a couple nights a week. its a topical antibiotic, and you really can't do much better than that as far as killing acne causing germs. with one of these fighting acne from the inside and the other from the outside, i have been acne free for about three years, except for the occasional teeeny tiny thing that disappears in 24 hours. and the best thing about the erythromycin is that no matter how much you use, it won't dry you out! just remember, if you use an antibiotic too much you build up an immunity to if you decide to try it out, make sure you're only using it every few days!


P.S. Just wanted to stop by again and let you know I gave you a blog award. :)

Maria Celina

Welcome to the club.

Like you, I wasn't blessed in the skin department. Granted, the rest of my body seems to be immune from spots and blemishes, but my face takes all of the heat. Sorry to hear that it's making your life hell, too.

It was only a couple of years ago that I started washing with a milk-based soap, and it's cleared a lot of the blemishes away. After a medical examination, I learned that my break-outs were caused by a hormone imbalance, and I took oral medication for a while. Currently, I'm sticking with the soap, and so far, so good.

I'll be sifting through the tips in the comments. I'm sure many will hold useful.

{Selma} Crazy Little World Of Mine

I hear ya, it's just not fair. However, I found out that Neutrogena works best for me! :)


I use MaryKay timewise products and love 'em. I'll admit, I suck at staying on top of my cleansing routine but the stuff works. I also use their microderm ebrasion stuff too when my skin is really feeling gross. Love it.

And the nice benefit to birth control is that my acne decreased a lot! Anything that I get now, is easily covered by make up and you can't tell.


I'm eighteen and for me it's already terrible! I used a lot of products to acne but no one had good results, i stayed crazy! Hurts a lot! Haha. Soo a few weeks ago i went to the doctor and she pass me pills of anticonceptional, this pills are only for acne and had good results,it's perfect! cuz the acne don't back. ^_^
But nothing its better than go to a dermatologist for sure.


Smiling is Good for your Teeth
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Smiling is Good for your Teeth

Mary Kay has a good acre treatment gel and its only $7!! Let me know if you are interested!!


I just started breaking out like craaazy! I bought Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit($6) and it works fabulously and smells delicious =) Good Luck!

yours truly dear

amen! a lot of people told me on my blog that toner works really well. i'm going to try it. someone also mentioned calcium supplements? it might be worth looking into. good luck my dear, i feel your pain.


Nothing.Ever.Worked.For.Me. Then I had a friend tell me about the Body Shops Tea Tree line. There are no chemicals in it, it's completely natural, so your face doesn't get "used" to the ingredients and become immune. I have the face wash, toner, tea tree oil, and face mask... and I'm not free of acne, but I have so much less than before. I just want to say, I feel your pain, I still have days where I won't go anywhere because my pride gets in the way. I don't like to walk around in public with my face staring at the ground... so I just don't go.


i am in the exact same boat - i switched to clinique about a year ago and never looked back it's been great for me!