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Monday, September 20, 2010


In the infamous words of Janice Litman from the TV show Friends, "Oh.  My.  GAWD."

This weekend flew by for me and not because I was having lots of fun.  Oh now.  It flew by because work was absolute INSANITY.

Friday night we were busy pretty much until close.  We didn't get a chance to size anything (generally we're supposed to size all the clothing for the next day) and we didn't get out until an hour after close.  I also agreed to work a Splurge party after close on Sunday and then realized that was totally going to mess me up as far as school is concerned.

Basically a Splurge Party is when a customer and their friends can come in after hours to have the whole store to themselves to shop.  We have refreshments and what not and when Amy asked if I wanted to help I figured it sounded like fun so I said yes.  Which was fine until I remembered I hadn't done any school work for the week yet.  Yikes.

Saturday I worked from noon till... well, I was scheduled till 7.  We close at 6 and generally we're supposed to try to get out a half hour after close, never later than an hour after close.  Except it was absolute craziness the entire day.  By the time we locked the doors we still had multiple customers in the store not to mention the counter AND our put-away bar were covered in clothes.  We again didn't get a chance to size anything and didn't get out until 7:30.

Sunday we THOUGHT was going to be a little more slow.  At first it was.  I came in at 1 and was able to refold about half of what we call our denim wall.  When Amy got back from her break she had me do some terminal training (we're getting a new terminal on Tuesday, yay!) for about half an hour and then I took my hour break.  When my break was over I came out and again it was a nuthouse!  Ugh!  So we had no time to straighten or size.  Yikes.

The Splurge Party was fun but by that point I was so exhausted I was having a hard time being a happy, smiley employee.  I basically finished folding denim and did all the put aways.  We had about 20 women during the party and I wish I would have been more awake because it was a lot of fun.

But I will say... I used a bit of my birthday money (oh yes, my parents and grandma still give me birthday money) to buy an outfit for Saturday!  Eek!  New clothes!  What do you think?

This long sleeved brown t-shirt

Under this super-de-duper short sleeved sweater

And a new pair of jeans too

I'm going to wear a cream color cami underneath the t-shirt too.  SO excited, I love new clothes!

I also bought a bottle of my favorite Maurices perfume, Azia, which I spray on myself every single time I come to work.  AND I only spent $54 on all four things.  Yay employee discount!

Now please all keep your fingers crossed that TONIGHT is a quiet night.  Then I have two days off for finals and cleaning the house for this weekend.

Hope you all had a more relaxing weekend than I did!


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52 wonderful thoughts:


Wow, no wonder your exhausted!

Love the look of that outfit.


you work at GUESS? don't you? i worked there on and off for three years. i rememeber this craziness all to well. oooo but sometimes that 40% discount was SO worth it! ;)


If I come shopping will you help me make cute outfits for cheap? I have ZERO fashion sense (which I'm fine with).. but sometimes I get uber jealous when people can just put together cute outfits...
also - can you help me find a pair of jean that fit my body (wide hips/butt and not as wide waist)?


That sweater is adorable!

Ashley Hasty

I love the outfit!!


I love the layered look of this outfit - perfect for Fall!
Just came across your blog & love it - I'm your newest follower!

Smart Ass Sara

Hi- we need to shop together. Because I got a sweater, a shirt and a tank top at Maurices (all adorable) with a necklace and earrings and bam- $119. I almost threw up. This also prompted my shoppng addiction post. LOL.

Diana Mieczan

Ohhh that sounds like a very busy weekend...but I love your new clothes...I will keep my fingers crossed for you ,sweetie
Kisses and hugs
Happy Monday

Scientific Housewife

Cute outfit! A splurge party sounds fun!

yours truly dear

i remember those joyous days of working retail ;] especially on crazy weekends like black friday, oh my word i would just be running around like a chicken with my head cut off. i'm glad you were able to survive the weekend, and get some cute stuff for yourself :] gotta love that discount! xoxo


i loooove new clothes too, it's been so long since i went shopping too. Your choices were fabulous, something I would love myself...i'll just live vicariously thru you sweet bella. hey, and my grandma still sends me money too haha (i'm 35 soon to be 36) - stopping by from SITS :)

p.s. the splurge party sounds so fun, mostly from the buyers standpoint haha - how luxurious to have the entire store to yourself with friends...

