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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Happy Saturday V 2.8


10 Things That Make Me Happy This Week

1. Being asked to be a tutor
2. SweetTarts
3. Scary movie marathons
4. Autumn leaves
5. Curling up with a book in our bay window
6. Minestrone soup with oyster crackers
7. Pretty necklaces
8. The Evermore series
9. Cookie dough
10. Driving with my sunroof open


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24 wonderful thoughts:


There is nothing better than driving with your sun roof open :) Fresh Air and sun!


cookie dough ftw.

have a fab weekend x


Scary movie marathon! I need one soon! AHHH

Ashley Hasty

I'm happy about autumn leaves too! yay for Fall!



I love having my sunroof open! When I got my car last Sept, it was too cold already to have it open, so being so warm this year at this time is amazing!


all very awesome!! (except number 3 haha)

SweetTarts are awesome

Helena - A Diary of Lovely

autumn leaves and cookie dough, oh yes!!

Cafe Fashionista

Seriously, I think this may be my favorite installment of Happy Saturday thus far - everything sounds so cozy and fall-inspired! And yayay for being asked to be a tutor. What subject? :)


Wooooo! Tutor! well done you!

Amber Blue Bird

Now when you say cookie dough, do you mean straight of the Pillsbury tube cause if you do then you would have described my after dinner treat last night :)


Mmmmm. I could go for some cookie dough right now!


Happy Saturday! :)

Sweet Tarts & Cookie Dough! <3



I love driving with the roof open! Oh how I miss my car! That's cool that you're going to be tutoring, too!


Yes! I totally had the sunroof open this weekend! Hope your Saturday was amazing!


aww, those are great things to be happy about! this is definitely my favorite time of year. have a wonderful weekend!

My name is Renée.

Have a great weekend! And yummie, cookie dough!


Omg, I love , love the photo.


Our weather has been so cooperative! I've had my convertible top open almost all week, I love it!

Red Boots

Soup, books, open sun roof, and cookie dough - sounds fantastic!

Notes from Holly St.

love all of these! there's nothing better than curling up with a good book and bowl of soup with crackers :)


always love your list!
I picked up some autumn leaves this weekend to decorate with. No joke!
I love fall!


Curling up with a book in a bay window sounds absolutely magical :) Those are my favorites momoents, too.


Minestrone soup on a cold autumn day - the perfect meal!

Oh, My Darling

Love how you always come up with 10 new and unique things for this list! That's a whole lotta happy in one year!