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

Incredibly busy weekend indeed!! Hope you get to have some rest during the week and finish your school work. Lovely outfit!!! :) xoxo


Um, I want to go to a Splurge Party! lol. That sweater is adorable!


wow! that's a crazy weekend. Love your new clothes! What a great deal!

Cafe Fashionista

Ah, The Splurge Party sounds like so much fun - and your new outfit is phenom! New clothes always make me happy!! :)


Oh my goodness, I hope you have a quieter, well-deserved few days! Your outfit is perfect, I love new clothes too :)

Teenage Bride

I want a splurge party haha.

This weekend flew by for me as well.


I hope you get a chance to breathe tonight lady! I can't wait to go fall shopping!


I love new cloths too! Cute sweater. Retail is tough, and so exhausting. Enjoy the discount while you have it!



Hope you get some much needed rest and studying! :)

LOVE the outfit! I bet it looks darling on!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Hope you get to relax this coming weekend and glad you got to shop for yourself!

Savvy Gal

ah.... rest up. i love that pair of jean, the wash is gorgeous!


I'm in love with that sweater!!


I know you're tired, but your job sounds like so much fun!

Cute sweater :)


Fingers crossed...


Shopping always makes me feel a bit better too :) Great finds!


Aw, hope you get a lot of rest!

that outfit is really cute!

Amber Blue Bird

Sending quiet night vibes your way


Oh, Id love to have that jumper.

Brittany Ann

I love that short sleeve sweater!

la petite coquine

Exhaustion indeed! A huge family contingency joined us in SF this weekend and I don't think I've even started to recover from all the stress!

kelli g. { bug miscellany }

omigosh, you just brought back my early retail years with these two words: "denim wall."

i swear i STILL know how to fold jeans according to a certain shop's standards...12 years later (oh, crap. that just made me feel really old.)


lovely clothes! Love the jeans. Jeans are a hard thing to get right. Boootcut are my first choice, whoever invented skinny jeans should eat more.


I love buying new clothes too!today my parents gave me a pair of new shoes!and that was soooo exciting!they are here for a week vacation and that was such a great start of the week!;)


That is a great discount!
And I love that sweater. Oh. So. Much!

Crazy Shenanigans

A splurge party!?!? I wish I had enough money to do that at all my favorite stores! Hope you get some time to study!

Punctuation Mark

i would be exhausted like you with such a weekend... hope you have a less stressful week!


oh man i sometimes miss retail and you just reminded me why i dont. lol.
Love that outfit!!! another reason i miss retail...ah its a hate/love relationship, but all work its i guess.

Babes about Town

Splurge party? I want one! And your outfit is very cute. Sounds like you could do with a fun time out.

Thanks for visiting on my SITS day!


Super cute outfit and can I just say that I'm super jealous you still get birthday money from your parents and grandparents?! My husband does too. :)

Miss Kiki Lovelace

im jealous of your employee discounts! hihihi... x


oh how i love maurices! i too am jealous of your discount.
Yay for super cute new clothes!


All those clothes are so cute! Can you shop for me?! :)

Sorry this weekend was so rough with work, but take these two days to relax a little bit and catch up!

That Splurge party sounds like a blast - but only when you're not exhausted!

kelly ann

that short sleeved sweater is adorable! perfect for fall :)


Hope you get some rest :)

Red Boots

Oh goodness - you definitely need to put your feet up Krysten!!


I LOVE clothes but I do NOT think I could work retail (unless it was Nordstrom). Kudos to you. That party thing sounds fun though! And I love your new clothes. Cute cute! Hope you got caught up on school work!

Oh, My Darling

A splurge party!? That makes me think of the Real Housewives!

Elle Sees

i wanna go to a splurge party!!!


Love the outfit! I know about the employee discount. I worked for gap for a while and it was TERRIBLE for my paycheck! You're good for only spending your birthday money! haha


i didn't know you could do splurge parties, that is fabulous!


Love the clothes!